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Thermos Foogo for a nice warm lunch

12788705_1526686350968234_306641460_oWith three children at school I have to admit I LOVE when they want the same old predictable lunch every day. I make a batch of cheese and vegemite scrolls – pull 1 or 2 per child out of the freezer, cut up some fruit, a snack for morning tea (also pre-baked and frozen) and lunch is done. So when each child all of a sudden wants a different lunch, my mornings are far more chaotic and disorganised.

This week I had one request for left overs and a request for noodles. In the past I have had issues with my children taking hot food to school and coming home complaining it was cold despite trialling several different flasks to keep the food warm.  Obviously from a food hygiene point of view, this was far from ideal.

12026620_1526686274301575_1308586498_nSo we decided it was time to test run our Thermos Foogo® products.  And guess what? It was a big success, they had warm curry and warm noodles at school and came home with full tummies and smiles on their faces.  As a busy mum getting 3 kids to school in the morning, I love the idea of quickly warming up leftovers to send to school. This is going to be fantastic as the weather gets cooler to keep their tummies warm on cold days (yes we occasionally have cold days in Perth).

If you are using a thermos to keep your food warm I suggest:

* Add boiling water to the container about 5-10 minutes before use. Do up the lid and let the container warm up.  Discard the water and fill immediately with the meal. This helps to minimise heat loss.
* Keep a small amount of hot liquid in with the meal, when possible. Eg a small amount of the water your noodles were cooked in. This makes a big difference to help keep your food warm.  CAUTION: Please do a practise with this and open it for your children as it may retain the heat enough to burn.
* Do not do the lid up too tight as your children may not be able to open it. Do a practise at home first.

My kids and I definitely recommend the Thermos Foogo products for keeping your food warm when out and about.  They are also using the Foogo Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle and their drinks are staying cold all day.

This is a sponsored review  thanks to Thermos®


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