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Dealing with Pregnancy With a 6 Month Old

Q&A: How did you deal with a new pregnancy when you last was still a young baby? Is it too much for the family and your body, or did it work out well for you? I’m being pushed to terminate and I don’t know what to do.

Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy

Q&A: I’ve just found out I am pregnant, and I have two under two years of age. I don’t know how I will cope – how do I decide what to do?

Considering abortion after losing a child

Q&A: I’m not sure what to do, my friend had a 4 month old and the other week he passed in his sleep, well today she rang me crying because she just found out she is pregnant and feels she cannot cope. she does not want to keep the baby and no matter what I said to her she is still firm with the idea of abortion, she feels like she is “replacing” her little boy.

Considering abortion

Q&A: My husband and I just found out that we are pregnant with baby No.2. Baby no. 1 is 14 months at the moment. We always thought that we will have another baby when she is 3 years old. But it has happened now. My husband is the go with the flow person. But I like to be practical. The cons have outweighed the pros and I was really not happy when the home pregnancy test was positive. I would like to know what other mums views are on abortion and has anyone been in this situation before. Please no judging. I’m desperate for some advice.

Coping with abortion

Q&A: Just wondering how any of you women coped with having a termination/abortion done. Did it hurt after having it done or did you have any complications?