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how to bring on labour

I’m two days past my due date and completely over it – it feels like this baby is never going to come! Did anyone manage to bring on their labour at home? Any suggestions?

(Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.)

Read our midwife’s tips for bringing on labour here

  • Lots of Walking, gentle Yoga. Mother of Zac 2
  • No need. Nature will let you know when it’s time. Mother of Madison, 9 months
  • I personally have never tried to bring on labour, I’ve been lucky enough to have all 3 Spontanious quick labours all arriving close to due date. A friend of mine said she brought on labour by smelling Clay Sage oil. Mother of Campbell 4, Hunter 2 1/2 & Marshall 4 months
  • Long walks, sex, spicy food, eating pineapple, nipple stimulation (none worked for me but they might for you). Mother of Felix, 17 months
  • Nothing works until they ready, trust me…
  • Cant help went into labour naturally early 2 times and was induced the other time. Mother of laicey-6, emilie-2, tyler-11 weeks
  • No, nothing worked for each of my 3 boys! Mother of Seth, Cooper, Nate
  • Patience, bubs will come when ready. Mother of Ewan, 1
  • Sex,walkin,nipple stimulation. Mother o f Melanie 11months
  • I tried everything! Nothing worked for me! I was a day overdue and i ate chinese for dinner. I got my first contraction 4 hours later. Dont think it was the chinese that done it tho. It is worth a try tho! Stacey
  • I tried it all too… with my first I was induced 5 days over, and with my 2nd I was induced 10 days over. I tried the spicy food, the sex, the long walks, I even tried gentle jumping on a trampoline… lol none of it achieved anything!! Jay
  • I think that babies come when they’re ready. They come early, late, and even too early even with trying to stop labour. Just relax and enjoy the time because once bub is here there’s no going back. 🙂 my son and 19 other babies the morning he was born was ‘due’ to a luna eclipse, change in tides. Not sure how you can get one of them? But it worked for a few of us that morning (but the midwives got pretty busy lol)
  • Nothing, i rested for a week and had him 2 weeks early. I was doing 7 days a week 9-5. The week i finished up with it all, i rested and he came on his own. So i say rest and hope it works for you guys too! Keri
  • You name it i tried it even castor oil and nothing worked i went 4 days over the only thing that worked was the stretch and sweep had that at 130 in the Arvo and my daughter was born 9 hours later 🙂 Bek
  • Something that has worked for 15 of my friends but didn’t work for me was scubbing the floors of your hands and knees the backwards and forwards motions seem to work. Beck
  • Lots of sex lol as if u feel like having sex when your 40 weeks pregnant Margaret
  • Yeh the sex worked for me after the dr sweeped my membranes.. 45mins after the sex i was in labour.. Bec
  • Rasberry leaf tea n acupuncture, you can do it yourself! Worked with two of mine, one 11 days early n the other 20 days early 🙂 Samantha
  • Gardening, all the squatting and the all fours positions seemed to help. Worked 4 both of babies. Samantha
  • One thing about the sex, the motion helps but orgasms are really what sets it off…..so, no pressure, lol. Nipple stimulation is also meant to help……I never tried that but quite a few people I know said its what did the trick for them. Natasha
  • I’m a nurse nipple stimulation sex n evening primrose oil!! Holly
  • I have an eggplant parmigiana recipe that has brought labour on for EVERY person I’ve given it too!!! It’s from the Scallini’s restaurant in the US, and they are famous for it. They even have a wall full of the Mumma’s & bubbas who wrote to say thanks!! hehe . I found the recipe. It was featured on good morning america too, thousands of women aparently sewar by it. Good news is, if it doesn’t bring on labour…it’s actually really yummy anyway;P Best of luck to all expectant & overdue Mummies out there! I went 14 days over…..so I sympathise  Jo
  • I went 8 days early, plenty of orgasms and i was on rasberry leaf tabs from blackmores. Katie
  • I walked everywhere all day i was always going for walks to the shop or to a park .. i had my little girl 2 weeks early 🙂 Bec
  • Babies will come when they’re ready.     Lyn
  • Go on a bumpy car ride is another one!     Melinda
  • I had salt and pepper squid and fish the night I went into labour     Aimee
  • Another wives tale- walking with one foot up on the gutter and one on the road. Warning- u will look like a nutter…and it more than likely won’t work lol     Tamara
  • Eat lots of pineapple, eat dates, swing on a swing, nipple stimulation, castor oil (not really recommended), visualise your cervix opening. Most of all try to relax, the more anxious you get the less likely things are to happen.     Emma
  • Mowed the paddock with a ride on lawn mower?!! 2 weeks early in labor few hours later!!       Helen
  • my mum swears by castor oil just a table spoon or two tastes terrible but it worked for her     Arnique
  • tried everything and nothing worked     Kimmy
  • I haven’t read the other comments but just wanted to say if anyone tells u to use castor oil, DONT. Yeah it can speed up pre-labour SOMETIMES but more than likely will just give u the runs (which is not something u want in labour lol: P) and/or make the baby poo enrutro which can be life-threatening. good luck an I hope bubba arrives b4 xmas for u     Bexta
  • People really shouldn’t recommend castor oil to others. Some people may take the advice without researching it first. The way castor oil works is it causes diaherra which can cause contractions. It can also cause vomiting & more drastically can cause bubba to pass meconium & cause distress.     Gemma
  • I went in to labour at 2am on day 40+4 after doing all this in the 1 day: * huge walk * climbing up & down stairs * spicy food * bouncing on fit ball – 15min intervals * sex including orgasm * nipple stimulation – this was suggested by my midwife. I bought a breast pump and tried it for the first time about 5hrs before I began early labour and I managed to express loads of collustrum.     Deirdre
  • If you’ve tried all those things it probably means your bub isn’t ready. I’m going to guess that you will go naturally within the next 3/5 days but as you are over 40 weeks if you really want to be induced you can always ask. I’m 40 weeks tomorrow and am expecting to go into labour on Xmas day, cause of my previous pregnancies. I don’t really want to that day but I’ve also come to terms with my babies arriving when they ate ready.     Rebecca

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