Author: Deidre Turner

About the Author:

Deidre is a busy mum to 5 little boys including 2 sets of twins, who loves to share her experiences of life as a double twin mum. She is a full time secondary school teacher, is the main breadwinner and in her very limited free time she enjoys writing, reading, social media and is an avid fan of The Barefoot Investor. Deidre lives with her hubby and sons in North East Victoria in a quaint old house that is bursting at the seams with little boys! You can follow Deidre on her blog 'Aussiemum Unleashed' 'Aussiemum Unleashed'
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10 Reasons Why You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Child’s Bedroom

Do I need a dehumidifier in my child’s bedroom. We have used one and have seen a reduction in stuffiness & a decrease in night wake-ups due to discomfort.

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Can I afford another child? A Mum of Five’s take on the question that plagues parents

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Got Reluctant Readers that are tough to crack? Try ABC Reading Eggs for “Eggsellent” Progress

Reading Eggs in conjunction with school, readers and home list words; we hope to boost our boys’ literacy and give them the best start we can.

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My Heart Broke in a Whirl of Blue Confetti: Gender Disappointment and Sex Selection IVF

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Fearless Folder – Protection for your family if you die

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if you were to die or be incapacitated? That you would need a ‘Fearless Folder’ of important documents organised …

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Kids clothes: organisation and budgeting hacks

Sometimes life throws you curveballs…. “Congratulations, it’s twins!” With those words, I unexpectedly became a mum to 5 boys and my world was turned upside down. I already had 3 …