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Temping, charting & planning to fall pregnant with Natural Cycles

Trying to fall pregnant using Natural Cycles

After months of trying without success it was time to bring science into the bedroom! Here’s our writers experience of beginning temping, charting and improving her chances of pregnancy with an app and products from Natural Cycles…

natural cyclesWhen I was younger I was paranoid about falling pregnant. Of course the irony is that I’m now in my mid-30’s and my husband and I are struggling to conceive! All those years of worry about having a baby at the wrong time were wasted energy – and now I’ve new worries – can I fall pregnant at all?

After 10 months of no success we’ve decided to call in the experts. We’re done with our ‘willy-nilly’ approach (pun intended!), as it’s clearly not working for us. I’m about to begin temping, charting and managing my cycles with an app and products from a company called Natural Cycles.

Here’s what you need to know about using this method to aid conception!

What you are measuring…

I’ll be honest. When I read ‘measuring’ I thought this meant I’d be inserting that thermometer in my lady bits but – good news – it’s actually nothing like that! Your basal body temperature can be measured in your mouth (under your tongue) with a thermometer like this. What’s important is to do it first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed and before you start chatting or even thinking about your day. The reason for this is that your basal body temperature is reached while sleeping.

The instructions also told me that it was important to try and control the circumstances of the measurement each day for consistent, accurate information. I would need to try and achieve the same amount of sleep each night, not drink excessively and avoid getting sick with colds or flu (as much as possible obviously!) as all these things impact the temp reading and the data. This is some serious science!

After measuring each morning you then record your temperature in the iPhone app (also available for android) and start to create a collection of measurements that will tell you when you are ovulating.

What does the data tell us?

The bad news for my husband is that the data will tell us we don’t need to have sex as much (unless we want to of course!) All those days we were ‘trying’ were actually 99.9% chance of not conceiving – we were actually wasting our baby-making efforts. That was a bit disappointing to discover but also almost a relief. Our lack of understanding as to when to actually get our love-on to conceive meant we were just killing our sex life in the hope of conception. With this newfound knowledge we can put the baby making into a few targeted days and get the sex life back to being something less of a baby-making chore.

Specifically for conception, the data when compiled will show us when I am ovulating. The spike in basal temperature is our sign and the app will alert us with its big red “time to get it on guys” dots. I am excited to see that science is on my side and telling us exactly when our prime baby making days will be. To make sure the data is accurate you double check with a pee-on ovulation predictor to confirm the stats and as the line goes… game on!

Knowledge is power – for you and your obstetrician!

It’s amazing that such a simple daily task can provide you with so much information. Not only will we be better informed in our baby making journey but collation of this information will also create credible data to share with our doctors or health professionals later on should we need it. Because the information is all conveniently stored in my phone it’s not only private but there’s no risk of losing it or forgetting – I know I’ll definitely need a reminder first thing in the morning! Knowledge is power and Natural Cycles is the key to understanding so much more about my body than I did before.


Where to from here?

Well as I write this I’m embarking on my new trying-to-conceive journey. I feel excited to be trying Natural Cycles and to have more knowledge and tools that will help us in becoming parents.

I’m pleased that the process is simple, easy to use and not invasive. It’s also right up my tech-savvy alley.

After all my research Natural Cycles seems the best product for me. The main appeal is that this is a clinically tested app – it’s not just a basic menstrual cycle tracker, it’s genuinely a product based in science.

Wish me luck, I’ll be watching for those ‘red fertile’ days very closely!


If you’d like to try temping, charting and getting pregnant with the help of Natural Cycles they have a free trial for one month or a 12-month subscription for $79 including your basal thermometer.

PS – if you’d like to try Natural Cycles with me they have given Baby Hints & Tips readers a 50% off code and a free $40 RRP thermometer! Use the code BABY2NC

Have you fallen pregnant using a charting method? Share your story with us!

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