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Tooth fairy first visit - all you need to know

Tooth fairy first visit – all you need to know

Baby Hints and Tips has the tooth fairy covered. We asked our regular contributor, Tracey Montgomery, to share her take on all things ‘fairy dust and glitter wings’.

tooth decay

Tooth decay on the rise! Study shows more kids than ever need surgery.

Dental surgery is becoming one of the top reasons for hospital admissions amongst preschoolers and early primary school children.  For several years now, tooth decay has been a growing reason …

pediatric dentristy

Pediatric Dentistry – How To Avoid Seeing YOUR Kid In The Chair

In recent years, there has been a sharp spike in the need for pediatric dentistry. Most of this is down to brushing and eating habits. So what can parents do …

Kid's sport - protect that smile with a mouthguard

Kid’s sport – protect that smile with a mouthguard

It doesn’t matter if your children’s teeth are baby or adult, mouthguards are important for their overall health when playing in kid’s sport.

Dentist: Rotten Baby Teeth- Prevention & Treatment

Rotten Baby Teeth – our resident dentist shares advice on causes of rotten teeth. He discusses tips on preventing rotten baby teeth and treatment options

Dentist: My toddler has a chipped tooth – what now?

Dental Tips: Chipped tooth. Our dentist shares what to do when your child chips their tooth or knock a tooth out to have the best possible outcome

When Should Kids Start Going To The Dentist

When Should Kids Start Going To The Dentist: Our resident dentist explains the benefits of toddlers visiting the dentist and potential prevention of tooth decay

Teething can be horrible for Babies AND Parents!

Q&A: Teething can be a horrible time for both babies and parents, what are some ways you have helped your bub through this?

Getting sleep while raising children. Baby Teething Signs.

Baby Teething Signs – What Are They and When Does It Start?

Q&A: When did your baby get their first tooth? How long were they ‘teething’ before the tooth came through? What symptoms did they have? What helped relieve their symptoms?

Amber Teething Necklace Tips

Q&A: I’m very interested to hear about experiences with the Baltic Amber Necklaces. I’d like to hear any information about if it did/didn’t work for you, and if it did help, how so?

encouraging teeth brushing

Encouraging teeth brushing

Q&A: What are your tips, tricks & advice for getting those toothy pegs brushed every day – If your kids are anything like mine, it can be quite the argument getting them brushed.

When to start toothpaste with kids - Baby Hints and Tips


Our community share their experience about when they started using toothpaste on their kids teeth and which toothpaste they chose.

Teeth grinding

Q&A: Did your child grind their teeth? What helped?