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Top Baby Names in Australia 2019

You think the name you’ve carefully selected for your child will be unique and special, then you hear that 5 other babies in the maternity ward share the name. We’ve got the low down on Australia’s most popular baby names of 2019, to help you figure out what the most used names are.

Top Australian Baby Names 2019

Most popular GIRLS names 2019 in Australia

  1. Olivia
    Of Greek origin meaning ‘olive tree’
  2. Sophia
    Of Greek origin meaning ‘wisdom’ or ‘skillfull’, the Greek Orthodox church believes St Sophia, was the mother of Hope, Faith and Love.
  3. Lily
    Comes from the Greek word Louloudi which means flower. Signifying purity, rebirth and passion.
  4. Ava
    Of Latin origin meaning ‘life blooming’ or ‘bird’
  5. Mia
    Originating in Italy and Scandinavia, the name translated means ‘mine’. It’s thought to have become the shortened version of Maria. 
  6. Isla
    Coming from European roots, the name Isla’s origin is Scottish and Spanish as both languages use the word ‘isla’ for island.
  7. Amelia
    Of German origin, the name means ‘work’ 
  8. Charlotte
    Originating from the French word meaning ‘free man’ and is the feminine version of Charles.
  9. Isabella
    Of Hebrew, Spanish and Italian descent, Isabella means ‘pledged to god’
  10. Emily
    Which diverged from Amelie or Amelia and became quite popular in the UK, means ‘work’ or ‘industrious’.

Most popular BOYS names 2019 in Australia

  1. Mohammad
    Arabic in origin, this name means ‘greatly praised’. This name is popular among the Muslim community as a connection to Muhammad.
  2. Noah
    This name is or Hebrew origins and means ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’ and is most commonly known from the biblical stories of Noah’s Ark.
  3. George
    Of Greek origin meaning ‘farmer’.
  4. Oliver
    Of Greek origin meaning ‘olive tree’.
  5. Charlie
    Derived from Charles, the name means ‘free man’.
  6. Harry
    Originating in Germany, the name Harry means ‘estate owner’ or ‘estate ruler’.
  7. Leo
    Leo is the Latin word for lion. However, in German it means ‘brave people’.
  8. Lucas
    Meaning ‘light-giver’, the name has Latin roots.
  9. Jack
    The name meant ‘God is gracious’ in medieval times and is of English descent.
  10. Archie
    Of German origins meaning ‘truly brave’. Was commonly used as a nickname for the name Archibald but of late has become popular to use in it’s own right.

While most of these names have been front runners in the top 10 names for some years, names like Archie, Charlotte and George could be getting extra attention due to our love of the young royals.

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