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Water birth, labour, birthJust wondering if I could get some advice on a water birth (not a home water birth). I am just wondering who has opted for this and would love to hear success stories as well as positives and negatives of a water birth

  • Water births are the best thing ever! – Candice
  • 3/5 off my births were water births would have had all as water births if I could off. Helped with the pain, felt easier when time to push bubs out, wouldn’t want to do it again any other way – Shelley
  • The idea of a water birth grossed me out but during labour I insisted on getting in the bath and it was amazing! The pain relief was brilliant from the warmth and weightlessness. Hubby was still able to deliver baby and cut the cord. Definetly recommend it and would do it again. Only down side was my hair got so much gunk in it and was mega knotted after – Tel
  • I had a wonderful quick water birth.  I had a very quick and intense birth with big long contracting on top of each other which I was struggling with but as soon as I got in the water I could relax and have a baby.  It was wonderful. I will do it again next time – Krystal
  • I had a water birth and looooved it! And water was so warm and relaxed me straight away and made the contractions feel way less intense. Made me feel weightless also because the birthing pool I had was like a big deep spa. Also the delivery is a lot less stressful for the baby as they go from one watery environment to the next, my son looked as if he didn’t even know he was born when he came out, also he was real nice and clean  sorry, got no negatives – Kendra
  • I opted for a waterbirth with my 3rd and again with my 4th at a birthing centre. Once u have done it u will recommend it to everyone. It takes so much pressure off your back and if you are a water person it is just more calming. It is amazing! Feel free to pm me if u like – Sarah
  • I had a water birth and can truly say it was the best experience of my life. The water really helped with the pain and I was as relaxed as you can be in labour – Diedre
  • Oh my goodness.. As soon as I got in the water I just melted. Just the most relaxing feeling. I’ve had 2 water births and I was having anymore Id be doing it all over again in a second. Good luck with what ever you decide – Kahlia
  • I wanted water births for both mine but couldn’t with either. First one my son’s heart rate was going up and down so I had to have the monitor on me the whole time. So couldn’t go near water. My daughter decided to come very fast so the bath would have had 2″of water in it before she came – Cindy
  • 2 out my 3 babies were water births. I found it helped with the pain, was so much more relaxing and with baby #3 I caught him myself, which was AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend it to anyone I think the position in which you birth is really important too. Being upright is the best position to birth, don’t lay down – Michelle
  • I wanted a water birth with my first 2 and couldn’t, finally got to experience with my 3rd. The only con is that there’s lots that can prevent you from having one so check with your hospital on their rules.  But honestly, single most amazing experience of my life. It was so calming and completely hands off. Midwives sat next to the bath & just talked us through it all. My husband delivered our little girl, he was the first to touch her. It acts as amazing pain relief as you feel weightless, so much easier to get comfortable in the water. And you can still have gas if you need. Also recovery was so much better, comparing to first 2, I had no swelling whatsoever, and my body was no where near as sore. It really was beautiful.   In saying that, everything was going the right way when I went into labour, any complications could have made it a little scary as its hard to intervene. Just be prepared for your plan to change, but if all is good, highly recommendedJulie
  • I had an amazing experience with a water birth. My first, now four months old was born in the bath. It was a very calming environment and I feel it made his entry a little less traumatic. However I do think that I got in the bath a bit too early and that it slowed my progress – Tiffany
  • I had a water birth with my first and loved it. I was on my knees in the water and found that both the position and warm water helped heaps with the pain – Suzan
  • I have had 2 water births in hospital and I found them both so relaxing. I felt like I was in a day spa, candles nice music and a warm bath. Such a beautiful calm way to bring Ur baby into the world, I say if u can put up with the water for hrs I would try for the birth in the water. I always say I would do my labours and births a thousand times over and it was all be issue of my amazing water births and midwife – Alicia
  • Had an amazing water birth second time around after a horrible first with lots of intervention. Second time round just gas and air in the pool and home a couple of hours later – Sam
  • I was planning on having a water birth but I had some intervention which meant bub needed monitoring so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get into the birthing pools. I did use the shower alot which helped but was disappointed I couldn’t get into the bath. Not really much advice for you sorry, but I wasn’t aware if you needed any type of monitoring they’d stop you from having one – Belinda
  • I had a water birth and found it amazing, I had to get out a couple of times and the pain was so much more intense. I can’t think of any negatives from it and will definitely do it again – Megan
  • Although I didn’t have a water birth, I spent much of my labour in the bath and found the pain lessened and the 2nd stage of labour was quicker. Plus in between contractions it was very relaxing – Maddy
  • I had two water births and a regular non water birth. I would go water birth every time so long as there are no complications. I water makes things easier and relaxing. Moving to different positions is easier too. However water is gross once finished lol – Kim
  • I had waterbirth was great  many hospitals wont let you, i refused to get out lol Highly reccomend if you are able to. – Lisa
  • I cannot rave enough about how amazing water birth was for me. It was a great pain reliever. But ive had mates that couldn’t stand being in the water. So everyone is different but Ioved it – Amy
  • I used all the hot water in the bath before we could fill the pool! Had a very quickly progressing labour. But it was fine out of the water. And second was an emergency c section and was a great result – Kara
  • I had a waterbirth, best experience! I feel like i recovered a lot quicker and wasnt as sore the next day – Emily
  • I had a wonderful experience with my water birth, it was so good for helping with the pain and I didn’t have any negatives with it (other than normal birth pain lol) I was quite happy that bub got most of the gunk washed off as she came up through the water because of it since they don’t like to wash them for a couple days now – Amanda
  • I wanted a water birth but didnt manage to get it as by the time the bath was filled I got ib for 3 contractions and had to push. The midwife wasn’t water trained. I haven’t heard anything negative about it at all – Julie-Anne
  • I had a hospital water birth with my second…and loved it!! I laboured in the water with my first too and that was fantastic as well. I just felt I relaxed into and let my body do the work once in the water…and it’s a bit more hands off for everyone else which I liked as well – Angela
  • I would fully recommend water birth. Was first time for me and loved it. Settled the pain during contractions. Had to come out though coz contractions slowed down. But still if I have another bby would start with water birth – Stephanie
  • I had a water birth with my little girl and cannot say anything bad about it. Everything went really well without any drugs (which is actually supposed to help the birth gomalot smoother and faster) and I found it helped me to relax a lot in between contractions/pushing.  Will definitely be doing it again when we are ready for number two  you can always get out of the water if you find it’s not for you – Samantha
  • Loved it. It was such a wonderful way to give birth. The only problem I had was the pool wasnt deep enough. I really felt the shower running down my back was much better for pain releif. But I would still do the water birth again. It felt mch more natural. And preparing for a water birth I couldnt have pain meds so it helped keep me on track for not giving in to meds – Kristie
  • I’ve had 2 water births and am booked in for a third in April. They’re amazing and so soothing. The relief of warm water and elevation/weightlessness is incredible. Highly highly recommended – Hayley
  • My first pregnancy and my now 9 week old was born in the water. Best thing ever! I have heard some horror birth stories through friends and after googling some water birth videos thought this was the wsy to go. Easy to move around water acting like a lubricant and she popped out fairly quickly. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way now – Sally
  • I just had a water birth 6 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Would highly recommend it. I had really painful contractions and I was so amazed by how much the hot water helped – Marcela
  • Best thing ever, very empowering. My husband was in awe. Very easy and I was a high risk pregnancy. Would do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat – Krystal
  • I had a waterbirth with my 7mo son at a birth centre, it was incredibly relaxing and a great pain relief, my second stage of labour was so quick, only 5mins, the midwife wasn’t in the room at the time so my husband had to grab him. I couldn’t recommend it enough, I’m hoping to have all my children in water. Good luck!! 🙂 – Jayne
  • Just know that if your labour stops or if you need any monitoring you cant have one.  I’ve now had 2 births were i couldn’t have a waterbirth an was so upset about it at the time – Taesha
  • Wasn’t by choice as my first was by Epidural but definitely different this time, much quicker recovery time and the water seemed to minimise the contractions a little. The gas helped. If I had to choose again I’d choose the water birth 30hrs compared to 2hrs!!! Good luck – Tracy
  • Best experience ever. I’ve had two – Jaime
  • I just had a water birth was not planned at all but my midwife suggested it for pain relief. It does make it more manageable quiet different to one out of water. I think the biggest difference was she was much easier to push out. I will say it is messy but I got a lovely shower after – Amanda
  • I didn’t have a water birth however while I laboured in the hospital the best pain relief for me was definitely warm water running over my lower back (dang back labour) and hubby applying counter pressure. Wish I would have stayed in there for longer – Tamara
  • Didn’t have a water birth but the time I spent in the bath when I was in labour with my boy (a couple hours before he was born) I didn’t even feel a contraction! Water is great! – Gem
  • Water births are amazing! Really helped me with the pain and helped me relax being in such warm water it’s a relief. Also you can use the sides of the pool the put your feet on which helps the pushing stage much easier! I’m 100% going to have one again if possible – Amy
  • Loved my two water births after 3 land births. It was so much better than land births and great natural pain relief – Hollie
  • My sister had 3 water births at private hospital (not all hospitals do it). First 2 were amazing experience but 3rd her Labour kept slowing down so ended up having to deliver normal way. They do have weight restrictions (under 100kg from memory) as they need to be able to get you out of the water in an emergency. My sister swears by them. I had to unfortunately have a c-section but would have loved a water birth. Do your homework and find a hospital that does them and had wonderful supportive midwives. Good luck – Eve
  • I always wanted a water birth, 1st time round it wasn’t a viable option for me, 2nd time round I got in the tub too early and wanted out then couldn’t be bothered getting back in again – Theresa
  • Some hospitals offer water birth, best enquire – Rebecca
  • Just had a water birth for my first. I chose to have no pain relief at all & it really helped with the pain too. Good luck with your decision & well done for asking positive & negative. My birth was was amazing even though I got very bad 3rd degree tearing! Would love to do it again but the risk for me is too high of tearing even worst & having problems later on, had I not been in the bath I would have had an even worse tear – Jay
  • Had a water birth with my second and really recommend it. I found the water helped soothe some of the contractions and back labour and that made me feel more relaxed. Call me crazy but I also felt like pushing her out was easier. Downside was that bub wasn’t breathing or responsive when born. I wasn’t able to have one with my third but pregnant with my fourth now and plan to go the water birth again – Bianca
  • I had a water birth 5wks ago and recommend it highly! I loved the floating in between contractions and the relaxed feeling it gave me! I didn’t need any other pain relief either – Casey
  • Both my daughter and son were water births. I wanted to keep my options open and asked if the bath tub was available that I would love to have a water birth, as I had also decided to do natural birth with only gas. I had a very long labour with my daughter (22hours) and I was not getting anywhere, the midwives felt both the relief of water and the floating feeling would help me get off my knees & relieve the tension in my back, which it did and I was able to do the rest. With my son he was a lot faster and the contractions were so close together that I had no time for a break, so the midwives thought it would be good to give me some time to catch my breath and I’m glad they did as I felt relief the minute I got in the tub & noticed my contractions were spaced out and I could relax a little more. I didn’t have a negative experience as we were taken care of so well – Jean
  • I had a water birth and it was amazing, it helped with the pain and when bub came out and laid on my chest it was the most unbelievable experience. His swimming teacher now calls him a little fish, he loves the water- Emma
  • I labored in the water for my first child. Loved the calmness of it all. The only downfall that happened for me was that the midwife made me get out between contractions to be checked on the bed as to how far i was dilated. I ended up birthing on the bed as i didnt have time between contractions to get back in. I dont know if this is routine for them to do or if its just because my bath was smaller and she couldnt position me properly but just keep an absolute open mind to whatever happens and no matter what know that your birth will be your own – Nicky
  • I had a water birth 14months ago at the Royal Woman’s Melbourne. I highly recommend it! Due for no.2 in 5 weeks and the thought of not having a water birth terrifies me! As everyone has said, the water does wonders for pressure and it’s very calming. Mine was unplanned but such a beautiful experience – Kirsten
  • I had a water birth too (unplanned!) and loved it also. The other girls are right about the warmth and less pressure. My nurses made it a lovely environment too with soft lighting and constantly keeping the bath warm. It just gave me such a fright when my little one came out and started splashing!! But then they put her on my chest and she just quietly looked at me – Rachel
  • I had a water birth with my son at the birthing centre. I loved the experience. I got there and was 7 cm dilated. When I got in the water it soothed me a lot and I was able to get into a zone which made my experience very positive. I had music and some gas and hair also. All in all a great experience. I was quite conscious of the exposure aspect and the water felt like a bit of a comfort blanket – Layla
  • I had a water birth and absolutely loved it!! Recommend it to anyone having a baby  because I was 2 weeks over due for my first few hours they had to monitor me so I couldn’t hop into the bath but as soon as I did the pain was definitely a lot more manageable and easier! Also the joy of essentially delivery my baby on my own being able to scoop him up straight away was amazing – Jess
  • I would love a water birth, but would have to hire it & transport it as my hospital doesn’t have one.& Don’t think i would labour long enough for it to be worth the hassle – Rachael
  • My experience was a big positive.  I loved how it all happened and would definitely do it again.  The simplicity of it and the calm environment and the relaxation the water has on you is amazing.   I liked the fact you only have your midwife and support person there too. And if there’s chance of it not going to plan they work it out at the time which is reassuring.  Ask to have a look at the water birth room – Stephanie
  • Loved my water birth at lyell mcewin hospital! So calm! My son didnt even cry! Couldnt have my second in there, but laboured in there for a while! Loved it – Crystal
  • I had a positive water birth at the hospital, once I got in the bath there was no way I was getting out the heat of the water was calming, I had been in the shower with the head on my lower back because that’s where my pain was. The bath alleviated some of the pressure off my back and hips because I could float that little bit.  When I pushed my lo out the midwife placed her on my chest, she was calm, we just gazed into each other’s eyes. Not sure if that was because of the water birth but I think it was as they say water births are less if a shock.  I didn’t plan to have a water birth, I just went into it with an open mind – Anita
  • I have with my second  Its a positive in my birth, my first son felt so much pressure on my back and was harder to push. The birthing pool took all the weight away, no pressure and the pushing was a matter of minutes.  The only con was I had to get out after pushing my baby out to birth the placenta.  Shorter Labour and minutes of pushing – Paige
  • I wanted a water birth. I lasted 4 contractions then had to get out. The heat made everything feel more intense & felt like I was going to pass out. Also didn’t feel like I had anything to hold on to when I was having contractions so my poor hubby was almost getting dragged in cause I was holding in to him – Kirsty
  • I had a water birth with my 2nd baby, I can’t speak highly enough. The experience was amazing. Even my husband who was sceptical tells the story with so much love – Samantha
  • All positives. Reduces pain, reduces weight bearing during 3rd stage, relaxing, water poured on my back was heaven. Less chance of tearing or severe tears, more privacy – Ally
  • Both my births were water births with no medical pain relief and no tears/stitches. I wouldn’t do it any other way and cannot think of any negatives – PM me if you have any specific questions I’m happy to help out – Kelly
  • I have had. 3 out of 4 water births and I wouldn’t of had it any other way. Eased pain, I would float my body during contractions, it felt cleaner. I loved hubby being in the water with me to. It truly is a beautiful way to birth! I’m looking to study midwifery and also a doula, I really want to have a lot to do with water birthing – Alicia
  • Had water birth for my 1st really helped with the pain was in labour for 16 hours at that stage. I couldnt lay down and was in so much discomfort. Moved to the water and omg the relief . My second was in qld and i didnt no u couldnt have water birth without opting and omg was so painful and horrible was only a 6 hour labour but worst pain. Mind you from my water breaking to baby arriving was 15 mins. And cord wrap around his neck. Was a very stressful aand intense labour. Waterbirth will be used in no 3 – Brodie
  • We had a water birth – though it was at home. The pain relief was instant and wonderful. Bub was on the bigger side at 9lb4 and posterior, so my back pain was intense! I used the water in conjunction with a tens machine that being electrical obviously had to come off whenever I got in the water, and I found the water better than the tens. I can’t think of any negatives that I experienced – Shelley
  • I laboured in water but couldn’t birth due to bubs getting stressed but it was relaxing and helped alot with pain but I’ve had several ppl do water births and highly recommend them –Wendy
  • Do it !!! I had the most perfect drug free birth experience & would highly recommend it to anyone – Cassie
  • I tried for a water birth with my first. Loved being in the bath at home while I laboured and when I got to the hospital. It was very relaxing. I actually fell asleep in the bath at home when I was 5cm dilated. Unfortunately I couldn’t get in a comfy position to push in the hospital bath due to my back so birthed on the bed. My second was a water birth but it was at home. My bath is a corner spa and I found I could get into a better position to push. My midwife was completely hands off and I brought my son to the surface and onto my chest. Best experience ever. He didn’t cry at all. I’m a midwife myself and know the benefits of a water birth. Be prepared for baby to be a bit bluer in colour and to not always cry straight away. I honestly believe my son didn’t know he had been born. He was so calm and 6 months later he still loves the bath – Karina
  • I was heading for a water birth however after being in the water for about 15 min I had to b removed as bubs was going into distress cos he was coming out fast and my pelvic floor was, as the dr’s n midwives said, too good lol if u dont want drugs but still want some relief while not in the pool and being in the shower doesnt help, like wit me, then I really do recommend the saline back injections. They hurt like hell but the sting is gone very fast – Salena
  • i tried for one but as soon as i was in the water the movement made me feel sick so I got out and i spent the rest of labour in a hot shower.best idea ever – Jess
  • I loved my water birth!! Less pressure and it almost calms u as much as u can in intense labor! Will Def be doing it again when I have my 2nd (all going to plan obviously ) – Whitney

I’m having my second baby and am after feedback from other mums who have had a water birth, pros and cons? Did you find the water helped ease contractions?

  • My 3rd child was born in the water and I found it to be a wonderful experience! Totally drug free and calming! I’d highly recommend ! Miranda
  • Heaps less painful than my first 2.7 kg was absolutely beautiful was able to deliver my 3.88kg baby myself with no other pain relief Rachael
  • I had a water birth with both my daughters so can’t compare the experience to anything else, however, I can say I felt considerable relief entering the water both times! No time for pain relief the second birth and it was no worse than my first water birth when I had pethidine. I’d have a water birth again and again! Kylie
  • I had a water birth first time round and highly recommend. Definitely helped with pain relief and relaxation. Am currently pregnant with my second and fingers crossed all goes well and I can do it again. Sally
  • I tried for a water birth and it was great being in the water during labour, however I didn’t feel like I could push properly in the water and ended up getting out for the delivery. Belinda
  • I have had 2 water births. Both were amazing, beautiful experiences. The water and heat took away so much of the pain, I can honestly say that labour/birth did not hurt. (And that was with a 4.41kg baby- no stitches!) With my second water birth, I was rotating my hips during contractions, while kneeling. The buoyancy from the water meant I could easily move from sitting (between contrax) to kneeling/hip swivelling during them. Kylie
  • My daughter was a water birth and I loved it…as much as you can love anything while in labour that is. It helped so much with contractions and as soon as they let me in the water everything sort of relaxed, and labour progressed much more quickly. Couldn’t recommend it more highly Claire
  • I tried for a water birth with my last baby. It was amazing. At one stage I had to get out to go on to the bed and I really noticed the difference been out of the water. Only reason I didn’t get to finish off in the water was due to needing emergency cesarean (11lb baby). Highly recommend it! Cindy
  • I had a hot bath when I was in labour with my second and it definitely helps with contraction pain! Zoe
  • I was in birthing pool for most of my labour and it was amazing. I had to get out as there was meconium in my waters but i put it down to being able to have a natural birth first baby. There is something about the heat and water that is so calming. The only slight thing is you have to get out if you need the toilet and I was iin the water for a while so they have to dump the water and add fresh (some do have heaters though) and you have to get out to birth your placenta. Ive not heard of anyone having a bad experince with a water birth, I totally wish I could have continued in the water and will be trying for a water birth for my next. Shanelle
  • I had a water birth for my second baby. It was lovely. I was much more relaxed so dilated quicker and thus baby came quicker. Contractions really weren’t that bad and I overall had a lovely quick delivery. Baby came out asleep. I delivered myself (if you’re on all fours you have to something you might need to consider but it was very easy and a wonderful thing to do). I was only at hospital for 6 hrs total and most of that time was spent waiting for the doctor to come round and do afterbirth checks. Definitely would recommend water birth from my experience! Alice
  • I don’t even really recall … I was blissfully in and out of sleep. It was perfect! Faye
  • I didn’t have a water birth but did spend a couple of hours sitting in the shower when I was in the delivery suite. This gave me so much relief and relaxed me when my contractions were very intense. Kate
  • Highly recommend waterbirth!! I felt it made labour easier to deal with. Had a waterbirth for my 1st 13 years ago and doing it again with my 2nd Krystle
  • I have only had one baby but I had a water birth. I recommend it to anyone who asks. It’s so relaxing and I think helped to push baby out. When I was out of the water I found my contractions felt worse so the water definitely eased the contractions. Especially because you can sit in the bath as well as have the shower on you Reece
  • My second child, born in March, was a waterbirth. I was 6cm dilated when I got to the Midwife-led centre and got straight in the water. After 1hr & 50 minutes I was ready to push & just 10 minutes later she shot out into the pool. It definitely took the edge of the contractions, I only needed a little gas & air near the end. I’m so glad I experienced it, it felt like a very chilled out & natural birth. Issy

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