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free activities for kids

Keeping your kids entertained doesn’t need to be expensive, here is a list of free activities to keep your kids happy and engaged.

Craft activities

  1. Make playdough– use icy pole sticks, measuring cups, cookie cutters, rolling pins
  2. Make slime or goo (mix cornflour, water and food colour until gooey – add a bit more flour or water if needed)
  3. Make a shaker by recycling old drink bottles and adding dry pasta, rice, coloured water etc. Seal well!
  4. Collect your recycling and get creative, the end result is irrelevant just have fun. Make caterpillars, castles, people, anything
  5. A paintbrush and a bucket of water outside and let your children paint anything and everything
  6. Pasting  – (nearly free buy a glue stick) and cut out lots of pictures from baby magazines, junk magazines and get pasting
  7. Use a cardboard box or washing basket to make a car. Use a paper/plastic plate as a steering wheel, decorate and you can have hours of fun. Add shoulder straps if it is light weight
  8. Collect leaves, flowers, gumnuts etc – talk about the colours, textures, smells then make a collage
  9. More craft ideas
  10. Check out our free printables

Free creative activities

  1. Use a big cardboard box to make a cubby
  2. Make a cubby house with blankets
  3. Play make believe – hair dressers, librarian, chef, etc
  4. Dress ups – raid your cupboard get out old handbags, scarves, hats, shirts, even just some pieces of material to use as capes etc. Be creative and make sure you play too
  5. Set up a tent in the backyard and “go camping”

Free food related activities

  1. Cooking – tip in the ingredients, mix it all up, lay out the patty pans, lick the bowl. There are plenty of jobs in the kitchen for kids
  2. Have a tea party. Get teddy, a few dolls, a tea set. You can even put a bit of water into the cups. Fill a tub of water and give them a clean sponge and let your child clean the dishes afterwards
  3. Have a picnic  – at a park, inside, in the backyard. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Picnics are lots of fun!
  4. Stuff an old stocking with newspaper to make a tail, a headband to make ears and create some animal dress-ups
  5. Allocate your child a tupperware cupboard (tie a ribbon to the handle so they know which one), let them cook up a storm. Tip everything out, stack them up, knock them down, a wooden spoon to do some mixing

Free activities when out and about

  1. Library story time or rhyme time
  2. Explore all your local playgrounds
  3. Make a list of new playgrounds to explore
  4. Try geocaching – treasure hunts your kids will love
  5. Beach – even on a cold day, rug up, take a bucket and spade. Collect shells, rocks, make castles
  6. Head to your State library
  7. Look out for free concerts from your local council


What FREE activities do you do with your kids? Comment below

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