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Surprise pregnancy after cheating support

Stress at pregnant womanI’m 18 weeks + 3days pregnant due on 14 Nov. My Bf and I have been trying for over 2 years, on the 15th of Feb I slept with a different guy but we used protection. On the 23 May I found out I was 15 weeks pregnant, I never stopped sleeping with my Bf and we never used protection until now. I cant stop thinking something could be wrong with my BF and the guy could be the father even though we used protection. Please any advice. I don’t want to lose my BF and I don’t have any means of communication with the guy.

  • If you have been trying for 2 years Why cheat? He needs to know. Anon
  • Tell your boyfriend. If you loved him and didn’t want to lose him, you wouldn’t have cheated. He deserves to know the truth, what HE does with that truth is his choice. Bananamom
  • I’m in a similar situation except i was trying for a baby for 5 months with my bf we broke up and i slept with an ex who is also my son’s father. I was honest with both men from the minute i found out i was pregnant. My ex/my son’s father said he doesn’t care if he’s the father or not through DNA he signed the birth certificate and is raising the baby as his own. I truly wish he would do a DNA test but he refuses i feel the baby has a right to know who her father is especially as she gets older. My advice for you is to come clean. It will eat you up inside if you don’t. Every time you look at your baby you’re going to wonder who the father is and after a while it will take its toll on you and your relationship with your boyfriend. Good luck! Ami
  • The truth always comes out, the longer it takes the more painful for all. Sounds like it IS the other guys baby. If you don’t tell him its kinda like being a scam artist. You can’t lie to him and take his money for a baby that is highly unlikely his. Tell him. He may or may not want to do a DNA test they are expensive I think. Don’t be selfish because you want someone to look after you both. Not judging what you did but what you do now is what makes the difference. Smile
  • Your child deserves to know who is he or she’s father,you need to get a DNA test. Not only that,but your baby could need medical assistance one day and need to know his or hers real parents Dawn
  • Your boyfriend has the right to know you slept with someone else and that the baby might not be his. As much as you don’t want to “lose your bf”, imagine living your whole life allowing someone to believe they had a child that really wasn’t theirs. Plus, karma always has a way of biting people on the bum. One day your baby might need an organ donation or blood transfusion, and what will you say when his “daddy” isn’t a match? Be honest. Your child – and your boyfriend – have a right to know the truth. Jodi
  • I had a similar situation. I kept it to myself until bubs was about 3 weeks old when I just broke down to my partner. He was understandably angry and upset. I made it clear it was a one off, nothing ever happened after that one night, and he was the one I wanted to be with. He asked for a paternity test so we ordered one online and did it ASAP. My partner turned out to be the father which was obviously the best news! I am so glad I told him, it was eating me up! I guess it was a touch different as bubs was here so he had already fallen in love with her and bonded. He was wonderful and from the beginning said that no matter the outcome he would stick around. The trust took a long time to come back, but its now 5 years on and we have an absolutely amazing relationship Anon
  • You’ve been trying for a child for 2 years but you cheated on him? He definitely deserves to know. As for the baby, get a DNA test between your partner and your child. That will tell you who’s it is – the 2 men and your child deserve the truth. Melissa



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