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What labour feels like

woman in hospitalI’m 3 days overdue with my first, just wondering how you would best describe a contraction or how did you feel when you first went into labour?

  • IΒ had period pain like cramping for a while before going into active labour and pain/pressure in my lower back, but i’d had braxton hicks contractions with my second pregnancy from around 23 weeks so i didnt really believe it was happening for real for a few hours – but they got intense quite quickly πŸ™‚ You will know when it is real πŸ™‚ Goodl uck
  • Worst period pain eva
  • I have 4 children my youngest is 9 weeks old and with all of them I started with mild period pain and it got stronger and stronger, hope this helps. Congratulations and all the best πŸ™‚
  • I have 3 kiddies and with the first 2 my waters broke. I was a few days over with both of them and no pain, cramps before hand just the waters breaking.With number 3 though I had “text book “style contractions every 30 mins for about 4 hours… slept in between, and waters broke 2 mins before bubs arrived.
  • I was 3 days over due with my son with no sign of coming any time soon…so sex brought on my contractions. Just like the other ladies have said its like really horrible period pain and as much as I hated people saying “You’ll know when you have gone into labour” they were true when it starts you just know that this is it… Good luck with the birth
  • bad period pain :-/ and tightening down low for me, everyone is different though, any worries go to the hospital, they will connect you to a machine where they can see if ur having contractions anyway
  • just think positively and go with the flow. they will be unpainful period cramps. u will feel ur muscles tighten and then relax after a while. eventually they will start getting painful. when u cant bear the pain or ur waters break, go to hossie. i was 8-10 cm dialated with all 3 of my kids when i arrived in hossie. i just breathed with the contraction and worried about the ‘now’. i was happy that i was able to do most of the work in the comforts of my home. if ur worried about what stage of labour ur in, get out one of the birthing books and read about the symptoms between the muscle tensing. contractions are usually regular pains that dont stop. good luck πŸ™‚
  • My water broke first with no warning and bout half an hour later i started getting mild period pain down really low, it then becomes more and more intense!
  • With my first i had erratic period type pain for 72 hours solid that intensifed as time went on. i was 2 wks early so the hospital wasn’t concerned and dismissed it as braxton hicks. i thought my water broke in the shower after 3 days of pain so i insisted on going to hospital and luckily i did cause when i got in there my waters broke for real and the water was dark green (meconium). i completely panicked but everybody was great. had an epidural and couple of hours later was holding my beautiful baby girl.
it can be different for everybody but i’m sure u’ll be fine and congratulations!! not long now before ur holding ur beautiful bundle of joy – good luck!! ;)) x
  • I was nearly 10 days over before I started getting any pain, it was like a really bad back spasm mine was all in the back 33 hours of them before I was induced ( only 2cm when induced ) then just over 3 hrs latter with no pain relief my little boy was born it wasn’t so bad just rest up while u can good luck
  • Cramping that comes and goes in waves becoming more intense and closer together.
  • For me it was no signs, no pain or anything then all of a sudden i got a crippling pain that lasted about 30 seconds. I knew what it was straight away. And its true how they feel like a wave on a beach… Like the wave is coming in, it hits its peak then it slowly goes back…. πŸ™‚

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  1. AvatarEmmaJane says:

    They did a study age ago to measure people reaction to ‘pain’ based on expectations. If you expect the water in the tap to be hot, and it feels warm you pull your hand away and state it was hotter than it actually is. If your told its warm, you say its warm but not hot. Even if its the same temperature. This is the same with labour, its not comfortable but its not painful. Its better than period pain because the contractions start and stop, its just like a normal cramp that then goes away but wont let you sleep. They go on and you just relax and get comfotable, i spent the two weeks before labour relaxing and focusing on positive birth images. I ended up birthing at home because the hospital did not believe i was in labour and they didnt have anyone on to do my birth (thats another story). The pushing is more painful but not painkiller painful just a different type of pain plus its over fast as long as your not stuck in a very narrow bath tub like I was. Unfortunatly the word pain covers an ant bite to getting your hand slammed in a door so its not really an acurate word. Either way its uncomfortable not painful, unless you expect it to be painful then it will be.

    • AvatarSarah says:

      Labour is different for everyone – and that includes the amount of pain. I know some women who had a level of pain similar to what you describe. I was not one of them. In fact my subsequent labours were more painful than my first, which isn’t possible according to your explanation as I had pretty firm expectations of what I was in for because I had been through it before. The reality was, though, that I laboured much quicker and that affected me more than my expectations.

      I agree that mental readiness and expectations have an impact on how well you COPE with pain, but it isn’t the difference between being ‘uncomfortable’ and being in a lot of pain. Unless you went through another labour with vastly different expectations you don’t know that your expectations is the sole reason you had a low pain labour – it may have happened anyway