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Swollen Feet while pregnant

swollen legs while pregnantJust wondering if anyone else has had swollen feet while pregnant?

 ** Please check symptoms with your doctor or midwife **

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  • Some swelling, told to elevate and put in cool/iced water Emily
  • Yes, especially now in 3rd trimester. Rachael
  • My feet used to swell up bigger then beachballs! I used to lay in bed with my feet on pillows to shift the fluid and ice packs help alot:) Ally
  • Make sure you elevate your feet above your head too Melissa
  • I had a massive amount of swelling it started in my feet travelled up my legs and I even had swollen hands, arms and face by the end…all I could wear was thongs and my son is now 8 weeks and most of the swelling has gone down but I’m still only able to wear the thongs I bought near the end of my pregnancy which are the next size up from all the rest Jessica
  • Yes I did. I was told that I should have worn closed in shoes to reduce the swelling, but it was a little too late for that advice. I wore thongs a lot, so I don’t think it helped, and when the swelling started they were the only shoes I could wear. After bubs the swelling went away & I’m back in all my shoes again Candice
  • Oh yeah, swollen feet, legs, ankles and hands for me. I’m 35 weeks along and the swelling has gotten much worse this past week. With my previous pregnancy, it didn’t start going away till 2 weeks postpartum. Try to keep your legs and feet elevated whenever possible and drink plenty of water. Leanndra
  • Yes! Take magnesium Leslie
  • I had massively swollen feet and ankles through the latter half of my pregnancy. I had an emergency c-section and wore compression stockings whilst in hospital, the swelling was even worse when I got home! Just elevate as much as possible and try and soak them in cold water Emma
  • Yes massive swelling. Had to go and get homypeds with adjustable straps and always slept with my feet raised. Walking barefoot on the beach in early evening in soft sand helps. Christina
  • Holy geez YES!! When I was pregnant with my first, they were horribly swollen, my feet looked like Miss Piggy’s! This time I’ve been wearing really good compression stockings, no aching and no swelling Michelle
  • Mine swelled a lot during my first pregnancy. Put them up, get someone to give you foot massages daily and drink plenty ( believe it or not) be careful of blood pressure too. Often a symptom. Sharon
  • Yes. The last six weeks were the worst. The last two weeks and a week after birth I wore men’s things to try minimize how much my shoes were cutting into my feet. Cherie
  • yep. Only had one pair of shoes fit me during pregnancy because my feet were that swollen. Lol Heather
  • Yes, could only wear thongs from 25 weeks. Blood pressure was always fine. Elevate and get someone to massage the fluid up to the knees. Reflexology and acupuncture can help. Carli
  • yes and it could be serious i had it from 20 weeks until baby was 2 mths get it checked too much fulid is a bad thing Ness
  • I had a lot of swelling from 30 weeks to 39 weeks when baby was born. (I was induced a few days early because my husband only had 3 weeks when he could be with us before leaving the country.) Most of the swelling was in my feet & legs, and then my hands. There isn’t much that you can do… Drink water, prop your feet up any time possible, wear comfy shoes like slippers & try not to be on your feet for long periods of time. Short walks may help if you are sitting a lot. Also, when sitting try to make little circular motions with your feet to get the blood flowing. It’s really uncomfortable & painful but if your blood pressure is fine then try not to worry! Just make sure the DR knows about the swelling as it is a potential sign of preeclampsia. Also, have someone massage your legs and feet to get blood flowing. I even slept with my feet propped up a bit. It took 3 weeks after birth for my swelling to go away completely. Best of luck & hang in there! Kandice
  • Yes so bad! Could only wear sneakers. as soon as she was born they went straight back to normal. Penni
  • I had really bad swelling in my feet and legs , used compression stocking while at work ( i was on my feet for 12 to 14 hrs straight) made a massive difference. Caryn
  • Yes! I had to go up two shoe sizes to accommodate the extra width…went back to normal about two weeks after bub was born Brad
  • Extremely swollen legs and feet. It goes away after birth. Just make sure your blood pressure is ok as it can be a symptom of preeclampsia. Mine was just extreme swelling. Heather
  • Yes! I went up a whole shoe size during pregnancy. Swelling got worse after bub’s arrived (due to surgery/c-section) but settled after wearing compression stockings for couple weeks. Shoe size went back to normal afterwards, thankfully. Kylie
  • I had swollen feet at the beginning and then very end of my pregnancy. I found elevating them worked. I also juiced and drank celery juice – it is a natural diuretic so really helped. Ann
  • Yes. Try soaking your feet in hot water with epsom salts. I found it helped Kaylene
  • Swollen feet, very common, but if it’s your legs as well, I would definitely go see your GP or OB.. Just incase! Donna
  • Yes more so in the last trimester and when extremely hot Christie
  • It is quite common, particularly in first pregnancies, but could easily be a sign of something serious. Touch base with your OB and see what they think. Lou
  • i’m currently 36 weeks and have had very swollen feet for the last 2 weeks my midwife has said to relax and elevate my feet when ever possible i find that the more i am on them the worse they are and in the heat they flare up more I’ve also been giving them a Luke warm foot spa every now and then which i have found helps a bit also on hot days when you can just sit and put feet up i’ve put an large ice pack over them when elevated i also find that sleeping with a pillow under my feet at night helps them over night and in the mornings as i find the tops of my feet are the most swollen and feel very tight goodluck Skye
  • Yes!!! Big time. Keep them elevated as much as possible and drink plenty of water! Amy-Jo
  • yes its pretty normal. Just watch out for other things with it like headaches, sickness. Jasmine
  • I had serious swelling with my first pregnancy had to keep them elevated whenever I was sitting down. Second pregnancy didn’t have that problem at all. Diana
  • common…try and rest laying on your back with feet up on pillows above heart level Rosemary
  • Yes especially in hot weather just rest up when you can and elevate your feet. Even better get your partner to rub them while you have a cold glass of water Ange

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