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Christmas Eve Box Inspiration

For people that do the Christmas Eve box for their kids what are some things you put in it apart from pj’s and a DVD

Leachristmas eve box ideasrn how to create your own Christmas Eve Box including tips for toddlers here.

  • have seen a DVD, hot chocolate mix, some popcorn or cookies Mish
  • Christmas story, tree decoration, Christmas cookies Tracey
  • A toy, pj’s, book or dvd my lo is one 1 1/2 so he really doesn’t need a lot at this stage Kirsty
  • Santa key, reindeer food, small toy, Christmas book, Christmas tumbler, treats and a new top to wear for Christmas Day Lisa
  • Christmas book, slippers, new stocking Tracey
  • i have done pj’s, book, dvd, sippa straws, popcorn/lollies, colouring page & some crayons/pencils & some stuff to make reindeer food. Oats, glitter & a sandwich bag Calla
  • it’s my daughters first Christmas but I’ll put in Christmas pjs, treats for Santa and reindeer food, Christmas book, movie, Santa key (we don’t have a chimney) popcorn, new Christmas decoration, Christmas teddy to sleep with for the night. I think that’s it. Bec
  • depending on the child’s age decides what goes in it. With my 19mth old she is getting a dvd, pjs a packet of chocolate mini treats to share and a teddy in a Santa hat. But I have family with older kids who skip the toy and do hot chocolate mix biscuits and a Xmas cd Sarah
  • I got a nice hard cover book Molly
  • my kids are getting Christmas pjs, a Christmas DVD, a Christmas book, microwave popcorn, a box of choccies and some reindeer food to spread on the front lawn Bec
  • Book&movie Estah
  • I was just doing pjs but the reindeer food is a great idea Kimberley
  • because my son is only 9 months ive put in his Christmas eve box… pjs, christmas outfit for Christmas day, christmas socks, christmas dvd and two teddies and a christmas book Amanda
  • pjs, DVD, candy canes, mason ball jar with ingredients for a hot chocolate(choc chips, drinking choc, mini marshmallows can even put in crushed candy canes) only need to add milk Sherree
  • What about slippers to go with the pjs? A new Santa stocking to hang up? Crystal
  • We put in books Sam
  • We put pj’s, DVD, Christmas book, popcorn, chocolates, Christmas donuts, Christmas cup, and outfit for Christmas Day Felicity
  • Ive just ordered a santa key from ebay to add to my xmas eve box Janine
  • A pair of PJ’s, Christmas Movie, Bag of popcorn, 3yr old has a Santa tumbler and 1yr old has a Santa sippy cup. This year we also have a key for Santa to leave out Adrieanne
  • I’ve put in a cute christmas cup, a personalised bauble for the tree, a christmas story book, a snow globe & the dvd pjs Aster
  • Pjs, dvd, book, toy, snack Leesa

Have you put together a christmas eve box? What items did you put in for your little one? Share below

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