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Tantrums: Our Mums Share Their Tips

What do you find helps when dealing with tantrums?
  • Be calm, go down to their level, talk softly. Karin
  • Try to understand why the toddler is having tantrums and counterbalance with talking calm. Frank
  • Healthy diet, with no numbers, colours, or processed foods! Diet plays a much larger role than we can know to begin with. Elizabeth
  • Divert children from tantrums by knowing their cues, avoiding putting them in situations when they may tantrum if they are hungry, sick or tired and keep them stimulated. If they tantrum give them a child safe mirror. They will usually forget why they are crying whilst they explore their facial expressions and almost always end up laughing at themselves. Bree
  • Explain the consequences and tell them NO! Vanessa
  • Let them happen, without backing down. But ensure the child always is safe 🙂 eventually they learn tantrums won’t work. Charmaine
  • Don’t give in or feel guilty, keep them busy, and play read, and engage them. Lisa
  • Try prevention, talking situations through before they happen (ie, in 5 mins we’re going to pack away our toys and have dinner etc). Ignoring when does happen. Patience. Persistence. Give yourself a break where possible (tag team w/hubby/relative/friend). Lanie
  • Ignoring and walking away from the tantrum. Sheree
  • Be consistent with discipline and follow through. Bethany
  • Act calmly and listen. Jessica
  • Ignore them! Mary-Anne
  • Patience, tolerance and consistency! Rebecca
  • Stop and take the time out to talk to him to explain the situation, Breana
  • Ignore the behaviour – pick the child up and put in their bed, walk out and close the door – go back in when child has calmed down. Fiona
  • Breath, walk away if you can and stay CALM. Megan
  • By teaching them manners and respect! Katherine
  • Ignore the silly ones and time out. Kristy
  • You can’t, practise staying calm instead of wasting time trying to prevent something that is going to happen anyway 😉 Melissa
  • Stick to your guns, look them in the eye when talking to them and speak clearly and simply. Michelle
  • Try to ignore it….don’t pay attention to the tantrum. Toni
  • Keep them as busy as possible to avoid them happening. Kirsty
  • Ignore to a point but make kids know right from wrong once they start being mobile, as it is all about them testing the boundaries. Julie
  • Ring supernanny because i still can’t do it myself. Coralie
  • Keep calm and remember not to take a tantrum personally!! Diane
  • Set limits and rules. Stay calm. Linsey
  • I have a 3yr old and a 20m old and I find that if they are starting to wind up about something little I’d find ways to distract them from what the issue is. Works at the most convenient times 🙂 Ruth
  • Naughty spot and be consistent! Kelly
  • Negotiation and reasoning works most of the time. Claire
  • Don’t make a big fuss over them! Ignore and then correct once they have settled. I have found if you ignore them they stop a lot quicker. 🙂 Alicia
  • Mimic what the child does. Noelene
  • Learn the art of distraction. Kate
  • Be calm, and don’t scream it doesn’t accomplish anything. Gillian
  • Don’t give in, ask them to say please and thank you, it works. Sam
  • Get down to their level, and speak slowly. Jasmine
  • Ignore the tantrum and distract with something else. Dionne
  • Definitely not giving in to whatever they went. They may only be young but you can negotiate by taking toys and giving them back once they stop throwing a tantrum. Laura
  • Know your baby, if you know of triggers and preventions, avoid and prepare, however you never can totally so remember keep cool, because bub will know! Cassandra
  • Distraction, stay confident and strong and sometimes a lil compromise works , I usually say that they can have a lollipop or cheap toy if they are good through shopping its only once a week and 50c a lollipop but it’s so much to them 🙂 it’s a lil bribery but if it keeps you sane and the child learns to earn things too. Libby
  • Give them a bottle and lay them in bed, most likely they are tired. Candice
  • Ignoring them until they calm down. Stevie
  • I did a Triple P parenting course and use the time out system. Georgia
  • Planning, planning, planning. If you are organised, you can be two steps in front of that tantrum. Plan shorter trips, and not to occur around naptime. Leesa
  • Let them take a time out before you try talking to them. Alicia
  • I find by distracting their attention to a toy book or just a snack usually settles them down. Rhonda
  • Time out corner. Priscilla
  • Make toddler feel loved all the time, yelling only makes the situation worse. Prue
  • I usually talk to my daughter nicely about not getting what she wants and make her look at other interesting things around us, it work for my daughter. Jayne
  • Staying calm & in control, as soon as you lose it – they will win! Jennie
  • Speak calmly, give them a cuddle and let them cool off. Becky
  • Remember you’re that adult – take a deep breath and then explain what you’re doing and why – even though you’re dealing with a toddler it’s important to give a reason. Always follow through with your promise…good or bad – ie a trip to the zoo or the toy taken away. Allison
  • Make sure they get plenty of sleep; tantrums are often because toddlers are tired. Debbie
  • Eye contact, explain why and try talk through problem. Nicole
  • Let them know that you’re the boss, put them on the naughty spot. Ruana
  • Try to ignore and really go overboard on giving attention when doing the right thing. Amanda
  • Keep them busy to prevent tantrums from happening, if they do don’t give in and give them what they want. Kirsty 

For more tips about dealing with tantrums, visit the Raising Children Network site

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