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8 of The Best Books For Toddlers

book review for kidsEver been stumped for the next best book for your little one? The Realistic Mum shares a book review of 8 reads for children zero to three years…

It can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable book for your child knowing how important it is to be regularly reading to them and making sure what you read is at their age level and interest. When choosing a book there are a few simple checks you can do so you know you aren’t buying a book that will end up collecting dust on your shelf.

To choose a book for ages 0-3 I would consider the word count; each page should only have one or two sentences. Are the pictures interesting, colourful and simple? Read the blurb to see what the story is about and if it matches your child’s interest. Finally some added bonuses are when the story incorporates a problem to solve to make the children guess what is going to happen at the end. Rhyming books are fantastic for language and children pickup lines in the story and realise they are reading, which is very exciting for them. Books that include counting, days of the week, colours, shapes, sounds and actions always make for an adventurous reading time.

Here are 8 of my favourites that I know you and your little person will love too..

Where is The Green Sheep?

A clever rhyming book with a problem to solve. Each illustration matches the words of the story so children are quick to learn this book by heart and discover they can read it themselves. Finding the green sheep asleep at the end makes this book a perfect bedtime read. This book is full of opposites and groups so it makes a wonderful learning tool for language development. What a fun way to teach your child colours than with sheep! You can be confident they will at least know the colour green.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A fantastic learning book for young children. Animals, colours and a simple rhyme that children pick up easily and with the help of the illustrations can read independently. Children love a book that includes them and each page ends with “I see a … looking at me” to make this short story a fun read.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A classic story that belongs in every household. Any book that has a problem to solve or something to learn is a great one. This book puts very simply the life of a caterpillar as well as incorporates the days of the week, foods and counting. Children love to talk about the foods the caterpillar eats, which lead into fantastic discussions about which foods they like and dislike and if they know what all the foods are!

Time for Bed

A beautiful bedtime story that illustrates the love of a parent to their baby. Young children are sometimes only aware of what’s in their little world and this story is a lovely way to show them of other parents that have babies. The animals in this book are one’s they would see or know of. It’s not a rhyming book that children can pick up easily but the pattern of the words and being able to guess what the animals is, involves them in your reading time.

Best Books for Young Readers Dear Zoo

This book has flaps you can lift so say no more. The suspense of lifting a flap or guessing what is under it is just too exciting! Children relate to this short story straight away squealing at the thought of a snake or a camel being sent to them as a pet. I love the descriptions of each animal and you can’t help but read them in the same manner, which will always give your child a giggle. As normal as the final package of a puppy being sent is, I guarantee most will be wishing for the monkey!

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

This gorgeous book is enough to make any mother go clucky for a hundred more babies, which is probably why my hubby stays clear of it! This book will always be my favourite for many special reasons. One, that my copy was signed by Mem Fox herself thanks to a mutual friend, who is my writing idol. Back to the story and you just cannot help but pull off the shoes and socks to count your precious little one’s feet and hands. I love how every baby looks different in the book, which makes for the most wonderful learning about how we were all made in our own special way and yet all equal. Children who know this from the beginning and see everyone just like them when they begin school can help to make the world they live in a much more peaceful one.

Shhh Little Mouse

A sweet story of a cheeky mouse. This book has minimal words because the illustrations tell the story. When reading it you can’t help but whisper and animate the little mouse’s adventure to find something to eat. Children are left in constant suspense and hope the cat doesn’t wake up and catch the mouse. With rhyming words and letting children guess what is going to happen over the page, makes a wonderful book to read to young children.

Daddy Hug

Not only does this make a great Father’s Day Gift but a beautiful story to read about Dads or one to read with Daddy himself. Similar to the book Time for Bed, it again shows a parent’s love for their child, which young children constantly seek as well as need. The illustrations are bright and beautiful, however the way the words are written to match its description are my favourite. Some of the animals in the book aren’t easily recognised and even I had to double check a few of their names! Those moments you have when your child says the name of something you had no idea they knew? Well its books like this they learn it from. What better story is there that ends with giving your child the biggest cuddle!

From me to you, Happy Reading!

IMG_2293Kelly is a busy mum to her three children, Jack, Eva and Franklin. With a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, Kelly taught across Kindy to Year Two in both Australia and the UK.

Kelly recently finished a certificate in Children’s Writing and along with The Realistic Mum blog, is pursuing a career in writing children’s books, with her very first and soon to be released young children’s book ‘Look at the Clouds, What Can you See’?

Creating the phrase ‘when sleep and peeing alone become life’s greatest pleasure’, Kelly writes of her own journey as a wife and mother in an open and honest way with some added humour that you won’t find in any parenting books. “Becoming a mum is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world but comes with the most unique experiences as well. The Realistic Mum blog is to show all mums they aren’t alone in the journey of motherhood and not always being able to keep it together is completely normal”.

Look out for her new children’s book “Look at the Clouds, What Can you See?” available soon to purchase as an ebook.

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