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Five HOT Teacher Gift Ideas from $5 to $50

teacher gift ideasAs Christmas draws near and the school term comes to a close you might be wondering how to thank the amazing teachers (or carers) in your child’s life.

For me, these are the people that I trust with my babies for more hours a week than anyone but myself. I know they love and care for my children with a dedication that is special and admirable. And they don’t just ‘mind’ my children they play, educate, entertain, comfort, feed and laugh with them. The wonderful teachers and carers in our family’s lives deserve great acknowledgment. From $5 to $50, sentimental to pamper here’s how to say thank you this year!

Here’s five ideas (approved by teachers – yes, I went and asked!) for every budget: 

$5       A small box of chocolates and a heart-felt note

All the teachers interviewed said that they keep the cards and letters given to them by children and parents. Tell that amazing educator in your life how much you appreciate them. Add a tiny box of chocolates and you are done! This is the ideal choice for day care where you might have lots of people to buy for. If that’s the case buy one large box of chocolates and write personalised cards wrapping them all with a bow to be handed out.

$10     A Christmas decoration for her tree

A lovely Christmas decoration, whether you make it or buy it is a special touch that will see your teacher think fondly (you hope!) of your child for years to come. There are personalised balls or specific teacher themed ornaments or simply choose something you think is beautiful, your teacher will adore it.

$20     A voucher to Kikki K, Office Works or anywhere with stationary or books!

Most teachers spend their own money on supplies and books for the classroom. Those stickers on your kid’s homework? Teachers pay for them from their own pocket. Everyone loves nice new pens and fresh stationary to start the New Year – your teacher would love that as well! A book voucher will allow your teacher to buy a new release for the classroom perhaps or maybe a holiday read for themself.

$40     A voucher for a pedicure (because you can’t buy a teacher wine!)

If you love your teacher and think she deserves some relaxation and stress-release a pedicure is a great gift. Buy a voucher for somewhere near the school and let her think of you fondly as she soaks her weary feet over the school holidays. Bliss!

$50     Movie tickets

Whether your teacher is a single girl, a Dad, a Mum or a granny movie tickets are always a fabulous gift. With plenty of new releases over the school holidays your teacher will appreciate the chance to see something new (especially if its not G rated and educational! Teachers have lives too you know!)

Gifts to avoid:

Photos of your child, anything overtly personal, gifts over $100 can be tricky for teachers as they have to declare them, cheap candles and bath salts. Every teacher you know has a cupboard full of these items lurking!

Gifts for groups:

Deliver cupcakes for morning tea, a magazine subscription for the staffroom, a box of awesome chocolates to share or a toy for the classroom.

Share the load:

Love to buy your teacher the movie tickets but budget just won’t allow? Ask another parent or two – or even the whole class, to pitch in and buy the higher cost items together.

What do you buy for your teachers? How much do you spend? Comment below

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