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Tooth Fairy Certificate

So your child has lost their first tooth!! It’s time to celebrate the milestone.  Children all lose teeth on their own schedule. 

Losing baby teeth We thought we would also share a few things we have learnt from our experience with children losing teeth…

1. Tradition states that your child should put their tooth under the middle of their pillow. Ahhh no! Do not do this! You will get caught trying to forage under their pillow in the middle of the night and wake a sleeping child.

Get them to put it in a special case or glass next to the bed. 

2. How Much? Ok of course this one is up to you, but remember to start as you mean to go on. Children have a LOT of teeth. Its not a competition, a small amount of money means a lot at this age. 

A gold coin is pretty standard in most circles.  Keep a gold coin handy, you don’t want to get caught out and need to give your child more money than you planned.  

3. When you forget…ok its not an if, its a when. We all do it, don’t worry. BUT if you are prepared you can be a step ahead. Here are some ideas to manage the incident

And don’t feel too guilty, with our tips you can get out of this situation with your child’s imagination still intact.  

4. CELEBRATE – we have some very cool free printables below. Lost tooth certificate and a receipt for the lost tooth.  This is a big milestone, take photos and mark it in your child’s memory book.

5. Use it to your advantage. If your child’s room is an absolute mess, we have the answer for you. Read about how the Tooth Fairy doesn’t like messy rooms!  

This is also a perfect opportunity to encourage good tooth hygiene.  Brushing, flossing and drinking lots of water to keep your child’s teeth healthy.  

6. Get your story straight about the Tooth Fairy early on. You will get LOTS of questions.

Print our your Lost Tooth Certificate

tooth fairy lost tooth certificate


The Tooth Fairy has visited your little one, now it is time to celebrate.  Print out your Tooth Receipt  to help commemorate the moment.   Remember how old your child was when their tooth fell out, how much they were paid and the quality of their tooth. 

This  tooth receipt will become a record to store away and remember in the years to come, or you could put it in a frame in your child’s room.

Tooth Receipt


When your child’s bedroom is too messy for the tooth fairy to get to the tooth, they might receive a tooth receipt marked as fair will try again tomorrow.  


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