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Baby Boy Names in 2016

Baby Boy Names in 2016We have been asking parents from all over the world to share the name of their baby boy if they were born in 2016.  If you are wondering which baby boy names are trending in 2016 then this is the list for you. When you have your baby boy come and add their name to our list, including the meaning and origin of the name.

6 Baby Boys Were Named:

Oliver (Meaning: affectionate, peaceful. With relation to an olive branch/tree as a sign of peace. French, Latin origin)

5 Baby Boys Were Named:

Flynn (Pronounced Flin)(Meaning: son of red haired one. Irish origin)
Hunter (Meaning hunter or pursuer)

4 Baby Boys Were Named:

Charlie (Meaning: free man)
Leo (Meaning: lion/bravery. Latin/Roman origin)
Luca/Luka (Meaning: bringer of light. Italian origin)

3 Baby Boys Were Named:

Aiden/Ayden (Meaning: little fire. Irish origin)
Austin (Meaning: Great, magnificent, magic dignity, venerable one. English origin)
Brayden (Meaning: broad or brave. Irish origin)
Elijah (Meaning: child of Jehovah)
Fox (From the X-files)
Harrison (Son of Harry. English origin)
Jackson/Jaxson (Meaning God has been gracious, son of Jack. Scottish and English origin)
Lincoln (English origin)
Max (Meaning: the greatest. Latin origin)
Michael (Meaning: Who is God like. Hebrew origin)

2 Baby Boys Were Named:

Archer (English meaning bowman. Scottish meaning true and brave)
Ashton (Meaning: a small village in Ireland.  A small town in England called Ash Town)
Chase (Meaning: hunter. English origin)
Eli (Meaning: my God. The biblical Eli answered the prayers of an infertile woman and granted her a child. Hebrew origin)
Ethan (Meaning: strong, safe, firm. Hebrew origin)
Gabriel (Man of God – God’s voice. Gabriel is the angel who speaks to Mary. Hebrew origin)
Harvey (Meaning: battle worthy. French/ English origin)
Hendrix (Meaning: ruler, power. Dutch, low German origin)
Lachlan (Meaning: Warrior. From the fjord-land. Scottish origin)
Lawson (Meaning: son of law. English origin)
Leonardo (Meaning:  lion. Roman origin)
Malachi (Meaning: my messenger or my angel. Origin: Hebrew)
Mason (English origin)
Maverick (Meaning: independent man, who avoids conformity. English origin)
Maxwell (Meaning: great stream. Scottish origin)
Raphael (Meaning: God has healed. Hebrew origin)
River (Meaning: river! English origin)
Tate / Tayte (Meaning: Cheerful, English origin)
Theo (Meaning: God given. Greek origin)
Xavier/Zavier (Meaning: the new house. Spanish origin)
Zachary (Meaning: the Lord has remembered. Origin: Hebrew)

1 Baby Boy Was Named:

Alex (Meaning: defender of men. Protector of mankind. Greek origin)
Alexander (Meaning: defender, protector of men. Greek origin)
Angus (Meaning: strong. Scottish origin)
Antonio (Meaning beyond praise. Italian origin)
Archie (Meaning: true and bold. Scottish origin)
Ari (Meaning: the thinker. Greek origin)
Arthur (English/Australian origin)
Bailey (Named after a triathlete going to the Rio Olympics)
Beau (Meaning handsome. French origin)
Benji (Meaning: right hand man)
Bodhi (Meaning: enlightenment. Sanskrit origin)
Brady (Meaning: Spirited. Irish origin)
Bruno (Meaning: Brown or armoured/protection. German origin)
Bryce (Meaning: force or strength. English origin)
Caleb (Devotion to God. Hebrew origin)
Camden (Meaning: winding valley. Scottish origin)
Camdyn (Meaning: winding valley. Celtic origin)
Cameron (Meaning: Irish clan leader)
Casey (Meaning: vigilant or watchful)
Claytonne (Meaning: old English “cleag” meaning clay and “tun” meaning settlement. English origin)
Cody (Meaning: helpful. Gaelic origin)
Darcy (Meaning: dark one. Irish origin)
David (Meaning: dearly beloved. Jewish origin)
Dre London
Eddison (Eddison meaning: son of Edward. English origin.)
Edward (Meaning: rich, wealthy guard. English origin)
Emmett (Meaning: powerful. English/German origin)
Felix (Meaning: fortunate. Latin origin)
Fletcher (Meaning: arrow maker. Scottish, English and French origins)
Geroge (Meaning: farmer/tiller of soil and of great faith. Greek/Dutch origin)
Gideon (Meaning: The fifth judge of God. Hebrew origin)
Grayson (Meaning: son of steward. English origin)
Henry (Meaning: home ruler. German origin)
Huon (Meaning: named after the Huon pine and river)
Ike (Meaning: to see. Hawaiian origin)
Izziah (Meaning: Inner thought)
Jamie (Meaning: supplanter. Hebrew origin)
Jansen (Meaning: Son of Jan. Dutch origin)
Jasper (Meaning: treasure. Origin: Persian)
Jordan (Meaning: To flow down. Hebrew origin)
Junaid (Meaning: warrior. Arabic origin)
Kaden (Meaning companion. American origin)
Kayden (Meaning: battle. English origin)
Kenji (Meaning: Intelligent second son. Strong and vigorous. Japanese origin)
Kieran (Meaning: dark haired. Irish origin)
Kobe (Meaning: tortoise. Origin: African/Swahili. Variant of Jacob from Dutch. German, English use)
Kyler (Meaning: The archer. Dutch origin)
Lenny (Meaning bold lion. German origin)
Levent (Meaning: tall, good-looking one. Turkish origin)
Lian (Meaning: gift from God)
Lockie (Meaning: nickname for a person from Norway. Scottish origin)
Louis (Pronounced loo-ee) (Meaning: renowned warrior. French origin)
Luke (Meaning: light giving. Biblical origin)
Lunney (Meaning stone/rock. Greek origin)
Maddox (Meaning: Son of Madoc a 12th century Welsh prince, fortunate. Welsh origin)
Manjaap (Meaning: Name prayer from heart. Indian origin)
Mannix (Meaning: little monk, Irish origin)
Mateo (Spanish origin)
Maui (Meaning: Demi God/legend of Hawaii and NZ. Hawaiian/Mauri origin)
Miles (Meaning: soldier. Latin origin)
Murphy (Irish origin. Meaning: sea warrior)
Nixon (Meaning: triumph or son of Nicholas. English origin)
Orlando (Meaning: famous land. Spanish origin)
Owen (Meaning: young warrior or well born. Celtic origin)
Paxton (Latin for peaceful town, pax = peace in Latin. English origin)
Phineas (meaning: oracle. Hebrew origin)
Rocco (Meaning: rest. Italian origin)
Roman (Meaning: man of Rome)
Rylan (Meaning: Island meadow. Irish origin)
Ryan (Meaning: Little king, Gaelic origin)
Ryker (Meaning: swift. Dutch origin)
Sebastian (Meaning revered king. Latin origin)
Soren (Scandinavian origin)
Spencer (English origin)
Stanley (Meaning: Stone clearing. English origin)
Sterling (Meaning: oh high quality, pure. English origin)
Sullivan (Meaning: black-eyed one. Hawaiian origin)
Theodore (Meaning: God’s gift. Latin origin)
Travis (meaning: to cross over. English name with French origin)
Wyatt (English origin)
Zeke (Meaning: God strengthens. Diminutive of Ezekiel. Hebrew origin)

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