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Subsequent epidural injection after failure

Epidural InjectionFor my first birth I opted for an epidural and it was unsuccessful (only numbed my legs). I’m due with #2 in a few months and am tossing up whether to have another epidural or not. Anyone else experience this? What were your epidural experiences? If you did go on to have one again was it successful second time around?

  • An epidural a second time may be a completely different experience. Hope it works this time for you Petal
  • My first epidural didn’t work at all and even in theatre I was still feeling pain. Not sure whether it was from a dodgy epidural or if my body was reacting that way to the labour and my baby being stuck I don’t know but the second time around was a lot better! You have to tell them what you’re feeling every step through the process of them inserting it. At first I was only tingling down one leg so they moved it a tiny bit. Jasmin
  • Epidural worked so good for the pain but the dead legs was annoying at times. Especially because I had to have monitors on which meant I wasn’t free to get in a comfortable position. Plus it slowed things down too. Tough call but I guess you just have to keep an open mind and go with what you feel on the day. Good luck! Sarah
  • with my first child I had 3 epidurals, 1st they put it in the wrong spot, second worked but by the time I gave birth it wore off I had 3rd degree tears and was sent strait to surgery where they gave me another one. Second baby I had a c section and had one then. My back now aches everyday. I’m pretty sure its from the epidurals. Everyone’s experiences and different tho, good luck! Rhiannon
  • I had my first baby 12 weeks ago and had an epidural and it numbed my legs and stomach, but not where you really want it numb (if you know what I mean but I would so get one again with my second on the pure fact it made me be able to stand the contractions! (Still didn’t numb them much but without the epi I couldn’t even lay, or sit, or stand or anything long enough for the midwife to help me in anyway) Tiarna
  • First birth, epidural worked beautifully, I just had a side affect of itchy skin. Second birth, epidural was working, then I started having what was called “breakthrough pains”, very intense and jist was located in my left hip, felt loke ot was getting crushed. And as I was numb, I really couldn’t do anything. I had gas and was hanging off the bed…. But they managed to check me and bubs was right there, so it was over pretty quickly. If I were to have another bubs, I would do epi again. GOOD LUCK Sarah
  • I had an epidural for my 1st and it only worked on my right side, i could still feel everything on my left, second time i didn’t want one but i couldnt handle the pain anymore so i took it and it only worked for about an hour then when it was time to push it had completely wore out! I guess that hour break helped me push through and I know this might sound strange but im kinda glad that i got the experience it in full lol well almost anyway! I guess the epidural doesn’t work with everyone and now i look back and just wish i had stuck it out like my initial plan. Good luck hope all goes well Nancy
  • I was induced and had an Epi after 9 hours in labour couldn’t take the pain any more. Worked first time. Luckily as I ended up having an emergency c section. But knowing how amazing it was I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. U still have a good chance of it working so give it a go and if it doesn’t work again at least U tried. But if it does work properly you’ll be grateful Kimberley
  • I have had an epidural with all 3 and each time they were successful, thank goodness – I have very long and painful labours, so for me it would always be worth a shot. Katrina
  • I had my first baby 4 weeks ago and my epidural was partially successful. I had some leg numbness but was feeling full contractions. Reflecting over it all since then, of course I was in agony at the time, but I was more in control when it came to pushing and I was able to walk and shower straight after birth. If we are lucky enough to do it all again, I am seriously considering no epidural so I can be more involved in the labour but I think I would just ‘roll with the punches’ on the day and if it got to much would still opt for the epidural. Hannah
  • They gave me the epidural and told me I wouldn’t be able to feel anything within 20 min or so. An hour later I only couldn’t feel my right leg everything else I could still feel. They had to make it stronger or whatever it is that they do. They said I had to have about 3x what ever that means. Wasn’t really listening at the time lol. It then worked so good that once it was taken out and they said should be all worn off within the hour it actually took 7 hours for me to be able to feel everything as that right leg had so much of it then so it took the longest to wear off. Hope this makes sense. Was worth it though! Michelle
  • My first was amazing, worked like a dream, no complications. My second failed completely, however this is because there were severe complications during my labour and the fact my son had a shortened cord and couldn’t descend into the birth canal. I ended up having a spinal block for an emergency c section. It all depends on who’s doing your epidural. I would try again, you may have a completely different reaction this time Sallie
  • I had the epidural but once they gave it to me, not even joking.. 2 mins later my daughter was born and it takes 20 minutes to kick in. Then after 3 days i ended up with a spinal puncture and some of the spinsl fluid was leaking out slowly and I had to go back to hospital the following day for 3-4 more days and ended up having a blood patch which is essentially an epidural but taking my blood and putting it where the puncture is to hopefully clot the hole! Next time round im not having it done, gas all the way!! Dee
  • Each to their own on what pain relief you use, if an epidural works for you thats great and you should do it again, if you are not sure try for natural and have it on stand by if its needed, my first was 19 hours and i am lucky enough to have a high enough pain threshold that i only had a pethadine shot, my second was induced and it was only a 2 hour labor, by the time the contractions kicked in i was already 7 cms so no pain relief then, lol ,my last was a c-section but i was knocked out for it, so what ever works for your body and whatever you have the time to organise during your labor is what you need to do, you can ask advice all day, but at the end of the day you need to do what works for you Cassie
  • I had an epidural with my first which didn’t take 100% but enough to take the edge off and didn’t with my second as by the time I asked for it, it was too late. I was already 9cm. There are pros and cons to both sides. My advice is just go with the flow. Don’t make your mind up before you go in but be open to having one if that’s what you feel you need at the time. Every birth is different. Kyrie
  • I had an epidural for the last 2cm of dialatiion and then it was turned off for when it was time to push because her heart rate was dropping so I felt everything.. But it got me through my last contractions which I am thankful for because that’s where I almost gave up because of the pain. Jessica
  • my epidural was inserted too far into the spine, so it wore off every hour they had to top it up, then caused migraines for the next 3 days, had to go into theatre for w blood patch, where they take the blood from my arm and insert it into my spine to try and fill the hole. worked! however will be second guessing epidural next time! Chelsea
  • I had the epi because my blood pressure was so high and I was in bad shape at the end, plus I was induced and hadn’t been sleeping so was in bloody agony. Epi worked well, but it was still scary. However I’m glad I had it because I was so exhausted and in so much pain I’d never have been able to do it! And as it was I had an emergency C. So I’d probably have another one, but I think I’ll be having a planned C if I decide to have anymore. No complications from the epi. Emmaline

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