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Transitioning your Toddler from a Cot to a Bed

transition from cot to bedHow old was your little one when you transitioned them from a cot to a bed? What worked for you? What’s your best tip for making it as hassle free as possible?

  •  Our daughter was 3 when we move her out of her cot. She never climbed out of it… She was just breaking it by jumping in it… So we shifted her just to a single bed mattress on the floor for a few weeks, and then bought the bed in.    Jess
  •  Son was 2 we put pool noodles under his sheets on either rise to stop him from rolling out and it worked he transitioned very well he always has though from cradle to cot to toddler bed to single bed without a fuss.    Petra
  •  My daughter is 11 months, we are doing day sleeps in her big bed and she us going really well. Getting ready for big girl bed all the time. We have another baby due in 10 weeks so she had to grow up.    Kimberly
  •  I’m thinking of moving my 18mth. She is kicking the sides and waking herself up from not having enough room in the cot.    Susie
  •  I put my daughter at 12 months into a toddler bed cause people were telling me it will only be a few months and she will be climbing out, so I did it then so she couldn’t and just put a gate up of a night on her door so she can’t get out. Now 21 months and so happy with that decision.    Ashleigh
  •  My son was 14 months and was moved into a king single with a bed rail as I found out I was pregnant and we did it so early as he needed to change rooms as well so didn’t want to make him feel like he lost everything due to the baby. My daughter was 9months as she was climbing out of cot.    Amy
  •  I put my baby into a bed at about 14months. I bought a double bed for her and put a body pillow under the cover sheet to make a barrier that she couldn’t roll over. The double bed was good because I could lay with her when she woke during the night (she didn’t self soothe) It was win all around.    Bekkea
  •  We had to move our youngest two boys to toddler beds at 10 and 11 months – we have little climbing Houdini babies who could conquer any child lock, gate or any other obstacle they came across… I really hope there aren’t too many others who have kids like this – it’s exhausting AND expensive!    Jane
  •  My son was two he was very fuss free only took a week for him to fall asleep by himself no idea how he just did it my daughter is two and she has been in hers for almost a month’s not wining on the going to sleep by herself yet she moves around a lot and fell out every night but I put a small pillow at the bottom where there is no side and she’s been staying in good luck to anyone moving into a big bed I always felt it’s a big turning point.    Kasey
  •  14 months as she moved up a class in kindy and they were sleeping on mattresses on the floor… So thought let’s try at home and she loved it! We had a pillow on the floor incase she fell out… It was a toddler bed so not far to fall when she did:)    Vicky
  •  Transitioned to toddler bed (cot without sides) at 15 months and kept routine the exact same. Didn’t make a fuss about it. He was great. Was as though he was still in cot. Then at 16months went and bought a single bed (he is very tall so wasn’t much room in toddler bed/cot). Took him with is to shop and watched what bed he climbed onto easily. It’s been a month and he’s great. Have a rail on side. During the day I find him asleep on floor with pillow but at night stays in bed. Has always had door shut, so him getting up hasn’t been a problem. Just plays with toys in the morning. Best advice is, include him if he’s older, and KEEP ROUTINE THE SAME good luck parents and bubs.    Katina
  •  2 years old he had a day sleep in the big bed and that night he wanted to sleep in the big bed again no hassles what so ever slept straight thru to.    Emma
  •  Child 1 and 2 were 14 months as they easily climbed down, 3 was 20 months, her bed was already in her room but instead of putting child locks on everything we left her in the cot till she climbed out, all girls. Child 4 a boy I moved him out recently at 17.5 months in preparation for my surgery that was supposed to happen by now but hasn’t. The first 2 weeks were tough, he wanted someone with him to settle everyday and didn’t like being left alone at night but now we have our brilliant sleeper back who settles perfectly at night and that the day too, just wish we had door knobs instead of handles and we had locks on most cupboard and fridge lol.    Christine
  •  18months with my daughter coz I needed the cot for her brother and just recently with my son whose 17 months coz he kept climbing out. Both of them I put straight into single beds didnt bother with transition they slept in it the first night no issues.    Cece
  •  My daughter was 21 months, it was a lot easier then I thought. I now lay in bed with her to read her 3 books after that I tell her it time time for mummy to go and she goes to sleep. Occasionally during the day she will get up and read more books by herself before she falls asleep, which I encourage.    Chloe
  •  19 months we are on week 3 and some nights are good some nights not so good we just made sure dd knew we in room next to her and if she needs a cuddle cause of waking we give her one then leave we have another due in April so had to transition as she was co-sleeping with us but we are happy so far.   Alicia
  •  16 months old, and into a toddler bed. Had it set up first, so he could get used to climbing on & off it.    Kyra
  •  15 months, we started with day sleeps in his big bed then started nights about 4 weeks later.   Inge
  •  Mine was just 2. We just put the bed in her room but left the cot set up too just incase. No dramas or changes at all. If anything it was better as we could sit in bed and read stories together before sleep. Much nicer wish I did it earlier.    Jessica
  •  Following im thinking of putting my 16mth old in a bed in approximately 2 months but worried she will fall out due to she moves around allot in her cot (like she’s having a party..lol) any tips.    Katie
  •  23 months old and he loves cars so we bought him a car bed he loved it so much the transition was very easy his actually has been sleeping a lot better since.    Zsuzuika
  •  My son was 2 when we moved him into a bigger room and big bed. He helped pick the paint and bed and where all his toys were going to go.    Ash
  •  My son was about 20mths I put him in a toddler bed for a little while and he was fine then we brought him king single and a side rail but took it off cos he found it hard to get into bed plus we have another on the way so wanted him out cot so he could detach himself from it.   Emma
  •  18months I set his whole room up and put his favorite toys in there first week he would just go in there read books ect then qe started just day sleeps which he loved and he wanted to go in at night he slept soo much better he was too big for his cot he would always get his legs caught n wake up!    Rachel
  •  19 mths. The decision was made for 2 reasons, she was climbing out and we were concerned about her hurting herself. Secondly we had a new baby due.    Kate
  •  18months. Best tip was to get our dd involved in picking her bed and bedding so she was excited to be in her big girl bed.   Carmel
  •  14 months he kept putting his legs out and getting stuck and screaming then trying to climb it. So was needed, he has a car bed that has the high sides so he can’t fall out the sides unless right at the bottom.   Robin
  •  17 months we changed her from a cot to a toddler bed with the rail, we had no drama with that so at 19 months we took her shopping for her big girl bed and let her help us set up her new big girl room we had a rail on the bed and once it’s nap time or bed time she gets kissed, cuddled and put into bed and goes off to sleep. She turns two. 2 weeks and is still yet to get out of bed and come out to us. We took the rail off about 2 months ago she was in a good sleep routine whilst in her cot so we just kept going with it but just in a bed instead. She knows once she is put in bed it’s sleep time. Touch wood it stays like this.   Ashley
  •  My son hated his cot, would never sleep well in there due to head blister from birth. I gave up before he turned one and put him in single bed with rail. This worked a treat, I learnt what sleep was again hehe then other medical things begun and I ended up putting him in a toddler bed next to my bed. Best thing I found for us. He was happy, I could get some sleep. Any bad night we would hold hands. On his third birthday I banned my bed my room and he did an amazing job, then at Xmas I introduced only going to sleep in his bed, not mine, not the couch etc. that too worked great for us. A few points to make, my son never climbed out of cot so that wasn’t a decider. I think the cot can be a safe place for them to sleep. If they go to a bed and keep getting out use a baby gate. My son has one on his door but we put something in front of it to keep it open. I found talking and preparing was our greatest strength.  Elizabeth

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What are your best tips to transition your child from a cot to a bed?


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