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The best breastfeeding singlet ever…

For breastfeeding mums fashion can be a challenge. Firstly calling it ‘fashion’ can often be a stretch with many of the more functional pieces available being far from ‘yummy mummy’. And then of course on the flipside if you actually find something gorgeous it’s generally totally impractical for feeding a squirming child discreetly.  We reviewed the best breastfeeding singlet ever – big claims huh?  Read on!

Nursing Mama however have the answers to all our needs with their range of function-yet-stylish breastfeeding singlets. Forget the old layered double singlet dance in the hope of modesty or dreary colours and terrible fits just for a handy feeding split, the range from Nursing Mama has beautifully fused our practical needs with our aesthetic aspirations!


Here are all the reasons why we love Nursing Mama breastfeeding singlets!

Breastfeeding Singlets – Mum knows best!

There’s a reason that Nursing Mama singlets are so truly perfect in both design and practicality – they were invented by a Mum, and like all things for baby, mum knows best. Melbourne based Doan was inspired to create the Nursing Mama singlet after her own experiences as a self-confessed self-conscious feeder. So a Nursing Mama singlet is not only a great piece to own but you’re supporting an Australian mum’s own unique idea. And what’s not to love about that?

Soft to touch, stylish to wear

The Nursing mama range of essential singlets are made of bamboo viscose which is gentle to touch and comfortable to wear. Natural fibres breathe well, are cool in summer and feel deliciously tactile to the skin. Pull one on and feel that ‘aaaah’ moment – you’ll never want to wear cotton again!


Bold colours and beautiful basics

The range of colours is rainbow-esque with pops of bright teals, blues and yellow as well as those everyday staples of grey and black. You’ll want them all, the hardest part will be choosing!

It’s fashion – and function!

Design-wise the singlet is a flattering fit that celebrates your curves and skims gently over body. It’s ideal paired with anything in your wardrobe in warmer months and perfect for layering under fashionable long line cardigans, kimonos or a snappy blazer.

For feeding, you can’t beat the confortable camisole that simply lifts discreetly for easy baby to boob access without the horrors of needing semi undress or a lifted shirt. There’s a wonderful sense of confidence in knowing you can feed quickly and easily – even when baby is at their most fussy – and that half your local coffee shop won’t bare witness to your breasts.


At Baby Hints and Tips we love a warm-fuzzy Mum success story. Even better we love those products that make life for mum’s better. Easier. More comfortable. And Nursing Mama does all this and more. It brings stylish fashion to the mummy-zone. Is this the best breastfeeding singlet ever? It just may be!


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