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The Tooth Fairy Doesn’t Like Messy Bedrooms!

Regular contributor to Baby Hints & Tips, Lisa Evans shares her story about when the tooth fairy when on strike at her home… all because of a messy bedroom!

So it was that time again. The tooth had finally fallen out and there was much excitement about the tooth fairy coming to visit. 

But, there was a problem.

The mess.

The big mess.

The mess that was covering the bedroom including the ‘floor-drobe’ which means there was no possible way the tooth fairy could even manage to extract the tooth from under the pillow without falling over and permanently damaging a wing or two.

The Tooth Fairy Doesn't Like Messy Bedrooms! Yes, I am that Mum.

The Mum who was fed up with nagging and nagging about keeping a room tidy.

The Mum who could not stand to even  look in at the bedroom with the mess.

The Mum who quite frankly was going to explode if she had to pick up one more book/lego piece/ doll’s clothes etc etc etc

So, I’m the Mum who decided that the tooth fairy would not be leaving the rewards for a beautiful tooth but instead  a note which read something like this….


                 I was led to believe, by the tingly feeling in my wings, that you had lost a toothand placed it in that special spot under your pillow for me to gather, whilst leaving a small reward. However, unfortunately due to the fact that I could not even get to the pillow nor indeed anywhere near your bed due to the absolute mess your bedroom was in, I am afraid the visit was not a positive one. In order for me to reward you for your beautiful tooth, please clean up your room so that I can return tomorrow night without fear of tripping over.

Yours in dental health

The Tooth Fairy”

Whilst leaving the note, of course I ‘ummed and ahhed’ about whether I was indeed doing the right thing. Was a tidy room relevant to the Tooth Fairy? Was I being too harsh? Would this achieve anything?

It was a difficult decision to make, and one which meant fewer hours of sleep that night.

When I heard the blankets being thrown back in the morning, with a gasp, all the mother guilt I had ever felt washed all over me, and I went scrambling for some money.

But to my surprise, my little one wasn’t even disappointed.

“Oh well Mum, I guess the tooth fairy is right. My room is a bit messy and I certainly don’t want her tripping over and hurting herself otherwise how will she come back or visit all the other kids around?”

So with that, I knew I had made the right decision. Taking responsibility can start at a young age.

And that night, the bedroom was spotless.

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Tooth Fairy Doesnt Like Messy Rooms

About the Author:

Lisa Evans is a Mum of two and has been involved in the education industry for over 20 years. She is passionate that every child has the right to a good education and that some of the best teachers are parents. She also wishes there was 30 hours in every day!

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