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Coping with abortion

drawing of a roseJust wondering how any of you women coped with having a termination/abortion done. Did it hurt after having it done or did you have any complications?

Answer in the comments below.

** Only helpful, non-judgemental comments please.

  • Doesn’t matter what the reason is not an easy thing to do. I had some cramping after and took panadol for it. I did get a uterine infection as they missed some once that was out all good, and in my situation was able to get pregnant again with in two months. Try to find someone that you can talk to after like a councler as i found that helped with the emotional side of things. I would just like to wish you well handle u know that there are plenty of us out there. Jamie
  • I had one at 19 and knew as soon as the test was positive that it shouldn’t be we used protection and I was on the pill, but accidents happen, I knew that I was too young, I was not in a relationship that was going to work out for many reasons, I knew that it was not fair to myself or the unborn to continue into such uncertainty and hardship. Physically I coped fairly easily, took a little while to come through the anesthetic but no real pain or bleeding, emotionally and mentally I still cope well I believe because I was mentally prepared and certain of my decision. Make sure that you have someone that you feel comfortable talking about anything with as a support person. Anon
  • I had a termination (D&C) ten years ago – I had just met my boyfriend and despite being on the pill and using condoms, I fell pregnant. I didn’t even consider keeping the baby. It just wasn’t the right time. I had a termination at 12 weeks under general anaesetic. I had very little bleeding, just the same as a period, and actually went horse riding the next day – I needed something to take my mind off it. I mourned the loss of the baby around its due date. I still think, now, after ten years, how old my child would be, what they would be like, but it’s not something that makes me sad – it’s just a “what if”. I have two beautiful, wonderful, perfect kids now, and am still with the same man – I had no problems conceiving etc, and I still believe that termination was the most mature and sensible decision I could have made. Kylie
  • I had a medical termination at 13 weeks due to my baby having a terminal condition. The medical process was easy. I was put under general and a d and c was done. I had no pain afterwards. The hardest part for me was the mental side of it. Going to sleep pregnant and waking up not pregnant was very difficult to deal with. Make sure you take care of your mental health. AnonI had massive cramps afterward and needed help having a bath as thats what was gonns help. I had cramps for about two weeks after and then it was okay. Everyone cops differently. I planted a tree, and gave new life to something. I never believed in abortion until I got pregnant to the wrong man or boy, and we honestly couldnt afford to eat let alone bring another human into the world. I now have a five month old. Its not the end of the world, and its definitely something that should discussed to depth with your partner and the person doing the procedure. Kathleen
  • I had a termination a few years ago. Having had two healthy children already it was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. In saying that though, I don’t regret it, I was in a new relationship and knew it would never have lasted had we continued with the pregnancy. Now 4 years on we have a beautiful healthy 11month old and ate getting married later this year. I opted for a general or twilight anaesthetic as I don’t want to be aware during the procedure, I was groggy and cried a lot in the first 24hrs. I had cranky and heavy bleeding for a few days then it was ok. Mental health is the biggest risk web having a termination, make sure you’re doing it for yourself rather then anyone else and that its what you really want. Anon
  • I have a girlfriend who was in the similar situation and she went to pregnancy problem house and she said that it helped her tremendously. http://WWW.pregnancyproblemhouse.com.au. Give it a try. Joanna
  • I had one a few years ago and it was fine. Didn’t feel a thing during due to being knocked out and had minor spotting afterwards for about a week. They have me antibiotics to take for 2 weeks post procedure to make sure no infection could get in and you can’t have baths, go swimming or used tampons for that few weeks for the same reason. Never had any complications and jut period pain for a day or 2. If you have concerns, chat to your dr about them. The clinic I went to was amazing. Good luck, I’m sure everything will be fine Emerald
  • I had a termination at 9 weeks about 10 years ago. I had cramping when I woke up which was a little worse than period pain but apart from that I was fine. I now have a healthy 2 & 3 year old who were both conceived without any complications. Sally
  • I have had several terminations and am a FTM to a beautiful baby girl. The reasons for my terminations were in the best interests if me and the unborn children, as I wasn’t well for several years. The terminations were a little painful but nothing that codeine couldn’t help, actually the emotional side effects, regardless of confidence in decision is, are harder to deal with. I do not judge, not at all, just be aware that even though she seems sure and confident of the decision,it will still require some internal reconciliation, it is indeed such a difficult decision to make. My procedures were done under general sedation, so I didn’t feel it, and definitely recommend this to be done. For about a week she will need to be gentle with herself especially the first couple of days, and no tampons or sex for a couple of weeks, def not straight afterwards. Mainly period like cramps ensue, but medication can manage it. All the best to her. Anon
  • I had one a few years ago it doesn’t hurt as you are put under local anesthetic so you don’t remember it I had bleeding for almost two months after it happened though. I have no regrets I was to young and would of been a single mum and that wasn’t something I wanted to do. Scarlett
  • I had one at 9 weeks, I was and still am 100% happy with my decision, my family weren’t happy but understood my reason. Physically I had no pain, just a heavy period afterward but mentally I needed to have counselling and also was put on anti depressants as I developed post natal depression and didn’t cope when my friends started having babies and putting up there scans. It’s been 5 years since and I’m with a great partner who understands that I need time before jumping into having a baby. I hope all goes well for you! Just remember no matter what you did the right thing that suited you in that time if life xx Stacey
  • I had a termination about 3 years ago and it was the hardest thing I have done. I didn’t suffer any complications or issues. The most I suffered was the emotional and mental hurt. I had an extremely supportive partner and family and without them the emotional and mental hurt would have been far worse. Always ensure that you have a person you trust that you can talk to after the procedure. Kimberley
  • I had one at a very young age. I was possibly 9 or 10 weeks. The procedure is completely pain free, and there is no pain or discomfort afterwards. It’s purely a vacuum of your womb. Coping wise, mine was a must as I was far too young and in no position to bring a baby into the world, even with a great family. The father was a monster and his mother was abusive towards me, as was his sister. My termination was for mine and the child’s safety and within everyone’s best interests. I actually found that I coped quite well, knowing that it would’ve been unfair to the child to bring it into such a horrid circumstance. I not once regretted my decision and I am grateful for having the opportunity to terminate. I totally recommend counselling. It’s a huge decision for you clearly as you seem undecided or unsure, so rather than risk the awful feeling after please take whatever action you can now to ensure you are making this decision of sound mind and in the best possible place for you. I understand the ‘pro life’ advocates however, this is as much about you as the cluster of cells currently residing in your womb. You owe it to yourself and said cluster to make the right decision for you both. Do not let anyone’s negative comments, opinions or remarks influence your decision. It is your body and you have the right to do with it whatever you choose. Don’t let ANYONE tell you differently. Rally up whatever support network you can, seek counselling (women’s clinics offer this) and go into this completely ok with yourself, your life and your decision. This is YOUR choice, only you know what is best for you. I wish you the very very best during this hard time, may you come out the otherside a stronger person xxx Jessie
  • I had one, I had no pain and still to this day do not regret my decision, I knew as soon as I saw the positive test this wasn’t to be. I think that’s why I’ve had no issues, if you are questioning yourself you are best to speak to a counsellor, try children by choice, good luck anon
  • I had one late last year. I feel I coped with it fine at the time. I’ve never really spoken about it which I don’t suggest you do as coming up to when the baby was supposed to be due im struggling and I think having someone I could talk to about it may help. I didn’t have any side effects or complications. anon
  • I coped with the procedure, but not the feelings as such. That was 20 years ago so hopefully there is alot more support for the emotional side now. It still hurts, especially when you eventually have another child, or you see your ex partner’s children and then wonder if that’s what your child would have looked like.. that sort of thing! It was also hard on my parents, especially my Dad, he stills talks about it every now and then, saying he wished he never took me there as he has one less grandchild. He really is such a great Dad!! So that’s the sort of stuff I would recommend you sort out in your head and be ready for, so your not a blubbering 38 year old typing this!!! all the best.. Mel
  • I had one about 10years ago. I coped really but I will say I still remember the day clearly and it saddens me still (it was an age issue) but if I knew what I knew now I would still do it. I wasn’t really. I bled for about a week and other then that I was fine. I didnt hurt at all from memory. I was not long ago put in the possible position of having to have one done for medical reasons (bubs not mine) and that devastated me because I wanted the baby! But luckily it’s all ok now. Good luck (Mum of 2.5 beautiful children) Em
  • I had one 2 years ago in central bendigo in a public hospital! I was surprise how I had coped with the pain I just have a bad period pain for about 1 week then I was fine I continued to Bleed for 2 weeks after surgery but was in no pain the procedure I was knocked out and woke up fine was able to leave the hospital 3 hours after! We all have different ways of dealing with after mark! Never doubt itself stay strong and don’t dwell on things and Good luck! Kate
  • It’s not an easy thing to go through. I went through one back in 07. Was the hardest decision of my life!! Make sure you have someone to talk to. It didn’t hurt physically. Took about 2wks to stop bleedingl, I had no complications. All I say is best of luck and take it one day at a time after it. Anon
  • I will be honest here I regret having a termination. It was at the most inconvenient of times we found out- planning an interstate wedding, in debt over our heads, I was brought up in a devout Christian family and everything I am was screaming dont do it, but I went through with it anyway. I was ok afterwards and didnt really think about it again until we had another child. Due to the procedure they did, they tore the lining of my uterus. It healed itself but when I became pregnant again and my uterus expanded the healed area expanded as an additional bubble and was paper thin. They only found out this after I went in for a planned c-section and was told that if I had my child naturally I could have died during childbirth. It highly unlikely that I will have another baby as the risks are just too high and I now constantly wonder what it would be like to have my 2 babies instead of just one with me. But I cant change my decision, and I am one of the minorities that this sort of thing happens to. Mel
  • I didn’t terminate but had a D&C, I am only assuming it is the same procedure. The procedure itself doesn’t hurt and was not awake. My periods however are not normal and very heavy than what they were before and no complications I am aware of . Melissa
  • I remember it wasn’t much of a physical pain afterward, it felt a lot like I was getting my period. It was more the emotional upheaval, because even though I was sure of my decision there was still something in me that hurt at what I had done. There were no complications after, the clinic I went to were incredibly supportive and very medically professional and gave me lots of advice post op. Its a hard decision but it helped me to realise that 40% of women have made the same choice. Good luck and I hope everything goes as well as it can. Bluebird
  • I had a termination at 10weeks, I had no complications afterwards except for the sick feeling from the general anesthetic. I hadca very supportive partner through the process which helped a lot too, 5 years later we have gone on to have a perfect healthy little girl. Good luck and hope you have support during this time. Tanya
  • I’ve had to have a few. You have to rest for 24 hours afterwards. I never felt any pain. Please make sure you speak to your GP or a counsellor if you are uncertain about your feelings as well. Carol
  • I’ve had one before, 20 years ago now. I think everyone is different. I coped extremely well (from what i was told) That’s just me though, I don’t dwell on things. I chose to do it due to my age/unplanned etc. I moved on. It didn’t hurt nor did I have any complications. We’re lucky we live in a country where we have a choice. All the best. Michelle

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