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Struggling to leave the house with 2 kids

Woman is frustrated of mess at homeI have a 7 week old and a nearly 2 year old and I’m finding it hard to get out of the house- pack everything, get the two organised and then before I know it it’s time for one of them to feed or sleep. Please give me some tips on getting out and about with 2 kids.

  • I try to have packs always packed so when I need to go out it’s just a matter of us getting dressed. When I get home, I do a quick check of the bag and restock if needed and then I am ready to go for next time Carly
  • All I could suggest is if you know you need to go somewhere pack your bag and toddlers snacks/ lunch the night before so you don’t have to try rush in the morning AshleighRose
  • Like most responses on here get everything done night before I have 4 kids youngest 6 weeks.. 2 at school 1 at childcare. . I do everything night before ..lunches ..bags ready clothes all ready to go. . Wake up 40 min before kids do to get yourself dressed and breakfast organised.. plus we have a no tv rule in morning Katherine
  • Don’t have any tips but just wanted to say you are not alone! Michelle
  • I have 4 kids from age 6 to newborn. I keep a well stocked nappybag in the car and nappies and wipes in the pram. My 2 year old carries a small backpack with a nappy, wipes, water bottle and a snack (something that wont go off, it could be there for weeks); my daughters who are 5 & 6 carry little shoulder bags to hold their money so I have them keep spare undies and a hairbrush at least in their bags but they often add a snack too. The thing to remember is that there with always be something you arent prepared for. Last weekend my 6 year old threw up all over herself and her carseat 2 hours from home at 8pm. I didnt have anything spare for her, nothing was open where I could buy her clothes and we were on out way TO somewhere. Stuff happens. Do your best and go with it. Rebecca
  • Always keep your bag in the car that’s ready to go, just double check it after each outing. That way you only have to dress/ grab bottles& snacks and your ready to go. It takes some getting used to but its easy once you get the swing ChantelleMay
  • If you can get a double pram and walk. Have the nappy bag packed the night before. Everything takes much longer with 2. Jessica
  • get everything ready the night before, clothes out, food packed, bottles ready and nappy bag packed and ready. get up early and get yourself showered and dressed before getting the kids up. but sometimes it is a struggle is the 2yr old doesn’t want to help get dressed etc and is on the go slow so being prepared can help Peta
  • I have 3 under 3.5 year olds and yes some days it’s hard to get out of the house and I’d agree that pack everything you need the night before and definitely have lots of snacks for the toddler and drink bottle etc. And I also get up earlier than the kids so I’m organised and ready to leave as well, cause that helps. Good luck KimMaree
  • Get everything ready the night before if possible. Pack snacks/bottles/drink cups/nappies etc and lay out clothes for them too. When u wake up in the morning all u need to do is feed and dress them and get urself dressed then u should be able to get out the door. I have 5 kids (oldest almost 16 and youngest is 7 months) it can be a challenge but if u are able to organise things the night before it should all go a lot smoother! Good luck xx Nicole
  • I also have a 7 week old and nearly 2 yr old. I pack nappy bags n get there clothes out the night before. I also get my clothes out. So in the morning all I have to do is feed them both have a shower dress them then hop in car. Makes life a lot easier!! Ashley
  • Every time you return from an outing repack all nappy bags so they are ready for the next outing. Donna
  • I always have a bag in the car with nappies etc. So it just a case of getting them dressed and in the car. In saying that it’s now 3pm and Iv been trying since 10am to get my 4 month and 20 month out today. Some days it does not work and I just give up! Claire
  • I learnt that if I knew I was going out to have things ready the night before and leaving the after breakfast and bubs firts feed so I could do what was needed or whatever I wanted to do good luck. Temika
  • my cousin has 3 and she preps the night before. Packs the nappy bags and outs in the car. If u can make a lunch for older ones she does that and puts in the fridge so it’s ready. When we have more I’ll be doing this too. I always have the nappy bag in the car ready to go. One less thing to carry out the door. Tracy

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