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11 month old keeps taking nappy off

taking nappy offMy 11 month old has finally figured out how to take his pants and nappy off!! Let’s just say it wasn’t a very good time for any of us lol. I know it’s just what they do and all, but what did you do when your kids started doing this? Any tips? He only seems to do it when he’s in bed! How do I get him to stop taking his pants and nappy off?

Place nappy on backwards. It doesn’t matter if the pants come off, but I found with ds the backwards nappy works. Michelle

Find those singlets that button up at the bottom. Brittnee

Nappy on backwards. Or at night one on correct, on on backwards on top. Bess

My LO is 2 and has never done it, she has a press stud at the crotch singlet. You can buy them from marks and Spencer or Bonds. Tanya

Dress him in an all in one with a zipper and the fold over hand covers. Amy

Sleeping bag and a snap up singlet suit. Ally

Put a onsie on backwards – try a polar fleece zip. Kirstie

Onsies and full body singlets were my best friends at this stage. Alicia

put it on backwards. Or use duct tape lol. Kristel

My friend had this problem, try pants first and a onesie that buttons at the crotch they can’t seem to reach the buttons. Or and all in one zip up, sleeping bags at night too. Anna

We used bonds zip wonder suits and we put them on backwards. Carly

Overalls, sleep suits, body suits with a pair of tights underneath …Kyra

Masking tape over the tabs or a sleeping bag put on backwards. Amber

Nappy on backwards didnt work and neither did taping over the tabs actually I taped right round the nally she still got it off….the only thing I’ve found to work is a zip up all in one on backwards. ..never had a problem since!! Sarah

Put your son in a singlet or onesie that buttons at the crotch until the phase passes. Caroline

My son is currently in onesie and sleeping bag. In summer he has the singlet that fastens under the crotch and a zip up bag. Never had an issue. Sarah

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  1. AvatarSteph says:

    My 10mo daughter has figured this out too, she’s a big baby and in toddler nappies so I use the nappy pants, the babylove ones have an all elastic waist that you tear at either side to remove it. Its working a treat for us! Also, brolly sheets were a godsend the first 2 times she did this, and I double make the bed. So I put down a brolly sheet, normal sheet, brolly sheet, normal sheet, that way I can just remove the top layer to wash in the morning if she manages to strip herself and has an accident and the bottom layer is ready to go, no making beds in the middle of the night