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Tattoo’s and Breastfeeding

tattoos2What r people’s experiences with tattoo’s and breastfeeding? I’m wanting to get a couple small tattoo’s and am curious to know if ur buns behavior was different or unsettled? I will be asking my dr in a couple weeks so until then I wanted to hear from u ) Tia

  • Your not allowed to get tats while breastfeeding.  Amy
  •  I was told any got/decent tattooist will not tattoo a pregnant OR breastfeeding mumma?? just my expirence.  Lauren
  • I have had people tell me that you can get them and I’ve had people say you can’t so I won’t be just in case.  Stacey
  •  I have a small tat on my back and got it after I had my boys but before I had my daughter she’s now 16 months and I’m still feeding her, I’ve had less feeding problems with her than I did my boys.  Rebecca
  •  go to your tattoo artist and ask them. they will tell you whether they will do it or not.  Nat
  •  If you ask your tattooist he will prob say he won’t do it while still breastfeeding.  Michelle
  •  My tattooist turned me away when I was breast feeding and said no to pregnancy or breast feeding bcos of led poisoning potentially.  Brylie
  •  Any decent tattoo artist wont as there are risks with reaction to the ink.  Amy
  •  I didn’t know this and I got a small tatt last week and I am still breastfeeding my 18 month old.. does anyone know why you can’t?  Nikki
  •  How odd I never knew this.  Samantha
  •  Any good tattoist won’t tattoo a breastfedding mum due to the risk of blood poisoning from the ink because it can not only make you sick but enter the milk and make bubs sick as far as i know it’s illegal in Victoria. i am itching to get my daughters name but have to wait until she is not bf. i did the research on it.  Kylie
  •  Wow crazy. I new while pregnant but had never heard of while breastfeeding. anyway my baby is fine.  Nikki
  •  The reason you are not legally allowed to get a tattoo while bf-ing is because of the risk of infection and you are not covered by insurance against the risk of infection, nor is your baby.  Lydia
  •  Any tattoo artist worth their salt wouldn’t do it. Bfing increases the chance of infection. Also a (negligible) risk of blood borne disease between mother and baby via breast milk. Bfing increases healing time too and because of that increases the chance of colour loss.  Pia
  •  I have tattoos and wanted one whilst i was breastfeeding, they wouldnt do it as there is a risk of infection. Megan
  •  Nikki can poision through the milk. My bff is a tattoo artist risks to high.  Amy
  •  hubby and i went to get our daughters name when she was 2 weeks old and the first thing they asked is was i breast feeding because they wont tattoo me, i wasnt so all was fine but they said no way!  Meg
  •  Don’t think they will do you while you’re feeding.  Lee
  •  Tattooist will not tat u while pregnant an breastfeeding I’ve tried an they do not recommended it and can stuff up milk supply.  Jasmine
  •  I got a tattoo on my wrist when my daughter was 4 weeks old and was breastfeeding. I asked my doctor and my mchn and said it was fine. The risk of infection is like ne if u were to go to a tattooist. Look after it make sure its a reputable tattooist etc. The research I did said the amount of ink that enters ur system is not enough to affect the milk but as previous ladies have stated its more about infection. Daughter is a happy healthy 2 year old and I bf her till she was 10months with no effect to milk myself or her.  Cece
  •  Touchy subject and goes 2 ways. A few of my tatts have been done whilst BF and the tattooist know that. Ppl will say a good tattooist won’t do it if they know you’re BF but I go to a very good one and have had no probs. the needle doesn’t go in that far to affect your supply.  Sarah
  •  No no no. Wait until u are finished feeding. Any tattooist that does a tattoo while ure pregnant or feeding is not a good one sorry.  Meghan
  •  It’s not about supply. It is about hygiene and infection control.  Meghan
  •  I have done abit of research about this and apparently the ink doesn’t get into your milk in any way or form, the only problem is if u get an infection/disease from unhygienic equipment etc, then that can affect your bub. If worried perhaps wait until you finish feeding??  Lauren
  •  I had tattoo 3 & 4 done while BF DS who was 2wks old at the time. No issues whatsoever. I questioned my tattooist and he said no while preg. BF is fine. Their tattoo parlor is one if the best in WA.  Krystal
  •  I rang a couple tattooist and asked the same question, all of them told me it was fine. I got a tattoo on my shoulder (small one) when my bub was about 3months or so old I was and still am breast feeding, no problem at all.  Tammy
  • Whilst prego they say no as it can get in your blood stream. cosmetic tattoo ( eye liner) they say no whilst your breast feeding as the ink is somehow rejected a little more as compared to after u stop breast feeding. I did whilst I was feeding and ink didn’t take well had it re done 6 months after and big difference.  Virginia
  • So long as the instruments are sterlised then its fine there is no direct link between ink and breastmilk as the needle doesnt enter the body it only colours the skin.  Corryn
  •  Might want to check the source and ingredients in the tattoo inks! Not all are safe!!!, many contain various heavy metals ect. Know what you are putting into your body and your milk.  Evie
  •  As a tattooist, you’ll be fine. As long as its a clean studio.  Marni
  •  I tattoo’d myself while pregnant and breastfeeding and have had no issues whatsoever!  Rachel
  •  Found this on a website. Most tattooists will not knowingly tattoo a pregnant or breastfeeding mother. It is suggested that mothers wait at least until the child’s first birthday to give their bodies a chance to recover completely from childbirth before getting a tattoo.  Lucy
  •  I’ve had tattoos while bf had no problems when I asked their opinion on bf and tattoos the response was don’t know never breast fed so I assumed it was okay.  Shannon
  •  I got my foot tattooed when my son was a few months old, his behavoir wasn’t any different. I asked the tattooist, he giggled at me and said its fine to get tattooed while breastfeeding. As long as the studio is hygienic and the equipment is sterilized then shit should be cash.  Kaitlyn
  •  Yeah research the ink find out what they using if they are not using “natural ingredients” stay away from them, it might cost more but it’s worth it, for the long run its way better for your health to. And those tattooist that no while while your preg is a big warning sign they are not using natural ink, natural ink is safe while preg & breast feeding. Cheaper inks are not.  Samantha
  •  I wouldn’t do it. Any decent place won’t do it either.  Simone
  •  Any good tattooist will not do it!! I wanted one from Liz Cook when she was here from the US once I told her I was breast feeding she point blank said no. Then I asked my little brother who is a tattoo apprentice what the go is and he said no its not allowed.  Laura
  •  Wow! This is a good question..I wanted to get both my kids names for my 30th..looks like I’m going to have to wait till I stop bf my ds!  Jane
  •  I’ve breast fed through all 6 of my tatt not at the same time as getting them obviously but had no issues with milk supply or baby getting upset.it does not pass through your milk the ink at all.  Sharai
  •  Just wait till you stop feeding. That way you know nothing will happen to your milk or bubs. Tattoos will still be around when you finish.  Shannon
  •  Not too people are the same so while one may not have an infection or reaction doesn’t mean you won’t. It maybe fine and it may not be, I personally wouldn’t take the risk!  Kelly

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