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Baby predictor to guess babys gender

baby predictorWhat are your old wives tales or baby predictor tricks to try to guess the gender of your baby?
I’ve tried the ring on a string thing, but don’t think it’s too accurate!

  • The only accurate way to determine the baby’s sex is to give birth. That’s what I did Sandra
  • Collect some pee, add some DRAINO (weird I know) if it turns green its a girl, or brown for a boy. Was right with my son lol Cassandra
  • The only 100% accurate is when you give birth The wedding ring theory was right for me, chinese calendar & ultrasounds were wrong! Laura
  • Ultrasouds generally tell you these things Jayde
  • Ye Olde Ultrasound. Jessica
  • My sono said the heart rate test us usually the most accurate. Ring test said girl and so did heart rate for me and it’s a boy. I’m even carrying high this time. Terri
  • I tried all the wives tales and they all indicated girl and chinese gender chart (which was correct with my last two) however thru ultrasound nub and skull theory were correct we r expecting a boy Keila
  • My morning sickness was awful and I had a girl, everyone I know who had a girl had bad morning sickness Amy
  • I find this story of stuff really interesting. I haven’t found out what Im having but according to most of the tests I’ve done (except the ultrasound) Im having a boy. Mum has a theory with the people in her family. Everyone except one person has had the same sex as them for their first child eg, her first was a girl, my sisters first was a girl, my brothers first was a boy, etc. I plan on ruining heterosexual theory though >:) Tegan
  • Just be patient and wait !!! I never found out what my girls were and I am currently 33 weeks with third and wouldn’t have it any other way not knowing is the best Carla
  • An ultrasound lol!!! Lou
  • Heart rate is slower in boys under 150 bpm worked both times with me. My girl was over 180bpm and my boy was around 130 bpm Lauren
  • My Nan did the cork and the wedding ring on me and it showed 2 girls…. then I found out I was having twin girls!!!! Tania
  • I like the idea of the nub theory – but I cannot pinpoint my own scan picture. I’m due in 8 days with number 3, so I guess I will find out soon enough. I have two boys already a girl would be nice, all thee predictions are saying girl – hopefully I’m not jinxed by them lol Prue
  • My hubby and 4 year old knew what we were having before we were told apparently according to my 4 year old its cause im crankier than i was with my 1 year old daughter and my hubby said everything was different though i only ever noticed im more emotional this time Ted
  • Lol, an ultrasound or giving birth are sure ways! Linda
  • wanted a boy, I had a boy Rebecca
  • I was told about the heart rate they were correct Nicole
  • I did the ring on a chain test for the first 2 and it was right both boys, the third I didn’t need to do any test, everything about the pregnancy was different to the other 2 that were both the same, so I knew I was having a girl Cassie
  • My dad. Out of 7 grand kids he has never been wrong. So when he said im having a girl this time, i took it to heart. Wont officially count it as 8 right until its born Vickie
  • Heart rate. Girls are higher boys heart rate a little slower. Chinese gender chart. The say craving sweets for girls and sour for boys. Goknur
  • My mumma said if your belly starts just under your boob and is small and high its a boy cos boys tend to be mamasboys and hug the belly higher and tighter. Girls are lower and away from mum (if that makes sense). Also most of the mums I’ve spoken to that have had boys. They’ve said they had carried in their back or had back pain through pregnancy. Idk. Keen to see if this works with my next one Luba
  • If you’re ‘all out front’ it’s a boy….if you’ve got width too, it’s a girl. Karen
  • I read depends on your favoured sleep side. Sleep on your left its a girl sleep on your right its a boy….. Just a wives tale doesn’t and hasn’t applied to me Tarsha
  • A rats tail or pointed back hairline on previous child means the opposite sex for next born apparently. E.g. 1st born is girl and has rats tail, next born will be boy, if no rats tail newborn is a girl.  Pointy long tummy means boy, round tummy girl. Worked for me but I’ve seen it not work for others Kaycee
  • Partners Granny did the ring test. Took a strand of my hair, threaded it through and a ring from my finger and let it dangle over my belly. Can’t remember which is which but if the ring spins it’s a girl and if it rocks side to side it’s a boy. Didn’t work for us! Said boy, had a girl lol Chinese Calender was also wrong! Jade
  • Try Chinese birth calendar. It was wrong though for both me and my friend. Sonja
  • The ring test, chinese gender predictor, baking soda test, baby bump & my sweet cravings & heart rate of 170 all said girl. I even had terrible morning sickness until 20wks that I didnt have with my older 2. My 20wk ultrasound showed Im having my 3rd boy so wives tales inaccurate for me lol. Danielle
  • I have found the name we have picked out that I am most attracted to is usually the key for me. So if you have the names jack or Jill picked out and your more attracted to the name Jill than you are jack chances are your more likely to have a girl Erin
  • Wee gender test worked for me. Available from most pharmacies Jannah
  • Do the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor…I did it and it said I was having a boy and I had a boy! The Chinese predictor has been accurate for everyone I know…oh, except 1 person. Shereen
  • Every one of these test (besides nub) said boy for my first, but I had heard if you dream about your baby it will show what it is. I did dream about a girl with lots of brown hair, that’s what I got. This time the whole pregnancy is different in every way, I haven’t tried any but I think I’ll have a look at my u/s now. Melanie
  • Gender dreams can be accurate, I dreamed about having a boy, and we have a beautiful little boy. Mandy
  • Where the boys are higher and the girls are lower. What happened they were both boys. so no such thing. My older brother his first is a girl and i have two boys. My husbands mum had girl then boy then girl. Lou
  • Look at ultra sound round head girl oval boy 95% right Louise
  • I craved chocolate cake to chocolate to lollies really bad and I had a boy lol Apparently stay away from acidic foods if you want a boy because the male sperm cell doesn’t like acid or try to have a high alkaline ph and drink milk and water lol Jacente
  • Pin on string worked for me Chloe
  • The wedding ring test was right for both of my kids, my SIL, and all 5 of my mil kids! Must be tied on your own hair though, not string!! Rhiannon
  • Red cabbage test. Was right for me both times as it was for a few friends also. Carly
  • Sweet tooth is a girl; savoury cravings is a boy. Also I look at body/belly shape. Generally if a woman puts weight on everywhere it’s a girl, or just in the belly is a boy. Rebecca
  • Heart rate, the way you’re carrying, whether you’re sick or not, whether you’ve got the “glow” or looking a bit puffy/pimply Jasmine
  • Ive been told that if you have bub number 1 start talking and dad is the first word the next vub will be a boy … if mum a girl. Though I think thats bs really Kristy
  • None worked for me except the food I craved. Sweets for my 4 girls and fruit/savoury for my son. Oh and baby head shape was right for all mine. And I only found out about the nub theory when pregnant with 4, but it was correct for 4 & 5. Karlee
  • There’s actually a wee gender test you can order from USA that I did and was correct before 20wks Terri
  • The skull theory can be seen on the 12 week ultrasound, girls foreheads are alot rounder whereas a males is flatter, ill post some pictures Bek
  • The Mayan calendar and ring test were true for me Laura
  • The heart rate at the early ultrasounds. Faster with our daughter and slower with our son was actually true. Teagan
  • Ive done the ring on a string but with a pendulum (my mom is pagan) and its worked all 3 and hopefully 4 times Elana
  • I just “knew” with all 3 of my kids. The girls make me very very very sick n all other symptoms r 10x worse. My son was an absolute breeze tho. I carried alot higher with the girls too. Chelsie
  • I need to try one off these steps.. i had a girl a boy. I guessed them got them right.. now having number 3 and it was to hard to see the sex Kimberley
  • Chinese calendar was right with my first haven’t checked for this one lol Erin
  • Same pregnancy as my mum had with me… so she guessed it was a girl right from the start Hayley
  • Cravings wives tale- I had cheese toasties and by chip cravings with my son and chocolate and strawberry cravings with this pregnancy which I’ve been told is a girl haha Zara
  • I had cravings for salt and im having a boy and the Chinese calendar was wrong with mine Beck
  • Wedding ring test was correct and I did it at 10 weeks. Hold out your hands palms up – girl palms down – boy. It was also accurate for us. Jenny
  • The 12 week skull theory! Most accurate Bek
  • The higher and rounder you carried was a girl and lower and more egg shaped was a boy. WRONG my middle boy was high and round, I was convinced he was a girl until about 7 months then started doubting lol Sally
  • x3 correct with bicarbonate soda No others were correct all three times Carla
  • The bi-carb test was right for me , also the chinese chart Yasi
  • Chinese gender predictions were off for both but cravings were accurate for me salty for a boy and sweet for a girl Jessica
  • A friend told me about the bicarbonate soda method. I already knew what I was having so I tried it and it was accurate. Not sure if it’s a coincidence. Danielle
  • Nub theory showed we were having twin girls, we were so convinced we bought some pink outfits, even posted scan pics on nub theory forum and all responses indicated both girls. But all ultrasounds at 20, 28, 30 and 33 weeks very clearly show we’re having two boys. Thank goodness we kept receipts. Michelle
  • Thanks Prue Stringer. I never knew that & ive had 3 boys which i found out sexes of Haylz
  • Heart rate, placenta positioning at very first scan and my friend just told me about the nub theory I’m gonna check my scans when I get home Court
  • As for cravings I craved salt and carbs like chips etc. I went off of sweet things like chocolate. I had a girl. Mel
  • I did the baking soda and urine this time and it said boy and he is a boy Nikki
  • Does the skull & nub test work on 20 week scan pics? I don’t have a 12 week from my stingy doc! I have 2 boys and haven’t found out with this one, so a girl would be nice. The chinese chart says girl and I have sweet cravings like I never had with my boys. I’m thinking I should have found out, I’m getting impatient! Lol! Samantha

What baby predictor have you used to guess your babies sex?

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