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Baby Girl Names 2016

Baby girl names 2016Which baby girl names are trending in 2016? When you have your baby girl come and add their name to our list, including the meaning and origin of the name.

7 Baby Girls Were Named:

Isla (Meaning: Island. Scottish origin)

6 Baby Girls Were Named:

Ava (Meaning: comes from Abba – God the Father)

5 Baby Girls Were Named:

Willow (Meaning: willow tree. Slender, graceful. English origin)

4 Baby Girls Were Named:

Abigail/Abbigayle (Meaning: Father’s joy. Hebrew origin)
Sienna (Meaning: Italian place-name from orange-red colour clay. Origin: Italy)

3 Baby Girls Were Named:

Eliana/Elliana (Meaning: My God has answered. Derived from Hebrew word ‘El’ ‘meaning God’ and ‘ana’ meaning answered. Hebrew origin)
Eve (Meaning: life, giver of breath, first woman. Hebrew origin)
Evie (Meaning: life, lively. Origin: Hebrew)
Grace (From the English word grace, derives from Latin gratia. One of the virtue names created in the 17th century by the Puritans)
Isabel (Meaning: God of plenty. Latin origin)
Lily/ Lilly (Meaning: The flower lily is a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty. Origin: English)
Marley/Marlee (Meaning: Pleasant wood, from the lake meadow. English origin)
Paige (Meaning: young helper/servant. English origin)
Stella (Meaning star. Italian origin)
Zara (Meaning: princess. To blossom. Arabic or Hebrew origin)
Zoe (Meaning: life. Greek origin)

2 Baby Girls Were Named:

Alaska (Meaning great land. Native American origin)
Alexis (Meaning: Defender or helper. Greek origin)
Amelia (Meaning: work. Germanic origin)
Annabelle/Annabel (Meaning: graceful, beautiful. Greek/Latin origin)
Belle (Meaning: beautiful. French origin)
Harriet (Meaning: girl ruler of the household. English origin)
Indiana (Meaning: land or place of the Indians. American origin)
Ivy (Meaning: faithfulness. Greek origin)
Ivy-Rose (Meaning: bloom)
Lucy (Meaning: light. Latin origin)
Maddison/ Madison (Meaning: son of Matthew)
Matilda (Meaning strength in battle. German origin)
Nora/Norah (Meaning: light. Greek origin)
Sara/ Sarah (Meaning: princess.  Hebrew origin)
Sophie (Meaning: Wisdom. Greek origin)

1 Baby Girl Was Named:

Adelyn (Meaning: noble/nobility)
Addison (Meaning: Adam’s son)
Aisha (Meaning: Life in Swahili. Hebrew origin)
Aïyannah (Meaning: eternal blossom)
Alana (Meaning:  Alana means ‘little rock; harmony, peace’; also means ‘beautiful, fair, or offering.’  Origin: Celtic)
Alba (Meaning: Scotland)
Alina (Meaning: bright, beautiful)
Allira (Meaning: quartz crystal)
Alora (Meaning: my dream. African origin)
Alyssia (French and Germanic origin. Meaning noble kind)
Amaira (Meaning: one with a beautiful soul. Hindu meaning)
Amiah (Meaning beloved)
Andrea (Meaning: brave, manly. Greek origin)
April (Meaning: opening buds of spring)
Arkadia (Meaning: name of a small town)
Arabella (Meaning: answered prayer. Latin origin)
Ariana (Meaning: very holy. Greek origin)
Arielle (Meaning: lion of God. French origin)
Ashleigh-Anne (Meaning: dweller of the ash tree groves and mother of Mary)
Athena (Meaning: Greek goddess. Greek origin)
Audrey (Means: noble strength. Origin: Anglo Saxon)
Aurelia (Meaning: golden or gilded. Ancient Roman origin)
Aurora (Meaning: The mythical Roman goddess of the dawn. Latin origin)
Avery (Meaning: Elf ruler or wise. derived from Alfred. French origin)
Ayra (Arya means noble, goddess Parvati.  Origin Sanskrit)
Billie (Meaning: beloved. Hawaiian origin)
Bopha (Meaning: rose. Origin: Cambodia)
Bonnie (Meaning: beautiful, attractive, gorgeous. Scottish origin)
Briella (Meaning: God is my strength. Derived from Gabriella)
Brooke (Meaning: lives by the stream. English origin)
Cadence (Sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase. Latin origin)
Callie (Meaning: Beautiful child of Heaven)
Carryl (Meaning: love/life. Irish/Greek origin)
Carys (Meaning: love earth. Welsh/Greek origin)
Celeste (Meaning heavenly. French origin)
Chante (Meaning: enchanted one. French origin)
Cleo (Meaning glory. Greek origin)
Cydi (Origin: A John Williamson song about a fathers little side kick)
Dakota (Meaning: friendly. Native American origin)
Darcey (Meaning: the dark one. Irish origin)
Deeta (Indian origin)
Delilah (Meaning: amorous, delight, languishing, temptress. Hebrew and biblical origin)
Elena (Meaning: bright shining light. Italian, Spanish, Russian origin)
Eleora (Meaning: God is my light. Hebrew origin)
Elin (Meaning: light and or beautiful woman. Welsh origin)
Elise (Meaning: pledge to God. French origin)
Elle-lae (Pronounced L.A.)
Ellia (Italian Origin but I’ve also heard it used as an alternative to the more popular Ella)
Eloise (Meaning: healthy and wide)
Elodie (Meaning: foreign gift. French origin)
Emma (Meaning: complete, universal, whole. German origin)
Esther (Meaning star. Persian origin)
Everley (Meaning: In the meadow)
Evelyn-Grace (Evie G. Named after footballer Stevie G)
Freya (Norse origin)
Haley (pronounced Hayley)
Hannah (Meaning grace, Hebrew origin)
Harini (Indian origin)
Harley (Meaning: Of the hare meadow. English origin)
Ilah (Meaning: deity or God. Arabic origin)
Ilariah (Italian and Greek origin)
Jasmine (Meaning: A flower in the olive family. Persian origin)
Jemma (Meaning: stone jewel. Hebrew origin)
Joyce (Meaning: joy/joyous or little bird. English or Latin origin)
Jocelyn (Meaning: joyful. Origin: Germanic)
Josephine (Meaning: may the creator add. French origin)
Julia (Meaning: youthful. Latin origin)
Juanita (Spanish origin)
Karen-Anne (Meaning: pure (Karen), God has favoured me (Anne)
Katara (Named after character from the Last Airbender
Katie (Meaning: pure. Origin: English)
Kaysanne (Meaning: Named after Cold Chisel’s song “Khe Sanh”, Origin: Technically a place in Vietnam)
Kelsie (Meaning: brave. Scottish origin)
Krystianna (Meaning: Follower of Christ)
Laquilla (An Italian city)
Lana (Meaning: short for Alana (English) or Svetlana (Russian) and a derivative of the Greek Helen. Could also come from Gaelic name Ailin, meaning rock)
Laurel (Meaning: an evergreen flowering tree. Origin Latin from laurus)
Leah (Meaning: weary. Hebrew origin)
Leila (Meaning: Night, dark beauty.  Arabic origin)
Liyaana (Origin: Islamic meaning – softness, tenderness and delicacy)
Luna (Meaning: moon. Origin: Latin)
Mabel (Meaning: beautiful, loveable, loving. Latin origin)
Mackenzie (Meaning: child of the wise leader)
Madden (Irish origin)
Malia (Meaning: calm or gentle water. Hawaiian origin)
Manjari (Meaning: the seeds of a holy plant worshipped in Hindu culture. Sanskrit (Hindu) origin)
Meghan (Irish origin, meaning pearl)
Miah (Mia). (Meaning: mine)
Mila (Pronounce: Meela. Meaning: loved by the people. Russian origin)
Milah (Meaning: gracious or dear one. European origin)
Myfanwy (Meaning: beloved star, Origin: welsh)
Myla (Meaning merciful. English origin)
Nazreen (Meaning: beautiful blue flower)
Neeve (Meaning: Bright/radiant/angel. Origin: Irish/Spanish)
Neve (Meaning: snow)
Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards)
Olympia (Meaning: home of the greek gods. Greek origin)
Peyton (Meaning: royal. Scottish origin)
Poppy (English origin meaning poppy flower)
Reagan (Meaning: Little ruler)
Rosie (Diminutive of Rose. English origin)
Rowan (Meaning: from the Rowan tree, red hair. Gaelic origin)
Saoirse (Meaning: Freedom. Irish origin)
Seraphine (feminie form of Seraphim)
Summer (meaning: born in summer. Origin: English)
Temperance (Meaning: Moderation or restraint. English origin)
Thea (Meaning: goddess, Greek origin)
Tillara (Meaning: fresh rain. Aboriginal origin)
Tori (Meaning: bird. Origin: Japan)
Tyne (Meaning: river. English origin)
Veronika (Meaning: she who brings victory. Croatian origin)
Vilena (Pronounced Vi-le-na) (Meaning: to rule with greatness, of great power. Slavic origin)
Violet  (Meaning: flower. Italian origin)
Zaria (Meaning: goddess of water. Russian origin)
Zemyrah (Meaning: song of praise or joyous harmony/song. Hebrew origin)

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