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We are the Sex and the City generation.

We wanted passionate relationships, successful careers and a shoe-collection to die for. Babies were nice – someday. But after years of climbing that corporate ladder and travelling the world (in fantastic shoes), we realized there was more to life than men, money and Manolos.

And along came motherhood.

Do we love being Mamas? Absolutely. Is there a niggling feeling that we’ve somehow lost ourselves now our days are made of nappies, play dates and housework? Most definitely.

This is modern day motherhood

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz has been covering breaking news as a senior producer with the ABC for more than a decade, is a columnist with Nature and Health Magazine, and a Mama of three. After the birth of her first daughter, however, she struggled to find a happy balance between the over-achieving super career woman and the caring mother she wanted to be.

Then, 18 months ago, she began her blog Seek Act Love – and became the voice for thousands of other modern day Mamas experiencing the same challenges.

Happy Mama – A Spiritual Guide to the Early Years of Motherhood is the culmination of six years of research, interviews with high-profile Mums, international self-care experts, and ordinary women struggling to find where they fit in to their motherhood journey.

Happy Mama: A Spiritual Survival Guide to the Early Years of Motherhood is Amy’s new e-book based on her years of research and her own experience into what you can do to truly nurture yourself and your dreams while raising your little ones.

‘Happy Mama’ will gently guide you through:

  • The birth of your baby and embracing the power of bringing your child into the world – no matter how it happened.
  • How to turn bad Mummy days into fantastic self-care moments.
  • Finding your supportive tribe and letting go of people who make you doubt yourself as a Mama.
  • Getting your passion for food, fashion and fun back.
  • Meditation, positive affirmations and daily actions for a fabulous mind and body.
  • How to stop wishing the tough days away and start really loving this time in your life.


The first chapter of Happy Mama – A Spiritual Guide to the Early Years of Motherhood is available for Baby Hints and Tips Members to download for FREE. Just CLICK HERE.

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