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Which baby formula is closest to breast milk?

Hi mums, can you recommend a formula to use? Did I read on here that nan ha gold was closest to breast milk? There are too many to choose from and I know I may need to try a few before I find a suitable one. thanks.

which baby formula is closest to breastmilk

  • I used Karicare for my daughter and s26 and Heinz for my son. Melissa
  • I tried my son on s26 gold but he didnt seem to like it, then i tried karicare aptimal gold and he loves it…it claims to be very close to bm also and has heaps of added vitamins.  Brooke
  • We used Heinz nurture it was great!! And cheap. Erin
  • We use lactogen. Even my mum was on it haha. My son has had no problem wat so ever on it. Jamie-Lee
  • I use s26 gold. Meghan
  • We used Heinz Nurture as well it was great 🙂 Rebecca
  • I used s26 at birth for both kids and found that with my son it didn’t fill him up and my daughter spent the first 3 days throwing it up (full bottles 2 hours after she drank them) so i put them on lactogen never had a problem with it and they were never constipated or anything its all trial and error good luck!! Dani
  • The “gold” seems to cause constipation more I found. Melissa
  • I started with s26 gold and it made my dd constipated and i was told this was normal and to wait a couple of weeks to let it settle but i didnt wait! I changed to karicare gold and no constipation at all! I have since changed to nan ha gold and must say i prefer this. My dd has been more regular (in the poo department) with this formula. It can be pricey depending on where you get but i’m findin chemist warehouse have it on sale regularly for. Shannon
  • I tried s26 but that only lasted not even a week of all formula feeds as it caused terrible wind/tummy pains as soon as we changed to Nan pro (use stage 1 even tho he is almost 1) he instantly had no more pains be was much happier 🙂 nan ha is mainly for those with allergies of some sort as it is hypoallergenic. Danielle
  • S26 made my boy constipated, nan ha gold is now what we use & no trounle since yes apparently closest to bm, its easier for them to digest. Jade
  • All my kids were diff – 
first on s26 – no probs, 
second on s26 – issues, then karicare – issues, then heinz – no issues, 
third on heinz – issues, then karicare – issues, then nan – no issues

its great when you get a forumla first up that works for your baby, but buy travel/sample packs first because if they dont suit your baby you are wasting less money while you are trialling formulas.

YOu will know it is not suited to your baby if all they do is throw or up have issues with colic and reflux.

They are all basically the same ingredient wise just diff consistancies etc – the gold formulas have extras in them which may or may not work for your baby. Sammi
  • Sammi did you end up on nan gold or normal nan?
Your 3 scenarios sound EXACTLY like mine to a T! Now i’m on 3rd with same issues, heinz seems to be makin him unhappy on different days 🙁  Olivia
  • I was told the gold ones have fish oil in them and. Bubs didn’t need it and does all sorts of things ..I use s26 original. Jaimee
  • I use SMA but Big W sell the trial sachets for all formulas so does coles. Jessica
  • I was just on normal nan – im not even sure if there was a nan gold when my youngest was on formula (at least I didnt see them). I did try the S26 and karicare gold formulas but they were worse than the normal types.ood luck – I permanently smelled like spew for 8 months when my son(second) was a baby lol. 🙂 Sammi
  • When my daughter (3weeks tomorrow) was in the special care nursery they were all using nan pro or s26 gold. My daughter vomits up the s26gold as did my son, both due to drinking stupidly fast. Both having/had s26 ar to slow them down. Only rarely getting chuckies from my baby now. Amy
  • Could’ve been nan ha gold not pro. Amy
  • I found Novalac formulas great for my boys ! Jo
  • Went straight ro heinz gold with no problems at 8months. Kirsty
  • Heinz nurture gold cloged my boy up but just the heinz nurture was aswome no probs. Ashley
  • With the research we did we beilieved nan ha gold was best my son was on it from 3 months until 11 months its pricey but good it caused constipation at the begining. Chn says all gold formulas are harder for bub to digest and cause constipation. Jessica
  • Yes NAN ha is the closest to bm, never caused constipation or other problems, I highly recommend it! It’s not as filling as some of the others tho, but I think that’s a good thing, especially for when bub starts solids. Good luck! Nat
  • Bellamys…. Kelly
  • We started on s26 gold, the s26 gold with thickener, then went to s26 AR, then to s26 AR with thickener,then to soy, then to neocate with thickener, now on plain neocate. all in 6 months. and in ther all we tried SMP with out luck. but every bub is different. Good luck with finding something your bub likes. Krystle
  • We use nan ha 1 thought about going to the 2 but it is mainly for extra vitamins etc that bub may not get through solids. my son eats like a horse so no problems there lol.  Laura

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