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What did you do for your child’s First Birthday?

What did you do for 1st birthday (Custom)Tell us what you did for your children’s 1st Birthday

  •  We went to Fiji.   Tyson
  •  Morning tea and cake at the park with family and friends. We did a time capsule where the guests could all contribute something small and fill in a little questionnaire with questions like, “what do you think bub will be when she grows up?” Now she’ll get the time capsule on her 21st bday.   Kristy
  • Butterfly themed party at the park with friends and kids with a few games. All the food and games were themed and people came dressed as a butterfly or caterpillar.   Bethany
  • Went to the park. It was 40 degree heat, path at manly had the best breeze.   Kate
  • Lunch at home with immediate family & a few close friends.   Bettina
  • Went to the zoo lol he was grumpy all day.   Aileen
  • For my eldest we had a big party, bit realised that it was what everyone else wanted, so for the other 3 kids we just had family around for presents and cake. We do parties for the kids 5th and 10th birthdays.   Amanda
  • BBQ lunch at home with an animal theme for about 60 people. Had a candy buffet and jumping castle. Was a great day and wouldn’t change a thing! Also took our boy to the zoo on his actual bday.   Gina
  • A superhero themed birthday at my parents house… we had just flown in from vanuatu the day before so we kept it simple and fun.. Nothing over the top.   Shantenei
  • Giggle and hoot themed birthday party at home with BBQ lunch, sweets table, blow up pool and slip n slide.   Rhiannon
  • We had a family & close friends come for a BBQ the theme was mermaid / under the sea .. Jumping castle, pool & pony rides xx   Beth
  • Just had family over for cake, all 4 times.   Mel
  • We had her combined Naming Ceremony and 1st birthday party at our house with around 60 guests. It was a big day!   Stefanie
  • Had a bbq at the riverbank. None of the mums from playgroup came or even let me know if they were coming or not.   Sharee
  • Possibly an In home thing for this one cake with family and friends as were expecting 3rd on the 1st and he was born on the 10th however if belly bub follows suit he will come early as well and we might be able to do somthing at the park or pool as its like 40-45degrees at that time of year.   Zoe
  • Just a small party with my mothers group & family. All the normal party food & a number 1 cake.   Sally
  • A relaxed butterfly themed picnic at a local nature reserve with grandparents and aunties/uncles/cousins.   Belinda
  • Bbq lunch at home with friends and family all 3 times!   Racheal
  • A raa raa themed party at my parents house, about 60 people Finger foods, games for the kids, drinks for the adults etc etc was a big day.   Taylor
  • Low key bbq at the park with family.   Leigh
  • Fairy theme party with candy buffet, jumping castle, bbq lunch. Was at home. And had a photographer so I could enjoy the day instead of worrying about capturing photos of her special day was alot of fun!
    And on her actual birthday we took her for her 1st trip to the zoo. Bianca
  • Low key Birthday party at my parents house with close family and friends we put up a blow up pool for the kids as it was hot in November had a BBQ and cake was a lovely day.   Alana
  • Had a bbq lunch at home with friends and family, then went to the park.   Monique
  • Family only birthday party for my sons for my daughters Christmas and birthday at the same time so family only again with cake and bbq.   Naomi
  • Bbq lunch with close family.   Julie
  • #1 BBQ lunch and party at home with family and friends
    #2 Small party at Clown Town (as I was also 8 months pregnant)
    #3 BBQ party and lunch at home with family and friends (combined with baptism celebration for #2 and #3)   Cassy

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