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Appetite affected by illness/teething

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Question: My daughter is 18 months old and for just over a week now she has barely eaten any food. I constantly offer food but she shakes her head and says no even to her favorite meals 🙁 She still drinks her bottles with no problem. Any tips? She is cutting 2 big teeth to her bottom gums.

  • Sore throat? Belinda 
  • Yes when my children get teeth or are sick they dont eat much. Important to make sure she is still drinking and well hydrated. Keep offering, her appetite will return. Tanya 
  • If she doesnt eat, dont force her.. As long as she’s still drinking.. She will go to you when she wants something!! My Dr gave this advice to mum when i was little & it now works for my middle son! Jaide 
  • My little girl is 23 months and wont eat at all. she gets hysterical if we offer her food and wont eat it. she will drink milk with no problems. she is teething tho, i just think it may be a phase. they wont starve themselves 🙂 Belinda 
  • I am having the same probelm with my 16 month old. Kimberley 
  • Amount and quantity of bottles? Maybe she isnt eating cause its easier to get full on a bottle. At least she is hydrated. Hope the teeth come through soon xx Amanda 
  • Yes the same with my 18month twins they are cutting 2yo molars atm and both boys go through stages with what they will eat. Julia 
  • I remember my lil girl going through that too when her molars were coming in, i think i gave her some jelly with soft fruits and banana smoothies and soups from memory and she would still only have little bits of those, but she got through it fine. Lisa 
  • My son is the same age & is doing the same thing. He is also cutting teeth. When either of my kids are cutting teeth they dont eat very much. At the minute all he wants to eat are icepoles. I think it helps numb his gums. I just keep offering & offering. If you ae worried you could take her to the Dr or ring the health nurse. Tania 
  • My son always goes off his food when he has tonsilitis. He never gets a fever so this is the only way I can tell. But it is also normal for kids to be a little off their food for s short time. Megan 
  • A good trick for less calorie intake is to mix half milk/water in the bottle. That way they think they are drinking the same amount but not filling up. Hope that makes sense!! Amanda 
  • What happens if she feeds herself? My 15 month is going thru a no mummy I will do it! She won’t eat if I try to feed her sometimes I’m allowed to put the food on the fork/spoon but I have to then put it down so she can pick it up to put in her mouth. Danielle 
  • My daughter has just turned 2 and still has weeks like this (mainly due to her reflux though). It’s pretty common with teething. As long as her fluids are up, don’t stress about it – just keep food available and she’ll eat when she’s ready. Sarah 
  • Thank you for your advice. I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one going through this. She has about 2 bottles a day (sleep time) even feeding herself she isn’t interested 🙁 hopefully she gets over this phase soon. Carly 
  • I have the same thing right now! Tyla is8 months I have just put it down to teeth, and I offer food and milk though the day, he still happy. Krysta 
  • If ur worried you can get some stuff at the chemist you mix into drink (kinda like a protein shake) to give you dd vitamins n minerals that she is missing. I just recently saw this at the baby expo. Jade 
  • My 12 mth old has never been a huge eater, i offer him meals n he always refuses some of them, toddlers r just fussy eaters, n if she is hungry she will eat, as long as shes healthy i wouldnt stress to much it is prob just a stage. Kylie 
  • My 11 month old does the same thing. Im not allowed to feed her she has to do it herself. Jamii 
  • As soon as my eldest hit 12 month he became so fussy, he is now 27 months and still fussy 🙁 I hope he grows out of it soon, if she is hungry she will eat, just keep offering her food thats all you can do. Rebecca

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