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sleep trainingAny good apps or books for sleep training? My bub sleeps awesome at night but I get him to sleep in my arms before putting him to bed and I’m thinking I better stop doing this soon? He’s 14 weeks old.

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  • Don’t feel like you ‘should’ be doing anything. You can’t spoil your baby and they grow so fast. Enjoy it, especially if bub is your first. I loved rocking my little man to sleep. About to have my 3rd and I miss that special one on one time. Jocelyn
  • Pinky McKay sleeping like a baby Ange
  • Sleep takes 2 years to mature, bad habits are only bad habits if they are for you. Baby is just doing what comes naturally, they were comforted by your heartbeat for 9 months, you are there safe space. I recommend you look at the website ‪www.isisonline.org.uk‪ as it is an accurate source of information on infant sleep. There is no regulation on baby books, literally anyone can (and has!) written one. Majority of sleep consultants have only done an 80 hour online “certification” which doesn’t actually mean anything in Australia. No one has ever gone to their deathbed wishing they didn’t hold their baby so much Kimmy
  • Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall – was an absolute lifesaver for us and our bub has slept 12 hour nights since 4 months! Alex
  • Don’t mess with what’s working. my baby is 4 1/2 months and I’m finding it easier now to get her to sleep without being held. As soon as she shows signs of being tired I put her to bed and make sure the room is dark. I give her a dummy then walk out and close the door. I let her squawk but not cry. I don’t try to force it because a stressed baby won’t go to sleep! Emily
  • Just start putting him to bed a little sooner each time. So if you usually wait until he is well and truly asleep, only wait until he just falls asleep. Then wait until he is struggling to keep his eyes open. Then wait until he is showing his tired signs like yawning or rubbing his eyes. You will get there Sherilee
  • Sleep training before 6 months of age is pointless as babies don’t have a sense of object permanence before this age, and so they don’t understand that you are still there even if they can’t see you. If what you are doing now is working, keep doing it Erin

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  • Sounds normal to me I still do that now sometimes & my bub is 10months. Just try putting your bubs down before they are fully asleep. I loosely followed the baby whisperer method. Lori
  • you don’t need sleep training for that. Just try putting him down almost asleep, but not completely, and sing, pat, rub his belly to sleep. You can stop these things later once he’s used to falling asleep in his cot Jenny
  • I still hold my 18 month old until he is sleepy before bed times. I love it although it’s harder now with a 2 month old as well. My 2 month old I just pick him up after play time then change his bum and put him in his love to dream swaddle and pop his dummy in then I leave while he is awake. Probably 15 mins later I have to put his dummy back in but then he’s out. Kelly
  • I was told it’s only ever a problem if it is for you. I just started slowly putting my LO down in her cot before she was fully asleep so drowsy but awake. I would then put my hand on her so she still knew I was there and offer a dummy. In regards to books I like Sleeping like a baby by Pinky McKay. Lauren
  • Save our sleep and google ‘contrlled comforting’ but not to be done before 5 or 6 months of age Heather

What books or apps did you find useful for sleep training your little one?

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