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Successful pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy

successful pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancyI’m looking for stories on successful pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy resulting in the loss of a tube. Did you use IVF and if so, how many times? I’m considering another IVF attempt and after some genuine encouragement. Any tips on what fertility increasing things you did to help when undergoing IVF? Such as give up exercise, gluten etc).

  • I had an ectopic pregnancy at the end of 2013 and lost a tube. I was so scared that my chances of falling were reduced or that I would have another ectopic and lose my other tube. We were under the guidance of an ob who was an IVF specialist but we fell naturally just a few months after the ectopic and now have a beautiful baby boy who is 4.5 months old. It can happen without IVF!! Anna
  • I lost a tube from an ectopic pregnancy and got pregnant only a few months later (resulted in miscarriage, but I still got pregnant) Then a few months after that I got pregnant again and that baby is 18mths old now. It can happen without ivf. Just make sure you do preg tests early and get early scan to check position of pregnancy, so you know its where it should be Vicki
  • I had a ectopic pregnancy in 2011, my left tube was removed. Just 2 mths after my surgery I become pregnant and now have a 2.5 yr old son Toni
  • My situation is a bit different but I conceived naturally with only 1 tube and ovary. It does take a little longer because you only ovulate every second month but when the time is right it’ll happen. There may be other factors in your scenario which has lead to ivf, but you can still conceive with 1 tube and ovary Crystal
  • 8 years ago lost my left tube as a result of an ectopic pregnancy. a further 4 miscarriages later (so 5 in total) and at the age of 40, we were finally blessed with our rainbow baby. Conceived naturally. He is 15 days old today. Never give up hope darl….life will surprise you when u least expect it. PixiBell
  • I had my right tube removed due to an ectopic pregnancy. My right ovary was almost always the one producing follicles so my ob didn’t want me to try due to an increased risk of another ectopic. I changed ob and he let me go for it- it was successful AND my left tube picked up the egg from my right ovary. My attempt before this was IVF where none of my eggs fertilised. So IVF isn’t always the answer Naomi
  • I had an ectopic lost a tube. Then had move investigation done and found I had PCOS Endometriosis and and small ovary. I wasn’t ready to face IVF yet as it was a lot to deal with my specialist suggested IUI. We got pregnant in first go. Mel
  • not me personally by my friend is due with baby in 4 weeks. She fell pregnant naturally with him only a few months after loosing a tube from an ectopic pregnancy Alicia
  • I had an ectopic in early 2013 and lost one of my tubes. Due to age we decided after 6 months of trying ourselves, to have IVF. We were very lucky and it worked first go and we now have a beautiful 5 month old. I found IVF to be really good. No issues at all. Good luck. You’re welcome to pm me if you want Amanda
  • I saw a fertility specialist after an ectopic and he explained that the remaining tube will pick up eggs from both ovaries, they’re not as far apart as many diagrams represent! My first was natural, although he did do a d+c and a tube flush to make sure it wasn’t blocked. My second was natural too and after surgery to remove painful endometriosis we’re now pregnant with twins! So it can definitely happen naturally! Jillian
  • I had an ectopic pregnancy March 2013 which resulted in the loss of a tube, I fell pregnant naturally in December 2013 and miscarried in January. In February 2014 I fell pregnant naturally with twins and in September 2014 I have birth to beautiful twin boys. Jess
  • I lost my left tube after an ectopic. Of course your dishearted and have doubts but I just let myself relax. I Then fall pregnant naturally 6 weeks after and now have a beautiful 10mth old. Good luck.. it gets better Sera
  • I had an ectopic n treatment didn’t work n ended up loosing my left tube. We werent trying n i was on the pill n fell pregnant by chance the following year. It can happen naturally Nicole
  • I know someone who had 3 kids no problems after losing a tube. She fell pregnant naturally and easily. Hopefully you will be the same Amie
  • I have had an ectopic and they had to remove one of my tubes, I now have a gorgeous 1 year old that I got pregnant with no assistance. Eating right, exercising, keeping stress levels down, things like that all help. Leesa
  • I have ha friend who had an ectopic pregnancy and lost a tube. She is now pregnant with her 4th child. Everyone is different but for her, she falls pregnant if her husband looks at her lol. Haylee
  • My first pregnancy was ectopic and I lost a tube and I’ve gone on to have 4 kids in under 6 years with no worries. Hope the next one goes smoothly for you Caprice

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  1. AvatarSarah says:

    I already had one child and then suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 2015 for which I had the methotrexate injection but subsequently needed emergency surgery as my Fallopian tube ruptured anyway, it was removed (leaving the ovary). 3 months later and I was pregnant with natural twins which were a sheer accident! I now have beautiful twin boys

  2. AvatarJaime says:

    I had an ectopic and was able to naturally conceive within 7 months …. now have a 5yo and just had another tubal pregnancy… trying for baby 2

  3. AvatarKeaha says:

    It’s almost 2years nw I had an ectopic pregnancy an I have been trying sense then an no luck I’m feeling stressful an feel lyk giving up by t after reading I know there is light at the end of adark tonil Kesha

  4. AvatarBec says:

    I had 2 beautiful children both now 6 and 4. The 1st breach, the 2nd placenta ripped prem emergency c section. Aug 2015 I had an ectopic pregnancy, had only known I was pregnant for a WK when my tube burst and I was in the hospital. It has been almost 2 yrs and I think I may be pregnant again! All natural, and the docs said i shouldn’t get pregnant as it may be a risk to myself and the child. Fingers crossed its not another ectopic. I am a little worried as to how the stretching of the uterus affects the missing tube area.

    • AvatarBec says:

      So it is confirmed….I’m 9 wks pregnant!!! And it’s twins! Have had some blood lose but apparently its common in 20% of twin pregnancies. Babies are healthy and growing well.

  5. Avatarshaz says:

    Hi ALL, Thanks you all so much for your comments, they actually gives me hope. i just had an ectopic pregnancy and had surgery this July2017.i Hope and trust GOD that i will be one of the blessed womens who did fall pregnant after they closed tube.i blv in God

    • AvatarCrystal says:

      Hi Shaz, I had a ectopic pregnancy last year on July 4th of 2017, and I got pregnant the next month. in I’m 8 months and I’m due May 2018

  6. AvatarShamece Todd says:

    My husband and I tried for 3 1/2 years – surprisingly got pregnant June 12th 2017 and I found out July 17th – I had no idea for 5 whole weeks. Well sadly had a EP and lost the baby on the 21st. I was so so hurt – lost my right tube and my right tube seemed to be the one that there was no doubt worked. I had surgery on my tubes in 2015 so the right one I always felt during ovulation. Well now that tube is gone 🙁 I am sad and I am just looking for hope on different websites and through my faith

    • AvatarMaomao says:

      My husband and I tried for 7 years, finally got pregnant September 2016 had an ectopic lost my left tube,8 months later May 2017 got pregnant again came out to be a chemical pregnancy,now October I’m pregnant again hopefully this will be a miracle,my appointment is next week

  7. AvatarNancy says:

    I had a eptic pregnancy in 2016 and lost my left tube and I want to be a mommy so bad is there any hope that I can get pregnant after one b

  8. AvatarJasmine McGinnis says:

    I had an ectopic pregnancy last September and i was able to make it through without having to lose a tube or anything, However, i have been having no luck getting pregnant again… So i am wondering if this should be a major concern or if i need to just be a little more patient…

  9. AvatarMonique Figueroa says:

    I had an ectopic pregnancy back in July of 2016, a miscarriage in April of 2017. Yesterday I received the news from the doctor that I’m pregnant. I’m scared but happy but mostly scared of something happening. Does anyone have any advice on how not to be scared or were any of you just as scared or nervous in the beginning?

    • AvatarNikki Henderson says:

      I was just told I’m 61/2 weeks today 5years ago i had an ep….I’m so scared this will be one…has anyone had a successful pregnancy after that happened

  10. AvatarBrat says:

    I have two sons 12 and 4. I had an ectopic pregnancy on my right side when I was 30. I have one tube and two ovaries. I was told that I had a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant, but I was pregnant with my son 3 mths later. He was 8lm lbs and 3 oz. He will be 5 yrs old in May. So, don’t give up keep that faith.

  11. AvatarLayla says:

    Hi I’m layla Just looking for some answers
    I had an ectopic pregnancy in February I was 6weeks pregnant got two dose of methotrexate on 26/2/18 I was told to wait for 3 months to try again I had my first normal period on 19/04/18 and again on the 18/5/18
    I’m only afew days away till it will be 3 months but I’m really on trying again so I was just wondering if I tried 2 days before it’s three months exactly will something happen??

  12. AvatarLonah Maphwanya says:

    Hi I’m Lonah I have ectopic pregnancy 2017 March I was very scared dat maybe i won’t fall pregnant again but now I’m pregnant and I fall pregnant normally without using anything u guys just be percient god will answer your prayers don’t lose hope

  13. AvatarAshley says:

    I found this thread uplifting and inspiring after my ectopic pregnancy this past August. Just wanted to pop on and share my good news, that after almost a year of trying unsuccessfully before my ectopic pregnancy, I got pregnant (without even really trying!) the first cycle after my salpingectomy! Came as a huge shock, but I’m very proud of my left FT!

  14. AvatarJohnna8282 says:

    I had a ectopic pregnancy and we terminated it on 10.25.18 with methotrexate – 2 shots – 1 in both hips.

    (means to say i had tubal reversal on 6.1.18 pregnant like 2.5 months later) so atleast IK the surgery worked.

    As soon as i knew I was pregnant I called the doctor and we started monitoring my HCG Levels. My HCG levels were not rising like they should at 5 week (3 weeks after contraception). Then went from 48 to 92 to 180 to 316 to 240 to 300. SO my doctor knew i was NOT progressing and there was nothing showing in the internal or external sonogram… (sonograms don’t show unless your above 2000 HCG)

    After the methotrexate, I had NO pain at all- minimal cramping and my period only lasted 1 week.

    11.5.18 almost 2 weeks later my HCG levels were 8.

    11.7.18 i started ovulating (ovulation test confirmed) So im thinking my period will probably come in 2 weeks.

    My doctor and nurse told me the methotrexate don’t say but 48 hours in the system and my tube wasn’t harmed as far as we can tell.

    I want to try again as soon as possible which would be about 40/45 days after the shot.. whats your thoughts? or similar story?

  15. AvatarRomelyn says:

    I had my first ectopic pregnancy last January 2016, my right fallopian tube was removed because it was already raptured. Last APril 2018 we found out that I was pregnant again 3 weeks, but sad to say it was another ectopic pregnancy again on my left fallopian tube, but my left fallopian tube was saved.
    I’m still praying to have a baby soon 🙁 I will never lose hope, I know God has a better plan.