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Teeth grinding

(Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

Did your child grind their teeth? What helped?

  • Yes my son did it for around 4 months, we ignored it and he stopped and it done no damage to his teeth.
  • Yep my daughter does it too I have found its only when she is cutting new teeth I try to distract her to get her to stop and put bonjella or teething ring to help.
  • Give her one of those hard rusks to grind on or a frozen teething toy =) they do it because it’s new to them but it stops when the novelty wears off or when they grind a little too hard and it hurts! Gets through the rusk in no time! lol
  • Have you tried a teething dummy instead of a normal one? its just to chew on and for bubs like yours and mine with three teeth (he just cut his third too) the teething dummy is great because they can’t exactly power through and eat them.
  • Yes I remember that sound!! eeek!! my daughter did it but stopped at around 14 months.. it was like fingernails down a chalk board!! lol
  • Lol it’s quite suprising what those little teeth can get through!! Anything cold works a charm with the pain of it for them.
  • Yes they get through those rusks because after a while they go soggy from being in their mouths haha I’d try the frozen teething ring I’m not sure if you can get the ones that aren’t filled with liquid anymore but those were the best ones because they can’t Peirce them and the teething dummies are good if they take a dummy my boys didn’t like dummies so they wouldn’t use it =)
  • My eldest (6.5yrs) grinds his teeth – I have noticed it since he was a toddler and he has worn down his baby teeth on the top. I have spoken to the dentist about it during his check-up a few weeks ago, and she said that it is faily common among children and they usually grow out of it. If it continues, we can get a guard for his teeth once his adult teeth are all through, but can’t do the guard with his baby teeth.
  • My son had a dummy for sleep-time only from 6months to 2 years. He was never permitted to walk around with it or just have because he wanted it, so I don’t think its related to the dummy or a bottle either (he had a bottle from 7 months to 13 months)
  • Someone else may have some more insight for you, but I thought I’d mention my experience and the outcome from my chat with the dentist.
  • My daughter does tht too,i jus tell her to stop or distract her.
  • My daughter is going through this stage, she was doing it for about 2 weeks, now she does it maybe once a week if that 🙂 Just getting used to the feeling of them. Dont worry they wont sustain any damage 🙂
  • My girl does it to. Have not been able to stop her but after she cut her teeth she stopped on her own. Still does it every now and then but never bad anymore. I think it matter more with their big teeth.
  • My daughter does to I asked doctor about it and she said it’s normally a comfit thing like thumb sucking ( which she doesnt do) and the bad news is my daughter has been doing it for about three months 🙁
  • My 18 month old nephew does it for attention, he knows it annoys his mum, he thinks its funny and does it on purpose, he laughs when she tells him off for doing it, cheeky bugger.
  • My son did it/does it every time he gets new teeth. It doesnt last for long, i think it’s just him getting used to his new teeth
  • My daughter did the same for about 2 weeks then stopped. Probably just getting used to something new.
  • Can be a sign of more teeth coming or she is just getting use to them. 🙂
  • My daughter did that too when she had 2 bottom teeth, so much that she cut a hole on her top gums and it was bleeding. I did the same when I was a Bub.. It will pass 🙂
  • My son is 9 months and has 8 teeth!! He does this alot also! I asked a nurse about it and was told it was just a habit, don’t give too much attention to it and hopefully it will pass!
  • My daughter did the same thing when she had her 1st teeth, recently she started again. Distracting her worked the first time, this time it’s not. I can’t stand it. I tell her no, grab her mouth- gently of course, then distract her. Usually works… Keep an eye on teeth grinders, if they are still doing it at school age, then u can get a plate 4 them to wear.. Or earlier.. I used to grind my teeth & finally in yr 7 I got a plate.. But had teeth worn down like a 30year old…. :-/
  • My girl did the same thing. We just yelled no at her to startle her a bit and after a few days it dtopped. She still does it every now and then but a stern no stops her straight away. Unfortunately a nice polite no or distracting her didnt help much.
  • My boy did the same with his new top teeth. Only did it for 2 or 3 weeks til the novelty wore off. She’ll prob move on to something else soon. 🙂

Do your kids grind their teeth? Were you able to stop it or did you just have to wait it out?

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