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What Helps Stretch Marks

what helps stretch marksCan anyone recommend any home made or store bought products for stretch marks that actually work? I’m currently using BioOil

  • Nothing will truly get rid of them but time. Moisturizers and oils will help but it wont make them go completely Jasmin
  • I was using bio oil and it did absolutely nothing. I’m now using pure vitamin E oil, you get it from the chemist. It’s made a big difference and they’ve faded significantly. Kristy
  • I am currently undertaking a trial at WCH for stretch mark prevention and treatment using a product called “Stratamark” I am 34 weeks with a very big bubs and zero stretch marks. It can be purchased at some pharmacies but best to google and double check where. It is quite expensive but the best treatment available (so I’ve been told by OB and Midwife) which is why they are now running formal trials. Sammi
  • I was told that stretch marks are one of those things you cant control. You either get them or you don’t. It just depends on the skin. Those saying they used something and it worked because they had a big baby means nothing. it just means you were never going to get them. You could be having the smallest baby and get a heap if thats the kind of skin you have. Its like when you see a really small/lean women with really bad stretch marks on her legs. She didnt need to have a massive growth spurt, just normal growth with susceptible skin will do it. Oil and creams does take the itch out though. Nothing worse than a really itchy pregnant belly! Brenda
  • Research appears to show moisturises don’t help, but absolutely necessary for the itching. My family is my sisters both got stretch marks but I didn’t, I honestly believe a healthy low sugar and processed food diet and regular exercise is going to do much more to avoid unnecessary weight gain and consequently more stretch marks. I think the moisturiser I used was palmer’s cocoa butter, it was specific for stretch marks. Laura
  • I used really expensive cream and I was going soooo well until 37 weeks then bub stretched me out. Sally
  • They all work the same. Its not the product its the massage motion you use to apply it that encourages collagen to prodyct which is what helps stretch marks. Just massage massage massage with any product! Sophie
  • I found Palmers Cocoa Butter to work quite well for mine. they are still slightly visible, but Bio Oil did virtualy nothing for me. Palmers also got rid of 98% of an old burn scar on my tummy. Might be worth a try. I did put it on every day, with bub 1. less so with bub two and currently bub 3. but it still works quite well for me. Alice
  • Stretchmarks have a genetic component, meaning that unfortunately if you’re going to get them, that’s that. No cream can stop them if you do have that genetic predisposition. However, a good Moisturiser will help reduce their severity by making your skin as supple as it can be! Bio Oil is not ideal as it contains Vitamin A. I loved the Dr Lewinn’s oil – smelled divine & very easily absorbed. Emma
  • Unfortunately, as a medical professional, I can tell you that nothing will stop or get rid of your stretch marks completely! As its physical rips in the elastin fibres of your skin! But staying well hydrated and vitamin E oil can assist! Sorry! Rachel
  • I used bio oil twice daily. But also drank over 2 litres water a day and exercised over an hour a day. No stretch marks. Chantelle
  • Stick with the Bio Oil twice a day. I did and mine are gone (even some i had since my teens faded – the new ones I got on my boobs also went after a couple of months) Samantha
  • I read a study where it was revealed that it was the stimulation caused by rubbing the skin that helped with scar reduction, and nothing to do with what you actually ‘rubbed in’. The recommendation was that you use a cheap vitamin E cream or similar and to massage the scar regularly with it. Glenne

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