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Christmas Gifts for Children’s Friends at Playgroup

Christmas gifts for children's friendsI need some ideas for Christmas gifts for children’s friends at playgroup, for around $15 (all of the kids are between 17 – 19 months old).

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  •  Maybe a bath toy packs?     Simone
  •  I have a handmade page House of Pants .We do library bags and kids aprons, both under $15 and popular with the age group you mention.   Melissa
  •  Doctors Kit!  Jeanette
  •  Go to Kmart they have so many great little cheap toys!! My dd got a cd player (toy CDs) and she loves it, so did her cousins so I had to buy one for them!!   Rebecca
  •  fisher price little people have cool bath toys for $9 I seen a boat comes with the characters as well for the bath for $9 in big w it’s a really good size as well for girls maybe a doll? Kmart have really cute dolls for about $10.  Nicole
  •  I would head to Kmart or big w; they have their brand toys and are usually between $10 – $20, my 24 month old has the set of their large vehicles, e.g. ambo, fire truck, garbage truck and tow truck. He plays with all day long sometimes. $20 each.  Elizabeth
  •  We’re going age appropriate books for our mothers group Xmas party big w had some fantastic ones on special not long ago. Krystal

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What ideas do you have for Christmas gifts for children’s friends at playgroup?

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