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Toddler biting

toddler bitingMy daughter is 17 months old and all she is often biting and pinching and only me!!! She literally sinks her teeth into me, i have tried ignoring her, telling her that she hurt mummy once i say that she kisses me and smiles. I dont know why she doesnt do this to others only me! Its upsetting me that she doesnt take me seriously how can i stop the biting and the pinching?? When shes ignored or told no shes determine to keep doing it. It’s really getting me down any advice to help stop my toddler biting would be greatly appreciated

* Please no suggestions to bite back *

  • U could try giving an alternative for them to bite? My girl (about the same age) used to do the same thing if I wasn’t paying enough attention to her, if she was frustrated or if she was teething so I started wearing a teething necklace & when she’d go to bite me I’d say “it’s mean to bite people, but it’s ok to bite this”. After a while she stopped biting. Terese
  • My nearly two yr old toddler does that not the biting but the pinching its mostly my cheeks like reallly hard .. ive tried everything now iv started telling him to be gentle when he does its semi made it better where he will rub my cheek instead lol but i dont know if thatll help with biting .. he use to do that but that was when he was teething he just wanted to bite everything and anything when his gums where hurting … sorry not very helpful i know but id like to know how to stop the pinching too haha sorry. Sara
  • I would suggest putting her on the floor at least a metre away from you as soon as she does it and telling her no you hurt mummy when you bite me. It makes me sad or something along those lines. Dont interact at all with her for 3 minutes or so and then bring her back. Show her where it hurt and hug and kiss her telling her that hugs and kisses are nice not biting and pinching. Alicia
  • My son was doing the same thing at the same age. Persistence is the key. He got told the he was hurting me and that he was not to do it. After the 3rd time in a night he would get put to bed. And each time afterwards. Every single day for about 2 months. Then finally he caught on. He is now 2 and a non biter. Hayley
  • My daughter did this too. I’d sit on the floor & pretend to cry & when she’d get close to me, i’d say in a sookie voice… “ouch you hurt mummy really bad”
    Please don’t do that anymore, now kiss it better…. she only bit me a few times and hasn’t done it again. Carly
  • My son went through this phase too and it was only ever me who would get bit, hair pulled or an eye gouging. Whenever he did it I would tell him calmly that “we do not bite/ pull hair/ hit etc.. mummy as it is not nice and that it hurts mummy”. Then I would take him off my lap and put him next to me so he was still close and if he tried again I would walk away. He would cry for a little and follow me, we would have a cuddle and the behaviour stopped until the next time. This probably last about 5 weeks, he’s 18 months now and very rarely tries it anymore. Bianca
  • My 1st child use to do this..everytime he dis it to me id take his arm and walk him straight to his room tell him what he did was wrong and hurtful and shut the door for time out for 5mins.. If he carried on after 5mins id go back in and explain that biting is naughty and that if he continues to keep doing it this is the consequence of doing it.. He learnt the 3rd time not to do it.. So for me it worked might not for others but thats my experience. Kelly

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