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Terrible twos

terrible twosHow did you deal with the ‘terrible twos’?

  • Being firm & consistent Suzi
  • Enjoy it cause the 3s are worse! he he. Emma
  • Not showing your own anger or frustration. Always reminding yourself their learning. Ensuring they have a new challenge as boredom is sometimes the reason. Marcia
  • Patience, patience & a little bit more patience!! Rebecca
  • Was coming to write the same as Emma … Lol … But consistency .. Stick with it : ) Ali
  • Just roll with it, 2s R easy compared to 3s 🙂 Sammie
  • Distraction is the key and like Marcia says – boredom. Wendy
  • Put your self in their shoes. Polly
  • move out till their adults Cas
  • Agree that the 3’s are worse! and yes patience! (and sleep helps!) Nat
  • Time out chair works wonders 🙂 being strong and keeping to ur word, from what they’re not allowed to have – distract them with something else ‘when will have a look at this book can you show me where the truck is?’ distraction and the chair works wonders for us…. and BREATHE lol Kirsty
  • I think terrible 2’s only happen when the child feels like he/she isn’t being understood. Be firm and set boundaries but, remember a two year old’s brain isn’t meant to think like an adult! Kat
  • I havent had a problem with terrible 2s my little man is so polite and well mannered although he has moments I use 1 2 3 and then he gets naughty spot or sent to his bedroom which he goes Without hassle and closes the door him self, I think patience and maKing sure you follow through with punishment for bad behavior. Dani
  • I have two boys who are 14 months apart…. ( they are 5&6 now) but I did lots of positive reinforcement through providing them with opportunities to show good behavior ( setting them up to succeed) and time…. My boys played up if they didn’t have enough of my time…. Usually around the 4-6 pm each day, so I made dinner during the day and spent time with them during the witch hour… That seem to work. Good luck. Tarsha
  • Pick your battles, patience and consistency. I ignore ridiculous behaviour! Toni
  • Ignore it! Mine chuck a tanty and as long as they are relatively safe and can’t hurt themselves I walk away. They soon learn it won’t get them anywhere and stop. Stacey
  • My autistic son used to hold food in his mouth… for ridiculous amounts of time sometimes. Tantrums were a real issue with him too. Thankfully he has improved, but it took a lot of consistency, a lot of patience, and a lot of wanting to beat my own head against a wall LOL Sam
  • Maybe look at it as the terrific twos! It is such a lovely age. Have fun with your little one! 😉 Emmy
  • totally agree with 3s are worse 2s are awesome have 7 grankids 2 are 2 and a half at the moment my favorite age we keep them busy if we leave them alone for 10 minutes they will trash any room we also have a pink and blue chair which they use when being naughty if they wont sit its in the bedroom which they both hate think its all about being consistant and firm they need good boundries and always reward good behaviour also please enjoy the little things as in ablink of an eye they are all grown up Jeanette
  • Consistency and patience. Nathan
  • I think 3’s are worse than the terrible 2’s. For me I found that patience, consistency and listening to my children has worked… so far :o) Michelle

Can anyone help me? Having major terrible twos with my son. I feel like no matter how much I tell him off he still does what I tell him not to?

  • He is testing his boundaries the most important thing is you being constant with the punishments u dish out
  • My 2.5yr old is pretty good, but a friend of mine said to me last week – “i just have to pick my fights” meaning dont just tell him of for everything, just the stuff that really matters. I have praised my DD for everything since she was born, and she now does it to her little sister which is very cute. So my response is give praise for any little thing u can, and choose when to tell him off – remember also that he is at the age of wanting to be independant, so instead of saying u cant do that…. see if he can, or let him have a go and then u do it. Good Luck.
  • Look into these positive parenting courses strategies called triple p and magic 123. I think the main thing is lots of excessive praise for all good behaviors and not too much emphasis on the negative. Also if you get worked up have some time out for mummy. It’s tough to stay rational sometimes they know the right buttons to push. Also give them control as much as possible eg which park will we go to or would you like to wear this or that, what do you want for dinner? Good luck!
  • Your son seems to be looking for your attention whether it be good or bad. Just don’t allow him to get you angry try a time out. Where you are just sitting him away from everything and not allowing him to get you angry, as this is what he is wanting. Be consistent though and ensure he is staying in time out until you allow him out. If he removes himself from time out just walk back over and place him back in time out telling him calmly that he is to stay there until you say. Good luck. And don’t leave him in time out for too long. Also try redirecting his bad behavior into good behaviour.

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