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Little Boy Blue: How to Conceive a Boy

Our Tips For How To Conceive A Boy

Whether it’s a wish to balance their family or a hope of avoiding the scary prospect of a teenage daughter, for some couples, the wish to have a boy is strong and how to conceive a boy is a hot topic. While it’s important to remember that a healthy child is the ultimate blessing, here are some tips that supposedly can sway the balance to the boy end of the conception scale!

(Note we have tips of conceiving a girl here)

The decider for the sex of your baby is the father’s sperm. The woman contributes an X chromosome to the mix while the man produces both X and Y sperm so if the Y sperm fertilises the egg, the baby will be male. Sperm carrying the X chromosome, destined to contribute to a girl’s conception, are slower but “live” longer and are less susceptible to changes in environment. Boy sperm, carrying the Y chromosome can’t survive in an environment that is less than their ideal, but have a greater burst of power and therefore are speedier when ejaculated.

Your task when wishing to conceive a boy is to make conditions more favourable for the male sperm than for the female. Bearing in mind that the male sperm have perhaps only 24 hours to reach the egg, many of these suggestions focus on helping the passage of sperm through your uterus into the fallopian tubes where fertilisation usually occurs.

little boy blue how to conceive a boy

Plot your cycle

Plot your cycle so you can predict your ovulation date. You need to know when your body ovulates to follow the popular Shettles Method which claims the highest success rate, other than sex-selection IVF (not available in Australia). OPKs (Ovulation Predictor Kits) which measure hormonal changes in your urine can be purchased from chemists and also on eBay. You can also use a basal thermometer to take your resting temperature each morning before getting out of bed to help predict your cycle. When your temperature “spikes” (by as little as 0.2 of a degree), you’re probably ovulating. Once you’ve “temped” for a few months, you’ll see the pattern and can predict how many days after your period that you are most probably ovulating.

Shettles, Chinese Wisdom and Science

Old wives tales, scientific studies and ancient wisdom – everyone has an opinion on how to get yourself a boy.  The science mostly adds up to parental health, fertility tracking and the little we do know about genetics and sperm characteristics.  

Plan when you have sex

Once you know when you’re ovulating, you need to plan when you and your partner are going to have sex. Yes, it’s just as romantic, spontaneous and sexy as you’d expect. To give yourself the best chance of conceiving a boy, you need to “plant the seed” as it were, no more than 24 hours before, or 12 hours after ovulating.

Sexual Positions

Sexual positions that result in deep penetration are also recommended. It’s time to give the missionary position a miss. Positions such as woman on top, or on all fours, will mean that your partner’s sperm will be deposited closer to the cervix and those “boy sperm” can use their faster speed to reach the deposited egg over a shorter distance.

Female Orgasm

Hurrah hurrah – a female orgasm is a hint we can all embrace. The muscular uterine contractions at orgasm speed the journey of the sperm too!

Avoid Acidity

Male sperm are also more sensitive to acidity so anything that can control or lower acidic vaginal ph is a bonus. Add dairy, bread, avocadoes, salty foods, pinenuts, red meat and potassium-rich foods like bananas, spinach and sprouts to your diet and avoid sweets, vinegar and citrus fruits.


Because an ideal temperature in the testes will also keep Y sperm healthier, your partner should wear boxers, not briefs and avoid hot showers or baths before bedtime.

Sperm Mobility

Some swear that caffeine and energy drinks can boost sperm mobility, giving those boy sperm an extra boost. However, don’t go overboard as it has also been linked to higher chances of twins and multiples, and the amount of caffeine found in more than 3 cups of coffee has also been linked to sperm cell mutation.

It’s important to remember that while there’s scientific research behind these ideas, there is no natural method on how to conceive a boy or a girl which is supported 100%. The internet is full of success stories from those who’ve tried these methods, but also just as many where they’ve birthed beautiful girls after following all the hints. Some men just seem to naturally produce better quality X or Y sperm which may sway the balance, to naturally give your conception the best chance of implantation and gestation of a healthy baby. But since none of these tips are invasive or dangerous, it’s worth a try if you’re keen to, and know that you’ve given yourself the best chance to have that son that you’re imagining. Good luck!

About the Author: The author of this article is a regular Baby Hints & Tips contributor. We’ve withheld her name as she’s concerned her Mum might not go back to Lawn Bowls if she reads the words “on all fours” and her daughter’s name on the same page…

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