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When did you know you were done having babies?

When did you know you were done having babies?

Families come in different sizes – the only child, the massive brood and everywhere in between.  For some the decision of when to stop is easy – they have a mental picture of how big they want their family and that is it.  For others, family size is a flexible adventure with no pre-determined stopping point.  Culturally, some families are pressured to produce particular genders and couples will look for methods to conceive a boy or girl by choice.  Knowing you are done having babies can be quite emotional for some.


Some couples base their decision to stop growing their families on factors like medical history, financial circumstances or age.  For others its purely emotional, more of a “feeling” that they are done (or not done, as the case may be).

When did you know you were done having babies?  You are not alone!  The Baby Hints and Tips community is standing by to share their experiences and put your mind at ease.  We asked our community about their experiences deciding whether to expand their families and here’s what they had to say.

When did you know you were done having babies? We have 5 and I thought I was done but lately thinking just one more would be nice , our kids are g10 g 8 b7 g5 g 10 months

  • Coming from someone who had 5 and thought lets have one more and got twins. quit while you have 5 lol Craig
  • i thought the same after number 5! 5 girls was plenty for me. however we made the crazy desicion to have 1 more. and yep….fell straight away…and had a baby boy 2 wks before our youngest daughter turned 1. our bank accounts are empty…our house is crazy…our house is loud but i wouldnt change it for the world. if its wat u and ur partner want go for it. just think….ur life will never be boring! Hayze
  • I dont know when you feel done, but in my opinion enough is when you have to rely on the older ones often to help you out, here and there fair enough but when you are constantly expect the older ones to help, I think is just plain selfish to have anymore. Shaye
  • I had the same dilemma. I didn’t have an end number in sight… I waited until my body knew I was done…I love being a parent and I never felt that “completeness” feeling until I had baby number 6. I know he will be my last and I feel at peace with the choice… The judgement for having a large family is absolutely worth the amount of extra cuddles and kisses you recieve from your babies… If you desire another one, I say go for it. You will know your family is complete when you feel it. Putting the economic factor aside, it is a personal decision. If you want 10 and you care for them properly, then do so. If you want 1, to provide it the best, do that… Every one has their own personal stance on the matter and every single one of us are entitled to our views, but follow what your heart says…why deny yourself the desire to regret it later in life?! You’ll feel that completeness when you just know you are done. Tash
  • My partner and I have a boy(14 months)and girl(48hours old) and we only wanted two Samantha
  • I’m lucky enough to be a mum of 6. We have g15 g12 g6 b5 b4 b20 months..After 5 we always felt there was someone missing! Now we feel complete Michelle
  • Yes, more kids equals more cost…. It does mean less of the luxuries like big fancy holidays but I was one of 6, my parents were average income earners, didn’t get any “centrelink” help, mum didn’t & couldn’t work & I have fond memories of my childhood, I don’t feel like I missed out…. We all done sports, I had a horse & I don’t think there is a town in a Australia that I haven’t atleast been through thanks to my parents! BUT my most fondest memories are those of crazy, loud, sibling-filled rooms of inexpensive fun! it’s hard & it means budgeting & that you can’t own a fancy SS commodore that only seats 5 (you have to get around in an 8 seater bus) but seriously? Sharing rooms, a van instead of a sedan & the few minor cut backs in a budget is something the kids don’t even notice if you put a smile on your face & strive to keep one on theirs! Life has become to material, and people worry too much about money…. Im one of six like I said… I have 3 children & if I can convince my husband I’d love to have atleast 2 more…. Things will be slightly tighter but, the extra hugs & kisses & the things that DON’T cost money I can provide for my children makes me know I have room for more! Renee
  • Oh I’m done even though would love a girl but don’t think it would happen & don’t want to risk it. Lost a boy @ 11wks, have B22mths & B17wks so not going down that road again. Love my boys but its hard work. Also I’m 39 this year. Good Luck to those who have/want a large family. I admire you Halina
  • My hubby wants six but I’m done at four if our youngest was the 1st he’d be a only child ……. Cassie
  • Babies are divine! If I’d met my partner and started a family when I was younger, I reckon I would have 10 kids! (Don’t tell my hubby that though, three is enough for him lol). Carole
  • I thought I would be done at 2 but after having a unexpected pregnancy ending in a MC left us wanting another! Then said to my partner the other day that I dont like odd numbers lol he glared at me and told me im not getting 4 lol Leonie
  • I had my first little boy 11 weeks ago on the way home from hospital I turned and said to my hubby I would like to try as soon as possible for another and he said he felt the same way so two weeks after my son Talon was born on 22nd December 2013 we started trying for our second Cannot wait to get a positive on a test (Even though I am breast feeding we are still trying it could still happen) Katie-Jane
  • I have three and know I’m done cause I don’t get clucky around babies. Happy to hold them etc and get excited with the parents but no thought crosses my mind about another one Kara
  • my partner and I always wanted 4, but I just figured we’d see how we went lol, I’m currently pregnant with #4 and I know this HAS to be my last I’m in constant pain, and it’s not fair on my babies now let alone adding an extra to look after when like this. my body just doesn’t cope being pregnant and it’s gotten worse each time so this is it I have b4, g3, b20 months and I’m 18 weeks today Sarah
  • I have 5 as well b8, b6, b4, b2 and g1. I know I’m done but sometimes I see babies and I want another 1 but I think for me it’s because I’ve always had a baby in the house and I’m not sure what my life would be like without babies. Love my kids but they drive me insane some days so mentally I know i couldn’t handle anymore but emotionally want more. Juanita
  • We have 2, boy and girl, I want another (or 2) but hubby says no, so it’s no more for us Shea
  • You will now when you’re ready to stop having kids. Our one is just 3.5 months old and I know I’d love another. Will wait a couple of years and see if hubby wants another too – currently he has always said only one… And then hints about next time so there is a bit of hope! Mel
  • I knew I was finished when I had #8 Tracie
  • I have 2 and my daughter is haaaaard work! Doesn’t know thw meaning of sleep let alone close her eyes and I cannot do that again. I will no way in hec take the risk of another sleepless child! LOL Kirsten
  • Its true. There is a feeling of being done. For me anyway. When u feel like another would be worst thing to happen yes thats it. But if u dont feel that maybe u arent? Can be hard if partner doesnt agree tho Carla
  • I’m one of 11 children…I don’t think my parents ever stopped wanting children until she couldn’t anymore haha i always wanted six but four I am done, will see how I feel in a few years though Emily
  • I have b10, b6, b 4.5 and g 3 I can say I honestly don’t want any more..lol.. you will know when you have had enough kids.. I use to think “ohh how will I know: and pple use to say “you just will” and I would think “pppiiff yeah right” ..lol.. but nope.. you wil know. i think go for it! if you not done then theres nothing wrong with adding a new addition to your family:) Kylie
  • I just don’t how could we sustain the planet (resources are not finite) if we all had 5+ kids… two is enough for me as I don’t think I could have the time or money to give my children the attention the need and I don’t believe in the older kids raising the younger kids as it takes away from their childhood memories. Yes babies are so cute and awesome and I wish I could have a million of them, but reality of circumstances means two is enough for me. Sounds like you know you want more and that works for you which is all that matters Sue
  • I have 6 babies. G16 , G15 , G9 , B6 , B4 , B3 and believe me the three young boys are enough for me. When I could hold a cute little baby and say you can take it back now easily I knew Liesl
  • I have 3, g9, g7 and b9 months. My third is such a bad baby he has put me off any more my first two were the best babies but my third is a devil Miranda
  • I think some never feel finished. I say if you both want another and are coping with the ones you have go for it. They aren’t babies forever though so maybe think about how many teenagers and teenage years you want to go through LOL Elaine
  • Mine are 12, 11, 8 and 8 months. Always wanted 4 but my #4 finally arrived 6 years after we started trying. Now I’d love 5. Truthfully, I’m not sure I’d ever feel “done”. Michaela
  • Had my tubes tied after our 4th and I’m totally regretting it!! I would keep having babies but when do u stop? kids? I know for our family I have done the right thing but my heart breaks for more Belle
  • 1st pregnancy I miscarried at 11 weeks, after that all I wanted was a baby. We now have a 7 month old son. I swore I would never have another child after he was born. ( due to a lot of complications ). Recently found out I was pregnant but we also just lost the baby. So I’m abit hesitant about having another child. But I know I do want more .. Stephanie
  • I say go for it. Haha your only boy won’t be a middle child anymore and you’ll have even more love to share. No middle kids = no complaining about being middle Hez
  • I wanted one more after number 3, I have 3 girls 9, 8 and 23 months but I’ve recently changed my mind and I’m almost certain that I’m done. I’ve reached a point of exhaustion and I just don’t feel like I could do it again. Bianca
  • 4 and a bit years is a big gap between babies. Between your other 4 there’s really only 2yrs between them. I have a 6yr gap between my eldest two and youngest two. I knew that if we had a 3rd baby we’d be having a 4th lol There’s only 15mths between my eldest two and i wanted a young playmate for bub #3! I say if you voice the question you’re thinking than you’re not done! Have one more so your 10mo has a play mate and go from there Jade
  • I have five baby is ten months and I have been selling everything as she out grows it and booked hubby in for the snip I live my kids but when you know you know mine are b15, b13, g10, b5 and g10 months Christine

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