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Christmas Budget – How Much Do You Spend On Kids?

 Christmas present budgetChristmas present budget for kids presents – how do you choose how much to buy for your kids for Christmas? Is it a certain amount, number of presents, or something else?

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  • a friend taught me…**Something they want **Something they need **Something to wear
    **Something to read…I think that’s perfect x.    Jacinta
  •  We like to try spending equal amounts on each of our girls so say 100 each and in that we try to make sure they have the same number of presents so no-one feels left out.  Sami
  •  Set my Xmas budget, work out who to buy for & then divide it between each individual. I spend the same on all of my kids – depending on what I buy them, as to how many presents they each get.  Fiona
  •  with Xmas presents, I try to buy the same amount for each child (we have four this year), so this year they have 3 things under the tree each and one big combined present, a swing set. It also goes on how much they already have, there’s no point buying toys just for the sake. Also my 5 year old has her bday a month before Xmas so I find getting things for her really hard. Christine
  •  I buy my son 5 gifts. Kicked myself in the butt this year’s though. I’m buying him a sandpit & a cubby house. Need to find gifts for him to unwrap.  Toyah
  •  every year I spend too much on my kids and every year I say I’m not doing it next year but once again I’ve gone overboard lol.  Felicity
  •  We do it by budget. Chantel
  •  We usually do a big present, this year we’re building a big sandpit. Last year we got him a swing set. Then just a few small presents for under the tree. Bec
  •  a certain amount.  Melissa
  •  We have 2 kids (with a third on the way) and we set a budget and stick to it… There’s always more I want to buy, but they really don’t need it. Too many kids are too spoilt! We’re not a family who spend hundreds on gifts, but our kids are still very happy.  Lucy
  •  I think buy one big present like a swing set or sandpit but just buy lots of little presents like books and DVDs Etc and wrap them individually a kid loves seeing heaps of presents under the tree even if there little things.  Naomi
  •  We only have one child at the moment so he tends to get a tad spoilt He gets a big (expensive) present off us and then another one off Santa as well as several smaller ones off Santa. We try not to spend more than $1000.  Carmen

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  •  I try to do one big present and then a few littler ones under the tree. E.g. my DS (just turned2) is getting his big boy bedroom as his big present ( he was going to get it anyway so we though why not make it his big present) then he is getting a few puzzles, a few games, some new books and some clothes that he needs.  Kerry
  •  I set aside 300-400 for each of my two children for Christmas, which in all honestly is way too much! Plus they get extremely spoilt from both sides of our family, so at the end of the day we are left with 2 huge piles that I have to sort out and try to find a place to put them all…I also always say next year im spending less but it never happens lol..But within saying that, I don’t buy toys for my children throughout the year because of how much they do get for xmas…I would say $200 is plenty to spend on a child.   Justine
  •  We buy each of our children 10 good presents each for under the tree and then fill stockings with cheaper stockings filler things.  Sam
  •  Depends on their age. My eldest is 3 so for the first two Christmases we didn’t really buy much at all as she didn’t know any different and we knew she’d get lots from family. Last year we just bought one big gift (a play kitchen). This year it’ll be to a budget and probably one ‘toy’ type thing she wants and a few practical things. Her baby sister is only a few months so will just get a couple little things under the tree.  Meghan
  •  My son is only 19 months and daughter 2 months; we won’t go over board and have just bought a few things. His big gift is a tent and tunnel which was $80 and next yr they will get a joint swing set.  Miiz
  •  we have one child and she was just shy of 12 months last Christmas and all her toys aren’t age appropriate anymore as we don’t buy her to much stuff during the year unless it’s needed so she is getting spoilt with some age appropriate toys and some books, spent about $500.   Alana
  •  I love the idea of the something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. I think that’s a lovely habit to get into … although when they are 16 the something they want could become very expensive lol!   Stephanie
  •  we have the rules of: – – something homemade (if you are handy, I am making a wooden pull along dog for my little boy) – nice outfit – a toy for indoors – a toy for outdoors – nice keepsake type of book and a few more books. Amelia
  •  It depends on a few things; finances, what they really would like and no 1 is if u have more than 1 (I have 4) make sure it is always equal.  Ilona

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  •  it’s up to you how much you spend or can afford to spend as long as children appreciate what they get then whatever you feel is appropriate I guess in my opinion children expect way too much these days and have no concept of value my 6yr old asked for an iPad and a DS and art supplies and she believes Santa gets you whatever you want lol I felt like laughing and saying dream on kiddo I just replied Santa gives what he thinks you should have the worst thing is if I buy the iPad she would be disappointed with only one gift I’m dreading teenage years I think one of those motto type things may be the key to success stinking Santa gets all the credit too lol.  Lauren
  •  normally Xmas stocking, 1 big present from mum and dad maybe 1-2 smaller as well depending on expense of big present, 1 present from Santa under tree. This one’s normally for all kiddies so a pool etc. it’s how mum did it with 4 kids and the way we will do it with 2 kids don’t need half the stuff and it’s about family more than presents plus the rest of the dam spoils the kids too. Hannah
  •  Pressies equal amount of pressies per child and equal amount of money so there is no fighting. Christine

Do you have a Christmas present budget for your kids’ presents?

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