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Pom pom monsters {CRAFT}

Pom Pom Monstersby Kristin

These monsters are easy to make and totally adorable!

What You will need to make a Pom Pom Monster:

Wool (any blend)
Googly eyes

How to Make a Pom Pom Monster:

Option 1:

1. Cut a piece of square card (ideally 10cm X 10cm)

2. Wrap wool around card from top to bottom (the more you wrap the fluffier the pom pom)

3. Slide off cardboard

4. Tie a piece of wool around the middle

5. Cut each loop at each end

6. Stick eyes on

Option 2:

1. Cut out two circles from a piece of card (the bigger the circles the bigger the pom pom)

2. Cut out a circle in middle of each of the circles (ideally 1cm – 1.5cm from the outside of the circle)

3. Put the two circles together

4. Tie the wool on to the circle warp it over and under through the centre hole around the circle

5. Cut wool around the outside of the circle

6. Tie it off with the same coloured wool inbetween the two pieces of card and remove the card

7. Stick on the eyes

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