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8 adorable first and last day of kindy ideas

School is almost back so if you are looking for some fun and creative ideas to record this big milestone here are eight adorable ideas for the first (and last!) day of kindy. More than a Pinterest worthy collection, these ideas will have you capturing precious memories to last a lifetime.

School handprint t-shirt

On the first day of school every year add your child’s handprint on to the back of an adult sized t-shirt. Watch them gradually grow into the t-shirt and have a beautiful memory of how they have grown.

First day of kindy ideas
Source: Where The Smiles Have Been

Photo in a photo

This is such a cute idea for the start of each school year. Start in kindy with one photo and then the following year take a photo of your child holding their kindy photo and so on.

First day of kindy ideas
Source: Alicia Jewett Ekermans

First day of school teacher gifts

The first day of school isn’t just a big day for your little one but also the teacher who you are entrusting your baby with. Take a little teacher gift along on the first day to start the year off on the right foot.

First day of kindy ideas
Source: Mirabelle Creations

DIY back to school photo prop

If you want to make your own back to school photo prop this is such a cute idea that you can easily make and store away for use each year.

First day of kind ideas
Source: eHow

Chalkboard outline

If you have the space and creative inclination this is a really simple idea. Use chalk to draw an outline of the letter/number of the year your child is going in to for the year. Have your child lie inside the outline and take the photo from above. If you don’t have a suitable concrete floor space you could also do this against a concrete or brick wall.

First day of kindy ideas
Source: Shana Wilkerson

First day handprint

Print out this little poem and add your kids handprints on the first day of school. Alternatively you could take a handprint on the first day of school and then wait to take the other one until the last day of school.

First day of kindy ideas
Source: Top Teacher

First and last day photo

A simple printable is all you need to record the first and last day of school. A handwritten sign or a chalkboard will also do the trick.

First day of kindy ideas
Source: Little Leaps of Learning

Family back to school photo

If you have more than one child, capture a family photo each year with each child holding a sign for their respective school year.

First day of kindy ideas
Source: Priceless Impressions

Are your kids starting school this year? How will you be celebrating the milestone?

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