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TENS machine for pain relief in labour

Just wanting to know experiences from people who used the TENS machine for pain relief in labour Did it work and was it worth it?

  • I had the TENS pain relief and it worked wonders for me for 16 hours of labour. My labour was very long ended up being 26 hours but for the time I had it I loved it. Good luck xx Stacey
  • I used TENS in early labor, it worked alright but my labor was all in my back so it sort of numbed it. Mel
  • it was nice but didn’t help too much I found it too annoying with the cords etc and took it off within half and hour or so Skye
  • Yes I found the tens to be great for early Labour and even active labour. Also heat packs. Only problem is you cant wear it in the shower or bath. Would highly recommend it. Nyaree
  • I did, found it great in the early stages of labour which I had for days. However when labour got intense it just anoyed me, but its a personal thing. I think it may have helped to bring labour on quicker & stronger when it needed to. Callie
  • I tried it but the first time I used it I scared myself and the adrenaline actually stalled my labour for a time so I was too scared to try it again. Lol! Melissa
  • i found i good in the early stages, but tuned it off as my labour progressed. Sarah
  • its a funny feeling i dont think i used it properly as i didnt really changes the settings, it doesnt take the pain away but it gave me something to focus on until we went into hospital. If you have health insurance you may be able to get a rebate back Amy
  • I loved the tens machine… Worked a treat… Highly recommend! Del
  • I used the TENS machine for the first 12hrs. I then combined this with the gas for the next 8.5 hrs and then ended up getting an epidural. It definitely helped to relieve my back pain and distract me from contractions so I could focus on breathing. Good luck! Cathy
  • I loved it!!! – had it going from the start (after my stretch & sweep) and had it cranking during, the boost was fantastic! It was still going well after my boy was born!!! Belinda
  • I used it in both deliveries. Worked beautifully in early stages but really didn’t help much once I got close to stage 2. I was happy as it allowed me drug free births with just a small amount of gas Ana-Marie
  • I absolutely LOVED my TENS. It was brilliant distraction. I refused to take it off! I highly recommend it and will definitely use it again. Amberley
  • used TENS for both labours and LOVED it! Would recommend it to every person that bothers to listen long enough lol. I didn’t have any other relief for either one and I credit the TENS as the reason I loved labour and delivery. As for worth it – my hospital had it available for me to use so didn’t cost me anything. Christine
  • I liked the tens machine. It def helped me. Only advice would be to start using it early and go to the intro class where they show how to use it. Sarah
  • The TENS machine was great. I even let my wife use it. lol (And she thought it was worth the money hiring it too). Darrell
  • Tens really helped with both of my labours. Second time would have been more effective if I had remembered a back up battery for when the first failed. Whoops! Sara
  • Mine worked great, when i wasn’t getting electrocuted from it. Amanda
  • Tens was amazing, very resonably priced when you hire it online. I got to 8cm, then had to have an Epi due to prolonged labour. The pain was still bearable at this point, good luck. Genevieve
  • I used the TENS machine and found it to be fabulous! Would definitely recommend it and will use it again myself when the time comes. I managed to get to 9cm using the TENS machine and gas. Make sure you hire the obstetric machine though so you get the boost feature – I used that during each contraction. Jodie
  • Make sure to take extra batteries with you Polina
  • I tried it with my first but I think I put it on too late… I would recommend giving it a go, the theory is great but put it on as early as possible. My contractions were 3-5 in 10 mins from the get go so I was struggling to keep on top of them anyway. I was also induced, but the drip hadn’t started at that point. Every labour and birth is different, my biggest recommendation is to have all your best laid plans in pencil, because as long as your one main priority and goal of the whole thing is a healthy baby/healthy mumma you’ll be fine and use whatever you need to to cope. All the best! Jo

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