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Sleep regression

Sleep Regression

Question: At what age/s did your child have a sleep regression? How long did it take to resolve, and what did you do to fix it?

Appetite affected by illness/teething

Q&A: My daughter is 18 months old and for just over a week now she has barely eaten any food. I constantly offer food but she shakes her head and says no even to her favourite meals. She still drinks her bottles with no problem. Any tips? She is cutting 2 big teeth to her bottom gums.

Encouraging fussy eaters

Q&A: My son (nearly 7 months) started solids early so hes been eating pretty well, all home cooked foods etc, but he was pretty sick for a couple of weeks and now he will only eat tinned food, i hate that stuff and would love it he would eat the food i cook for him but everytime i try he just shakes his head and goes crazy. Ive tried mixing it but he seems to know.

Problems with Toilet Training

You’ve started toilet training but your toddler just isn’t getting it, or they had it and lost it – what do you do now? Parents share their hints and tips for getting through this speed bump.