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Stopping toddler putting hand in nappy

Does anyone have ideas how to get my just 2 yr old to stop putting his hands down the back of his nappy and pulling out poo. He wipes it on walls, paints the glass, wipes on my tea towels etc. Happens every time. I have tried everything from introducing toilet training (not ready yet ) to putting nappys on backwards, really tight, naughty corner but it’s getting worse and nothing is working!

  • Is he too big for onesies? They cover the whole back and front of the nappy Karina
  • Use the singlets that button up under the crotch. The bonds and target brands make them in a size 2 and they are pretty generous, my 2.5 yo wears them and he’s pretty big for his age. Claire
  • A friend of mine resorted to duct tape too. It’s the only thing that would work. Kids can take onesies off. Kate
  • My brother in law resorted to duct taping my nieces nappy on to prevent her from poo painting. Alison
  • All in one singlet suit and a pair of shorts or pants over the top. Kate
  • Onsie then shorts over the top. Maybe also stop reacting, as might enjoy that too. Just say something calmly about not to do it and change him. And yes my sister took the party to preschool… You just have to organise with the centre. Check allergies. She took decorations and sent home an invite so they’d come dressed up (or bring it). Jade
  • Try a singlet that buttons over the nappy… He shouldn’t be able to get his hands in! Hope it works!! Can’t imagine it would be much fun for you Carly
  • try dressing him in a onesie so he can’t access his nappy Lisa
  • My daughter used to do that too. It’s just a phase, he will get over it too. What I usually did was when it was time to poop I kept an eye on her the whole time, and made sure she didn’t put her hand in there, if she tried I would say “ew yucky”. Eventually she stopped. Irene
  • Oh you poor thing *hugs* I have no Idea why they love to play in their poo but I wonder if most of them do. Mine did. A onesie is all I can suggest. My dd was toilet training so I had to keep up the time outs. I can’t remember how many times I said no touch. She once coated her dresser and all her clothes in it when I thought she was napping. I literally went to the shops and bought dresser locks and alcohol after cleaning it up. Eventually I moved the dresser into my dining room. It has only just been moved back to her room just before her 4th birthday. I was never ever going to go through that again. So big hugs and I hope the onesies work Melissa

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  1. AvatarTina - Marie Kirby says:

    i feel your pain, my 2 year old son does this aswell and onsies dont help as he puts his hands in the sides. I was putting his onsie OVER tights for bed which helps. were checking on him every minute during the day and every 5 minutes at bed time, may be resorting to a camera for his room so we can keep an eye on him while he goes to sleep as he smears it all over his walls, draws, clothes, blankets, mattress, pillows and toys. Its a nightmare and im heavily pregnant and look after 2 kids aswell

  2. AvatarTina says:

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