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Swollen vagina in pregnancy

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I know this may sound gross but im going to ask anyway. Im 37 wks pregnant with no. 4 and my vagina is so swollen and its very uncomfortable and sore. Has anyone else had anything like that and is it just due to pressure?

swollen vagina in pregnancy

  • Were your other births vaginal with stitches afterwards? I had the same problem with my second. Doctor said it was completely normal for things to be inflamed, and just to use a cool compress (not too cold!) when it became unbearable.
  • They were all normal vaginal births and i never had stiches with any of them. This swelling is becoming very unbearable, and the pressure is full on! I will definately try the cold compress. Thanks.
  • I am exactly the same I didn’t want to ask because I thought I was just weird. So nice to know I’m not the only one. Sorry that you ate going through the sane pain though
  • Babe I only have one bub and had this at the end of my pregnancy with her. I asked my midwife and she said it has to do with how low bub was and the pressure she was putting down there. I also used a cool facewasher it help releove some of the discomfort. Hopefully you will get to meet ur bub soon and it will go all away x I also had a 9 pound baby so that also may have something to do with it….
  • Oh crap! I have always thought this little one was going to be a big girl, but now im really kind of hoping shes not!! Ive not had anything like this with the other 3. I just can’t wait to have her, so all this goes away! Thanks for all your comments.
  • Any chance it is thrush?
  • I thought I was the only one. All 3 of mine I had horrible pain didn’t go until I had bub but then the after shock of stitches didn’t help. (due to 2 9 pounders and a 8 pounder) heaps of rest hun
  • Well im not itchy, so i am assuming it’s not thrush, as i have had that before with my first child. I have an antenatal appt tomorrow, so will be talking to the midwife about it too.
  • I had same thing with 3rd pregnancy, you can get compression pants, like skins that help, but best way to ease throb and pain is the put feet up as often as u can …. I know, not that easy with other kiddos to care for, if it helps some it disappeared as soon as bub was born xx

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