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Baby Shower Cupcakes recipe

by Honey, You Baked!

This baby shower cupcake recipe is a part of our Baby Shower Menu series. Make sure you check out our other mouth watering recipes!

Baby Shower Cupcakes recipe Probably the easiest sweet to make for a baby shower (or indeed – any occasion) is the humble cupcake.  They can be dressed up with decorations made or bought to suit any theme.  Here we have used gender-neutral funky cupcake toppers, which will really make your guests smile.

Icing recipes are included below.

Makes approximately 24 cupcakes


175g softened Butter
175g Caster Sugar
3 Eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
125ml Milk
175g SR Flour
500g Ganache
1 x Large Piping Bag
No. 13. Star Piping Tip
Decorations of choice 


Preheat Oven to 180C and line your cupcake trays with papers.

Beat 175g softened butter with 175g caster sugar till pale and creamy.

Add 3 eggs and 1 x teaspoon natural vanilla extract.  Stir to combine.

Add in 125ml milk and mix well.

Fold in 175g Self Raising Flour.

Spoon the batter into your baking cups and bake for approx 10- 15 mins for mini and 15 – 20 for regular size cupcakes.

Once the cakes are cooled, mix your icing until smooth.  Insert the piping tip, snip off the tip of the bag and fill halfway with icing.

Twist the top of the bag closed and pipe a little back into the bowl just to ensure there are no air bubbles.

Pipe in a circular motion starting at the outside edge, working your way in.

Decorate and Serve!

TOP TIP: Use two soup spoons to scoop out your batter and
use just a full soup spoon per cupcake case.  This should ensure
the cake rises just to the top of the paper, not over, so you have
a nice flat top to place your icing!



Dark Ganache

1.2kg dark chocolate
600ml pure cream

White Ganache

1.3kg white choc
450mls pure cream

I prefer not to use milk chocolate to make ganache as it never turns out just right.


Break your chocolate into small pieces in a large bowl;

Heat your cream until it just boils then pull it straight off and our it into the chocolate;

Stir well, continually until all the chocolate has melted and its a lovely smooth consistency;

Allow to cool and then leave out overnight (covered) to set;

when ready to use, whip it up well in a mixer and you will have a lovely spreadable ganache!


Buttercream Frosting


250g unsalted butter
500g pure icing sugar (sifted)


Allow your butter to come to room temperature (if you don’t you will never get it perfectly smooth!);

Place in a mixer and whip until smooth;

Gradually add your icing sugar until its all combined.

NOTE:  If you are making white buttercream, you will need to use white butter (something like Lurpak or Kirkland butter from Costco).  Yellow butter will give you yellow icing!

Basic Icing


250g of Icing Sugar Mixture
Warm Water  (How much depends on how thick you want your icing to be – you need to go by “feel” here!)


Sift your icing mixture into a bowl;

Slowly add your water, a little at a time and stir well to remove any lumps;

When you have reached your desired consistency – you are done!

NOTE:  This mixture will set.  Its very basic and can be used on sweet buns and cookies as well as cakes!

Also – remember Icing Sugar Mixture is not gluten free!

Honey, You Baked! is Danni & Mel, two friends and mummies who used to work, cook and play together in Sydney. Now Mel has moved home to Tasmania and the girls spend time blogging about Baking, Making, Books, Babies and just about everything else in between! Drop them a line on facebook or twitter, they would love to hear from you!

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