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This little boy donated his 5th birthday gifts to an animal shelter

Cooper has always loved all animals from cats to lizards – you name it, he loves them all. So it was no surprise to his parents when Cooper said he wanted to do something to help animals on his 5th birthday.

charitable children

A little boy with a big heart

Cooper is the kind of kid that stops to look and talk to any animal he sees when he’s out and about. Anything from birds to lizards to someone walking their dog on a leash down the street.

Cooper’s Mum Bianca knew how her little boy felt about animals and asked him if he’d like to do something a little different for his 5th birthday party.

“I knew how passionate he was about animals and asked what he thought about having his friends pick out something special for the dogs and cats at the animal shelter as his pressie. His face lit up and he started naming all the items the animals would love like a warm cuddly blanket, animal toys,  treats and food,” said Bianca.

So Cooper threw a birthday bash with a difference – his guests were asked to bring a gift for the animals at his local animal shelter.

charitable children

What did Cooper do with this charitable idea

Cooper invited his friends and family to attend a party to celebrate his 5th birthday, and then told them instead of gifts for him, there was something he’d like more from them.

“We sent out a little message to his party guests and they all embraced it, a couple of the mums took the time to explain to their children what a shelter was and they were excited to put together a little pack for the animals,” said Bianca.

Cooper picked his local animal shelter at Willawong, Brisbane to take the donation of goodies to. Cooper’s Dad made the call to the shelter explaining what Cooper had done and that they would like to come in and donate the gifts and meet the animals.

Charitable children

“They were so incredibly grateful and excited to meet Cooper. The staff came into the office to personally meet and thank Cooper and took his photo. We then went on a tour and took some toys for Cooper to hand deliver to the dogs. We met two beautiful girls named Spot and Alfie and they gave him lots of thank you kisses and cuddles. We also met the cats and were excited to see one named Cooper,” said Bianca.

Cooper came home from the animal shelter feeling pleased that he had made a difference in the lives of the animals looking for new homes. We could all learn a thing or two about paying it forward from little Cooper!


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